Monday, 31 December 2007

Bye bye '07

Thought I'd sneak in with a blog on the final day of the year.

Years go by and we move ahead to a better tomorrow. It's time to think back on how the year had been, how much we've learned, how much unlearned. How many mistakes made and discover the fun of making mistakes. It's a year that taught us above all, the joy of being together, doing things we never dreamt we'd do. It's been a year of loss and so much gain. How much I wish KU had enough sense not to spoil our New year bash. KU's KU and there's no use blaming the system now.

Looking ahead to a new year is interesting too. There are so many resolutions to prove wrong. So many days you'd be left wondering is this life? and other days thinking this is life! This blog had been one of the best things happening in '07. It gave a reason to think, imagine and give words to imagination. Thanks to all the bloggers. Hope many more will jot down brain waves and open hearts next year. Wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

A Math Romance

A Math Romance

They integrated from the very point of origin. Her curves were continuous, and even though he was odd, he was a real number. The day their lines first intersected, they became an ordered pair. From then on it was a continuous function. They were both in their prime, so in next to no time they were horizontal and parallel. She was awed by the magnitude of his perpendicular line, and he was amazed by her conical projections. "Bisect my angle!" she postulated each time she reached her local maximum. He taught her the chain rule as she implicitly defined the amplitude of his simple harmonic motion. They underwent multiple rotations of their axes, until at last they reached the vertex, the critical point, their finite limit. After that they slept like logs. Later she found him taking a right-handed limit, that was a problem, because it was an improper form. He meanwhile had realized that she was irrational, not to mention square. She approached her ex, so they diverged.

Note:I have no copy or paste right over this story......Aj
hanx 4 patience

Wednesday, 19 December 2007


According to, BI stands for...

BASIC source code include file (Visual Basic) Computing->File Extensions
BEACHCOMBERS International Business->Firms
Bac International Business->Firms
Background Investigation Governmental->US Government
Backup Interface Computing->Networking
Bad Influence Community->Law
Bank Of Italy Business->Firms
Bar Induction Community->Law
Baroclinic Instability Medical->Physiology
Basic Instructions Computing->General
Battlefield Interdiction Governmental->Military
Bavarian Inn, Frankenmuth, Michigan Business->Firms
Beatson Institute Academic & Science->Universities
Beckman Instruments Governmental->Suppliers
Bell Industries, Inc. Business->NYSE Symbols
Best Individual Business->Positions
Beth Israel Community->Religion
Beyond Incredible Internet->Chat
Biella (Provence) International->Italian
Binary And Includes Computing->Assembly
Binary Input Computing->Assembly
Bintang Indonesia Regional
Bislama Regional->Language Codes (2 Letters)
Bismuth Academic & Science->Electronics
Blessings International Community->Non-Profit Organizations
Block Island Governmental->State & Local
Bodily Injury Community->Law
Bomb Island Governmental->Military
Brain Injury Medical->Physiology
Brand Identity Business->Firms
Brigada de Interior International->Spanish
Buffered Image Computing->Software
Bullet Icon Computing->General
Bureau Of Investigation Governmental->US Government
Burn in Academic & Science->Electronics
Burundi Regional->Countries
Bus In Academic & Science->Electronics
Business Improvement Business->General
Business Intelligence Business->General
Business Invigoration Business->General

(pls note the highlighted ones... )

Anyone still wondering why i posted this ???

Final Ch: Volver - The Return

Ch 1: Tele
Ch 2: Tele - The origins
Ch 3: DEEPAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ch4 : The Truth!!
Ch 5: Emotions

Now I'm leaving everything behind. Not just my school, my house or my town, I'm leaving this world and Neha.

Today was the last day I had on this planet, in 20th century. I cannot believe that two days ago I was living a carefree life, going to school, wooing gals and laughing. Yes I've forgotten to even smile after Dad told me the truth. The shock kept me completely silent for day. There wasn't much I could do. Dad had taken the decision to take me to future. All three of us got special permission to go Home.

"This is my real Home. This is where my heart lies." But the thought that I don't belong here brought me back. I couldn't return without saying goodbye to my Neha. Dad must've read that going through my mind. He invited Neha over to lunch with us today.

She looked more beautiful than ever in a white skirt and black top. I couldn't take my eyes off. Somehow I managed to gulp down what was on my plate. After lunch, I invited her to my room. We talked for long, but I wasn't able to bring myself to tell her that I had to go away for ever.

Time flew by and the clock struck 4. Mom called out to me "Tea's ready. Please hurry before it cools". Neha rose from the chair. I bade her to continue being seated and ran to the kitchen to get our tea. Mom must've sensed the reason for my hurry. She asked, "Did you tell her?". I replied no. I held the cups in my hand and returned to my room. While leaving, I had closed the door beind me. She was saying something to herself inside.

"Damn!! how disgusting...they changed my name from Neetha to Neha!!! One day I'll have my payback." I was dumbstruck. Was the dream coming true? Surely she cannot be carrying a gun. I was just being paranoid. I pushed open the door silently and made a snorting sound to indicate I was back. She panicked and pulled the trigger. "Hell no!" I thought.

The pain was unbearable. I fell down. Neha rushed to my side shouting my name. Then she placed her hand over the bullet wound. I want to say "Now it's no use. You've killed me, bitch" but the words never came out. I felt darkness surronding me as I closed my eyes.

I don't know how long I'd been unconsious. My mind wandered between lower levels of consiousness for what seemed like hours. When I regained consiousness, the clock next to me read 9 pm. I looked down at the chest, the place where a bullet had pierced through hours before. It had healed. Miracles ceased to surprise me, but there wasn't even a drop of blood around. What more? I can regenerate?

Dad came in. He didn't look happy. He handed me a letter. I instantly recognised Neha's handwriting as I opened it. The letters seemed shaky like she couldn't control her hand. The ink had blotted here and there by her tears.

"Dear Deepak,

I'm Hari Seldon's heir and I know the Truth. Your dad told me you are going to the future. It hurts me to leave you. You'll always be in my heart.


I turned my head to face Dad. He answered my questioning look.
"She was the one who healed you. Not just once. She was there for you before too. Nothing else could've saved you from the internal head injury when you fell off the scooter that day."

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Self Realization of a Senseless Dream

inspiration:Future leading to the past
subject: self realization
If life is a dream called life,I am seeing a different dream from yours and I am the only one who can see that dream.Then I am the only one who can see this blog. I am actually not writing this but actually I am dreaming about writing it. Nobody else are actually part of this dream.
Damn!! nobody else could else could comment!!
Shit!!nobody else can see this!!
Then why the hell am I writing this!!??

Hang on.......Actually I am not writing it ,I am dreaming of writing it..Great..So the comments are dream t by me....If u are reading this..understand that this blog is not actually written by me but u r dreaming about it...So please realize...lets get out of this dream......This is called self realization...You are the only lucky one to come across this dream.
WAKE UP........

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Just loved it...

13 films in 8 days and i ended up asking for more. Here's my complete list:

1. PARIS JE T’AIME Dir:Various/ France/ 2006/ 120 min

2. BLIND Dir:Tamar van Den Dop/ Greece/ 2006/ 98 min

3. AFTER THE WEDDING Dir:Susane Bier/ Russia/ 2007/ 120 min

4. CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER Dir:Zhang Yimou/ Honk Kong-China/ 2006/ 114 min

5. LARKS ON A STRING Dir:Jiri menzel/ Czechoslovakia/ 1990/ 94 min

6. BAD EDUCATION Dir:Pedro almodovar/ Spain/ 2004/ 106 min

7. KUKUMI Dir:Isa Qosja/ Croatia-Serbia and Montenegro/ 2005/ 107 min

8. LABYRINTH OF PASSION Dir:Pedro almodovar/ Spain -France/ 1982/ 100 min

9. MY LIFE WITH OUT ME Dir:Issabelle Croixette/ Argentina

10. ALL ABOUT MY MOTHER Dir:Pedro almodovar/ Spain / France/ 1999/ 101 min

11. SLEEPWALKING LAND Dir:Teressa Puenzo/ Portugal,Mozambique/ 2006/ 103 min

12. TIME Dir:Kim Ki Duc/ South Korea/ 2007/ 97 min

13. WHAT I KNOW ABOUT LOLA Dir:Javier Rebollo/ France-Spain/ 2006/ 112 min

Of the above, the ones I liked most were Blind, After the wedding, Kukumi, All about my mother and Time.

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Future leading to the Past II

g3Mo flipped the paper. He saw the other side was still blank...

Just what in the world makes you think that you are not trapped now?? What makes you think that you are doing the so called 'living a life' now... What if the ones sitting in front of you and this write up that was re-routed to you was all part of a dream from which you never woke up... I mean how would you ever know?? What if I told you that this whole life was one big dream ad the dreams you had was actually the dream within a dream.

This actually makes me think that heaven is not a place you were served all your delights by the virgins. Heaven is a place where you find all the answers, those who deserve it, get it. Only those powerful enough to ask get all the answers. The greatest battles humanity has ever seen are raged inside our own minds.. I am getting nowhere.. Continue this later..

He never did. The period was getting over and JFx resolved to fill up the rest of that side of the paper...

The answer to the question 'is this a life or just another dream' is another question: How do you differentiate between an AI that's as powerful as human mind and an organic human mind? I'm going by that logic to conclude that this is life and the dreams we see are actually dreams in life. If sometime in the future, we find that the life is just part of a longer dream, then that dream would be still tagged 'life' and the original life - 'super life'.

The epilogue was written by g3Mo:
We've just concluded on a theme that was stated in another great ork of literature almost 5000 years ago!!
Ellam maya - Bhagavad-Gita
Surely, human intelligence hasn't evolved over the years, has it?

You might be wondering why I've (painstakingly ;-) typed out so much rubbish. Well there's a future to this past. That was the day we decided to make a group blog. I've only one person to thank - the teacher who took that boring lecture.


hey ppl... since i'm a genius and has been idlin for days now i thought of workin up the rustin brain of mine...Though it may not be a very impressive one still i'm quite satisfied by the logo i designed durin my idling period... So ladies and gentlemen may i present before you the one and only... eh... it is...tan ta taan... *spotlights on*

Hmm... lemme explain.. In all the previous proposed logos the idea of AEI was absolutely an abstract concept, the viewer had to dig deep to find out the As and Es and Is. Why take such pain?? We are simple people(ain't we?) and we deal with the simpleton, so i thought its better if we keep everything straight (Mr.Pedro Almodovar may have problems with that).

The circle is like a shield, a shield formed by the power of friendship,love and trust(*and all other good things you can think of),that will protect us from the contemptuous and malicious world outside. The upward arrow was for the high spirits we hold, the never say die attitude.

The choice of colours was not based on any crazy idea of what the colour may stand for and all that crap. I chose them because i felt it suited the image,tat's it...

Oh! and the fancy design beneath the AEI is also added for the looks purpose only, needless to say, i took it from one of the images in my system(hope it doesn't have a copyright!)

I send this message to all the Applidiotrons hiding in the vast reaches of the cyberspace to come out of exile and make there presence felt....

Cheerio blokes...

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Future leading to the Past I

This one dates back to one of those days when our creative mind got to work during some boring lecture in S3.

Iceman looked down at the blank paper. He looked around, he saw our blank faces and decided to write some sense into it.
" Johnny is trapped in a dream..."

JFx continued:

How many times in my life have I thought- Am I living or is this just a long dream? How would you know whether you are dreaming or not? Dreams are meant to be seen, not understood. Similarly, life's just for living. Not to be cut down, analyzed, debugged and reloaded.

I'm having just questions and more questions in my head. The path to finding an answer leads to another question. This makes me think - who really has the answer - God? The human mind is more powerful than the most powerful supercomputers. Maybe that's why, now I'm thinking about something, listening to someone and watching a third person at the same time. Our ability to think is not what make us different from animals. It's our ability to feel emotions at a higher level. Someday the cat in your house may murder you for all the bad things you've done.

This line of thought takes me back to the question that has been nagging me - shouldn't the human race be just another highly developed animal? This is getting worse. That part doesn't make much and stands out of this write up like a rotten nail in an old hinge. So you may or may not wish to read on.

Could you ever be trapped in a dream? Perhaps, when you are in a coma and don't wish to wake up. The more important question would be do I want to be trapped in a dream. And I have the answer, yes I would. And what be in the dream? "My whole life."
(page over)

g3Mo flipped the paper. He saw the other side was still blank...

(to be continued)

Saturday, 8 December 2007

IFFK '07

Thought I'd post a small write up about the International Film Festival of Kerala. It is hosted by by the Chalachirtra Academy, usually in the month of December.Many a times I'd wished view it, but December's always exam time. But thanks to UoK, the exams have been postponed to Jan this time around. (They haven't given the reason, maybe someone complained they couldn't see iffk)

Year in year out, they put up a collection of films that are both critically acclaimed and emotionally challenging. We (g3Mo, iceman and me) had the opportunity to see two films yesterday. First one was Paris, je t'aime, a collection of short movies which made us fall in love in/with Paris. Second was Blind, a beautiful and very touching movie. It's brilliantly shot too. Today I could go for only one movie - After the wedding. Excellent acting and good storyline.

awaiting more films.. JFx
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Thursday, 6 December 2007



“Angetine Phigteror not available...may I suggest u Bilos Derthigh” asked the druggist.

“No let me check some druggists near by “ said Shawn.

“Sir if u want u can….but I would like to tell u that u wont get it” said the druggist.

“hmm!!” Shawm smiled towards the druggist without showing his enamel ,as he opened the door of his Carrera GT. “durr…rrrr…rr..r…”the car passed BLETIQUE Druggists and Chemists building...Shawn gave it a full throttle as he flew through the Havana International Airport Highway.

It has been a long time since he left Cuba at the age of twelve. Shawn’s parents shifted to Shanghai to work for Fujitsu Shipping Corporation. Both his father and mother were in FSC as port engineers. It was at FSC Havana they fell in love and got together. As FSC was forced to close its operations in Havana due to labor problems Shawn’s parents were shifted to FSC Shanghai along with many other employees. Life was difficult in Shanghai for Shawn and his brother Smith as Chinese didn’t know Spanish. But they pushed through, learned Chinese. His father resigned from FSC and started export business in Shanghai. It grew at an amazing pace. Shawn and Smith never looked back since. They spread their business from export to real estate to automobile to petrochemicals at a blistering pace. It was at such pace that the communists of china started calling them MONOPOLY. The government of China restricted them from any further investments marking them as a foreign company owned by Cubans. That was how Shawn was reminded of Cuba. He called it nostalgia and his old man asked “why waste a week in Havana? Our old little town ha..ha ..”. But Shawn wanted to go there and stay for a week. His secretary arranged for his landing in Havana. He took his Carrera GT with him, which he cant live without.

Travelling away from Havana, there are two railway level crossings at Jaguey Grande (about 13km from Havana) and approaching Ranchuelo (about 10km later). Both of these are ungated and have "stop" signs - drivers should stop, look and listen before crossing.

After crossing Jaguey Grande he stopped at another druggist and asked for Angetine Phigteror but it was the same again. Only Bilos Derthigh was available.

A new monopoly was taking form in Cuba the ultimate monopoly of the 21st century.

(may be continued) ………………Aj

Friday, 30 November 2007

Return of the JEDice

"HAA HA HA, HAHAHA HA HA", the thing laughed on... Iceman looked on unperturbed, this thing had grown much powerful, thanks in part to his training it during its early years. Here it stood in front of his eyes and dared to mock him. "I am much stronger than you, master" it said in its silly sounding electronic voice with a slight of voice thrown in for the last word. "Yes, you have grown stronger but dare you think yourself strong enough to challenge me?", if it wanted mind games he would give it plenty and more."You underestimate my powers, master", came the reply." Just remember kid, all that you know i taught you; but i did not teach you all that I know"."Enough of the talking", it growled and whisked out its weapon, described as resembling a tube light by some crude minded (ass)souls who would have neither the fortune nor the pluck to see it in close range in their lifetimes.
"You have been consumed by your ambition", said Ice as he coolly whisked his weapon out and equipped it in one smooth motion. The tube light thingy emitted a slight humming sound. The thing stared back at him with contempt, "I will rule this universe, and it will be much better off like that". They were now stalking each other, walking in a circle, each closely watching the other so that no surprise attack would be possible. " A wise man i know would tell you if he could see you now- ' Blinded by the dark side you are (about halfway down the path to the dark side was a portion of the path not illuminated by street lighting and hence the saying), train yourself to let go of all the things you fear to lose' ( for example: certain 'colorfully' dressed clowns escaped from circus, books bought at five times their original price from distant 'landmarks', certain airport landing patches capable of walking around, ability to get drunk and lie senseless on a beach after having just a whiff of wine, imported 'goods' from Alabama, native 'goods' of recent academic excellence, stupid looking long hair falling over a naturally stupid face, the ability to make matches for lone gals by a mere look of interest... the list goes on and on, but i think i have successfully driven the point home)". The thing smirked, "I think i know the little green creature who talks like that".'swish...', it was all over in the blink of a human eye (none if the human was blind or did not have an eye of course). The head of the thing still wore the smirk as it hit the ground a couple of seconds before the body. "No one and i mean no one insults moskyoda in front of me". The thing lying in front of him dead now, while alive had the habit of speaking in too loud a voice, with stammers thrown in and repeatedly uttered the primitive sound 'pullu' and was called Sujeesh.

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Class Logo: War of the Logos

Here's my trilogy for something that wasn't started at all by me...
Someone someday someplace sometime said one Tuesday in the cool afternoon something I never understood, but it went something like onnil pizhachal moonnu

Green and blue have been already explained before.

In human color psychology, red is associated with energy and blood, and emotions that stir the blood, including anger, passion, and love.

No confusing ladders this time around. The three colours make white (purity, innocence etc which is an irony) which is already signified in the white background. If we have a closer look, we can see that E comes in front of the other letters, which suggests that electronics is our core.

I made an alternate version too.. here we can see the letters in lower case too

Microsoft Paint Rocks!

Monday, 26 November 2007

JFx's Top Ten (10-6)

My good friend and fellow blogger divertido had not so long ago suggested to me about writing a blog dedicated to my top ten books. Without much ado, let the countdown begin..

10. ICON - Fredrich Forsyth

Icon is a historical fiction novel by British author Frederick Forsyth. Its plot centers around the politics of the Russian Federation in 1999, with an extremist party close to seizing power. Published by Bantam Books in September 1997. Icon became a New York Times Bestseller. -wiki (Read more)

I haven't thought much about this book after reading it. Read it many years before and loved it at that time. Since then, it has been in my top ten. Thinking back now, I don't think many would say it deserves a place in it. Yet the book had something more than the excellent plot and detective style, it must have been the first book I read in which characters made an impact (Remember it was the time when I was still reading hardy boys just after famous five which were preceded by simpler Enid Blyton novels).

9. Crooked House - Agatha Christie

Crooked House is a work of detective fiction by Agatha Christie first published in the US by Dodd, Mead and Company in 1949 and in the UK by the Collins Crime Club in May of the same year. The action takes place in and near London in the autumn of 1947. Christie has said that this was one of her two favorites of her own works, the other being Ordeal by Innocence. -wiki (Read more)

Crooked House unmistakably is my favourite Agatha Christie novel. It is the quintessence of Christie's style - detailed and calm build up and superb climax, always with a twist in the end. Her knowledge about poisons shines through this one too, which along with other factors makes the plot very believable. The most amazing part in this particular book is it's ending which thrilled me so much, I can still recollect parts of it after 7 years.

8. Kane and Abel - Jeffrey Archer

Kane and Abel is a 1979 novel by British author Jeffrey Archer. The title and story is a play on the Biblical brothers, Cain and Abel. Released in the United Kingdom in 1979 and in the United States in February of 1980, the book was an international success. It reached No. 1 on the New York Times bestseller list and in 1985 was made into a CBS television miniseries titled Kane & Abel starring Peter Strauss as Rosnovski and Sam Neill as Kane. - wiki (Read more)

Jeffrey Archer, the storyteller is at his best in this one. He builds up the story from the time the protogoniasts are born to their death. We feel like living a double-life both of which aren't our own, but are the lives of Kane and Abel. Many of Archer's books are conceptually similar in the fact that they follow the lives of two opposing 'heroes'. But every story brings about a new flair and different characters who grabs our interest till the end.

7. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - J. K. Rowling

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is the seventh and final book of Harry Potter novels written by British author J. K. Rowling. The book was released on July 21, 2007, ending the series that began in 1997 with the publication of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. This book chronicles the events directly following Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2005), and leads to the long-awaited final confrontation between Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort. - wiki (Read more)

There is a whole generation of children who grew up reading the Harry Potter series, and I do not deny being one among them. Though I've never been an outspoken fan of Harry Potter, I'd always enjoyed reading them. The two books preceding Deathly Hallows failed o thrill me much, but the final book more than made up for it. Maybe it attracted me so much because the style was modelled on LOTR, and while reading the book felt like going through an epic journey over again.

PS. I'm almost through reading my first unabridged romance classic, Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte and it's fast climbing into my Top Ten.

6. The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist (Portuguese: O Alquimista) is a bestseller that was first published in Brazil in 1988 and is the most famous work of author Paulo Coelho. It is a symbolic story that urges its readers to follow their dreams.
- wiki (Read More)

To be honest, I do not have a clue what the story was. Read it long time ago, and just remember that it was something about following your dreams. I've already decided that Wuthering Heights would replace Alchemist at it's position.

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Class Logo; Return of the King

Hey this is the logo i designed for our class...

This was created in Adobe Photoshop CS2. (You guessed it.. the cracked version ofcourse..) in just five minutes... [:D]

Hmm.. i like the colour blue so used it..

Blue is a colour, the perception of which is evoked by light having a spectrum dominated by energy with a wavelength of roughly 440–490 nm. It is considered one of the additive primary colours. On the HSV Colour Wheel, the complement of blue is yellow; that is, a colour corresponding to an equal mixture of red and green light. On a colour wheel based on traditional colour theory (RYB), the complementary colour to blue is considered to be orange (based on the Munsell colour wheel).[2] -Wikipedia

Hmmm... Watever you wanna know abt blue in human culture clik here or go to wiki...

One thing unique abt this is that you can find a lot of 'A's, 'E's and 'I's in this logo dependin on the way you look at it...oh! and theres is the elusive ladder to great heights too(*some rugs missing*,surely it doesn't belongs to our class...)Doh! see a rope is also there if you wanna hang up on the climb...

Copyright protected in the name of SiTech, so feel free to pirate the data, do it the Indian way boys!

Don't feel free to criticize,definitely not... This is the best logo for our class...

Go Applied!!

Friday, 23 November 2007

Class Logo

This is the logo i designed for our class

If you look carefully you can see

a all the outer lines
e take just half of thte rightmost line
i the rightmost line

then by coincidence in the prefinal draft

A just ignore the small line at the bottom
E ignore I
I ignore E

THe color
there was 2 options
green for growth
blue for freedom

i just thought green was better describing us. besides growth, coolness and love for 'nature'. all the phulls in the class. phul-e-s we got for neighbours. garden at the centre of the department. pigeons in our class (pigeons aren't green i agree)...

Then there is the ladder. its obvious. just look. ladder to greater heights. u can notice that the steps are expanding as we move upwards. just shows our increasing grasp, knowledge, again growth comes here.

Applied rulZ!!!

copy left protected. feel free to steal all the idea. but don't use the exact same logo anywhere else.

P(dot)S(dot) - feel free to criticize.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Wuthering Heights, an amateur review by a confused reader

The story began in a busy shop. He was amongst others engrossed in the abundance of beauty around them. But he had eyes only for one thing - Romance.

Days later he asked himself, "Who should I pick from these beauties I met at the shop". He knew this would be a 'landmark' in his life but like so many other times he let his heart decide it on the toss of a coin. The final verdict is out on his choice now...

The real story stages on the backdrop English countryside. I've noticed that most of the modern day classics are similar in that aspect. Like any romantic novel, it began with the history of our main characters. A gal falls in love with guy, but is forced to marry another. Guy knows about it too late and flees the place in disappointment. Later the guy returns. This guy and the one to whom the gal is married enters a cold war. Physical fight results soon which saddens the heroine. She dies due to illness caused by her mental state on seeing her lover and husband fight. The end?

Nahin picture abhi baaki hai..

What happens after this is, for me, the confusing part and the part that made it special. You've to read the book to find out. The book opened my eyes to new avenues and side alleys of relationships that I didn't expect to exist. It taught me how far broken relationships can change you. If you start off expecting a calm romantic novel in Wuthering Heights, you might end up disappointed. The book is more than that, it's about strained relationships, hatred, self destruction and intense love.

P.S.- Still debating where to put this book in the Top Ten.

Wuthering Heights is Emily Brontë's only novel. It was first published in 1847 under the pseudonym Ellis Bell, and a posthumous second edition was edited by her sister Charlotte. The name of the novel comes from the Yorkshire manor on the moors on which the story centres. (As an adjective, wuthering is a Yorkshire word referring to turbulent weather.) - wiki (Read more)

Saturday, 10 November 2007


I dont know what to write
Just wanna write something
So here goes my blog
Series peeping just around the corner
I'm reading not the text
But the romance classic 'Wuthering Heights'
Yeah I know the question-
"Why haven't you finished it yet?"
To which I have no answer.

Life's reached a point
Where you find more questions
Than answers. Questions to which
You try to answer, ending up
Making another question to which
There never maybe an answer.

Friday, 9 November 2007


It all started when I was sixteen. My family was visiting one of my mother’s friends. It was the first time I saw her. And oh! She was beautiful.

My father was talking. Her father was talking. The mothers were in the kitchen. She sat there opposite to me. She was happily listening to the fathers talking. I didn’t understand why she wasn’t in the kitchen with the ladies. I didn’t understand why she was sitting opposite to me, but then, it was just the beginning of things I didn’t understand.

I knew that her name was Soumya. That she had just joined for electronics in CET. Don’t misunderstand me. It wasn’t love at first sight, or anything like that. There she was, all perfect…..beautiful, smart, intelligent…. Who was I to love her? It was just appreciation then.

Days after the visit, no matter what I did, the only thing I could see was her face. Everywhere! The only one I could think about was her. And yes, those days presented me with the most beautiful dreams of my life.

I needed to see her again. But there was no mention of another visit. Gradually, I felt that it was all up to me. That sparked off two years of hard work. I needed to get into CET. I worked and I worked. There was broken friendships and suffering. But all I could see was an angel, standing at a distance, her halo the only glimmer of light that guided me.

There was no one to whom I could confess. It was too precious a secret….. My secret…

Then there was two years of bliss I got into CET.

I didn’t see her for the first three months. I didn’t have to go looking for her. I just needed to know…. To know that she was there, near me.

I came to know that she was quite famous among the guys. The first time I saw her I wasn’t alone. I was with my friends. I just needed a glance. To see she was beautiful. To see everything was as it should be. Perfect. And I played along with my friends.

Everything went on fine. Until…..

She was about to complete her course and it was time for me to let go . Only a few days left! It was the last series exams of the semester. I just wrote each exam for an hour. Marks weren’t a priority. I knew she would leave early. I waited. I saw her. It was the first time seeing her hadn’t brought a smile to my face.

And she left…..

I don’t know what more is left. It is all over and I am tired. My mask sustains me, but I am withered inside.

She didn’t know me. To her I am just one of her admirers. And it will stay that way.

I have told my friends that I have had three crushes. I didn’t name the last one. But it was not a crush… not even love….. but something ….. something I don’t understand.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007


its a long time since i blogged or commented on a blog, actually even read a blog. but now i am blogging not because i have anything to blog about but coz i feel like blogging. you just happened to be at the recieving end. that is pretty much it.
today i realized that our 5th semester is coming to an end. only 3 days of classes left. and i havent bunked enough classes yet this semester.
vacation starts in a week......

jon wishes he got an ipod.the only good thing in this blog is the pic. now on, believe me when i say i have nothing to write about.

Logic synthesis is a process by which an abstract form of desired circuit behavior (typically register transfer level (RTL) or behavioral) is turned into a design implementation in terms of logic gates.

THere can't be a better introduction. ie, unless the same thing is said by our ls sir.

Friday, 19 October 2007


nobody actually wrote about our rendezvous with the robotic world.
here's something i quickly wrote (as a reply to query in loyola grp) hoping someone else would do a complete writeup..:

well our team comprised of 6 boys in my class..
we'd to make a manually controlled robot that could travel on rails, 25 cm apart, 75 cm high above ground and 2m long..
It had to pick up blocks (12cmx10cmx8cm) kept piled on ground and drop at another place..
seemed simple at first sight (was one reason to take up that problem)
but along the way we found out the scale on which we had to work was much larger than expected
the robot had a restriction that it's maximum size should be 35x35x35..
that mean it had to have something like retractable arm
the clamping mechanism also had to be stable enough to pick up 300gm (wt of each block)
so we went about solving the problems working through the nights those days (studying for exams seemed much easier).
My main job was preparing the required circuitry, the joystick etc.
the guys doing the physical work had a really hard time with hand drill (electric drill shut down on 2nd day).
the basic material we used was aluminium which was joined using screws..

after finishing 80 % of the work, we set off to iitm..
the competition took place the day next to the one we arrived on..
i was the one who controlled the bot..
it successfully picked up the block and placed it on the place where it was supposed to keep..
but then two things happened..
our clamp didn't unclamp properly and the foam tape we used on the clamping surface got stuck on to the block.
sadly the judges didn't award us a successful we'd to return back empty-handed..
we had a great time in iit campus and around chennai the next few days..
tht's all..

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Archived Observations

Here are some of the observations I made while passing through the alleys of life. At that time, they seemed important enough to be archived in my mob. Dunno if they are valid now or even if I agree to all of 'em now.

1. Friendship, love.. stick together if they complement each other, not if they are similar to each other or if they are opposite to each other. [12:25 am, June 1]

2. You might not love someone even if you had seen her/him before many times, but some little incident can change it all. [12:05 pm, June 9]

3. We really mean many things in life only the first few time. After that, it's just the mind making the body repeat. [8:44 pm, Aug 12]

4. It's hard to find your match when men are looking for women like their moms and women look for men like their future sons. [1:45 pm, Aug 13]

5. Most often you can't enjoy life if you are intelligent. You've got to be a fool or act foolish to get the real joy in life. [9:03 am, Aug 26]

6. This one's as a poem..
Time's going ahead very fast
But mind's slowing down lookin past.
I fear a day my mind will stop
And then will countless memories do pop!

[I was on a bus traveling through the beautiful malabar countryside; 1:06 pm, Aug 28]

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Rubbished Versatility on a Dull October Evening

Tears and rain-that's the name of song I'm hearing now
James Blunt- the artist of the song
LIC- that's the subject whose assignment I've o complete
James-the teacher who assigned it to us
Digital- record should be completed tomorrow
Shaastra- still lingering on my mind
Wuthering Heights - book I'm reading
Emily Bronte- the author
Firefox-the web browser on which I'm working
JFx- ya that's me writing this blog.

Monday, 15 October 2007

The Past

The past, is erroneously so strong

So strong that it haunts

Haunts of my lonely epochs

Epochs that taught me little

Little but for the value of solitude

Solitude so pertaining I never gave up

Gave up did I on everything but myself

Myself and Him, He who understood

Understood every tear from my weeping heart

Heart, He turned thin ice frozen

Frozen strength, over oceanic emotions

Emotions withheld, with strains so agonizing

Agonizing it was, the melancholy from others

Others from whom, my life stood apart

Apart from thoughts, it too did grow

Grow even stronger, independence and will

Will to keep fighting

Fighting among the fittest

Fittest I shall ever, strive to be

Be it worthy rationales or just blind vain

Vain so often the thoughts of my past are

Are they clouding for a reason?

A reason, perhaps too obvious to feel

Feel the change, feel the world

The world, so mammoth beyond my chrysalis

Chrysalis, I realize I was within

Within for too long, the child in me outgrew

Outgrew my age, in ways more than one

One faces life, often with second chances

Chances will I, positively take

Take on the world, with much mature eyes

Eyes that have fed my soul with mistakes

Mistakes for which, I pay forever

Forever will they remain, to me they remind

Remind that my past, shouldn’t ever repeat

Repeat never will I, the asinine faults again

Again because I’ve learnt a lot

A lot, so rhetoric, it isn’t enough

Enough and more experiences

Experiences to reach destiny

Destiny stares patiently at me with faces

Faces that might, someday spew or smile

Smile for friends, for foes, for all

For all, perchance I’m fated to stand alone

Alone shall I, if it’s the way

Way as in my past, so erroneously strong

Strong shall it be, my verve till the grave.


14/10/2007 ~7:30pm - 9pm

Began writing this after i saw a few clippings of the roads in Dubai... Reminded me of the long lost days of going around those beautiful streets in my Dad's car... God... never been so nostalgic before...

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Winamp 5.5

Thought I'd sneak in again with my second post of the day.
Well the title says it all. I downloaded the new version of Winamp- Version 5.5. This one's simply awesome. Let me jot down some of the unending list of features they've added.

1. Auto tagging- Ever wished that all the mp3s (ya that's the modern jargon for songs) you have didn't have rubbish in their ID3 tag or worse still don't have any tag at all? Here's the answer to all the woes. Every file can be auto-tagged using this new feature. I've tried it on my collection and found it very satisfactory. 95% percent of the entries were correct- that includes the one's in languages other than English, including Malayalam. Auto tagging can also be done for multiple files at a time so that you need not wait for each tagging to be completed.

2. Album art- This is a feature I'd felt winamp shud've encompassed much before than now. Better late than never. The album art is pretty powerful (I'm sure they'll improve it further, next time). Automatic updating was done for half of my albums (I was surprised to see a Mallu album in that list). I became so hooked onto that feature, that the whole day I downloaded album art manually (those which weren't done automatically) and attached 'em.

3. Notification- I'm not highlighting this as a star attraction cuz media player addicts might already be accustomed to the feature. Anyway it gives a chic appearance to Winamp.

4. Jump to file- Unlike the usual jump to file options in other players, winamp has a powerful jump to file queue manager (It was introduced in 5.35). It allows the user to enqueue songs in order. So you don't hafta create another playlist just so that you need to hear those songs in order. It also helps me to keep my fav songs in playlist and still allow me to hear songs according to my current mood.

Signing off.. I'm still discovering all the features. Btw did i say the new skin (Bento) looks cool too. Here's a peek at it:

(Clik to enlarge pic)

I almost forgot to mention why I used winamp above other more flashy players. It's because all through these years, winamp had been the least memory hungry player (with abundant features). Somehow winamp has continued with that tradition.. the new version takes maximum of 10MB when running from tray.

Forward the Foundation: A Tribute to Asimov

I could not have written this book forty- or thirty, twenty or even ten- years ago. That is because, piece by piece, over the years, I have been working back to Foundation's source: Hari Seldon. You see over time, Hari Seldon has evolved into my alter ego. In my Earlier books Hari Seldon was the stuff of legend- with Forward the Foundation I have made him real.
- Isaac Asimov.

As you might have guessed, I've completed the book just now. This might not be the best book in the Foundation Series (which is 'Prelude to Foundation' in my opinion), but it truly is the book that is closest to my heart. The book is more autobiographical than other and the effects are evident throughout the story. We see Asimov/Seldon ageing not too gracefully, always feeling that his work to the World/Empire would remain uncompleted. Ultimately he succeeds in conquering the summit. Asimov/Seldon left a void in humanity's present, but left us with a path to the future- A path of hope, of resurgence and the eventual glory.

Can't give away more of the story, but reading this final chapter of the Foundation series will confirm that this is the best Sci-Fi novel series ever written.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

kidilam chalusworth

Treat your laptop like its your wife...

Protect it forever with your life.

Pledge all secrets under its cap...

But never let it rest on any other lap!

- Kidilam Chalusworth


It’s a pity that the world doesn’t realize where its heading to. It’s a pity that the precious space on this little piece of written work meant for others to read and enjoy be taken up for publishing such an article. It’s a pity that I had to choose, above all, this very topic for writing on. “DESP!”-all might say, but its not with an intention of writing the best essay that I am coining these few paragraphs. The facts are loud and clear. But the greater majority wouldn’t choose to heed it. So there has to be ostensibly “desp” environmentalist characters like me to carry on the message. If the readers are still wondering what this guy is jabbering about, well just read on and perhaps curse me at the end of the article for wasting your time. Here goes…

A conscious attitude about the environment is seldom found amongst people. They cant be blamed, for life has turned out to be that way. Some great son-of-a-philosopher had once commented “We begin to die from the moment we are born”. Just like all idealistic thoughts that we hear quite frequently, this one’s true too. Every thing that has life in it, has to come to an end. Its only a matter of time and the various ‘modus operandi’ of our daily existence that matters. Earth too is filled with far too many lives to count… (do take a few seconds to contemplate on the last sentence)

On one hand we see the “social human life” filled with technical gizmos, fashion, red carpets, wars, accidents, crime etc etc and getting more into next-door-examples, we have our friends getting the latest bikes, mobile phones, silly hours of flirting, break-ups, completing assignments, bunking classes, freaking out for parties, never missing a latest movie at the cinemas etc etc- all that could be related to a normal college life…

As this normal life goes on, on the other side of the perturbed balance lies a façade of earth that only a few even bother to ponder into. Mother nature…flora and fauna…landscapes…snow capped peaks…luscious greenery…wildlife…blooming flowers…all more worthy to be called beautiful than the best girls you can imagine… A different world altogether devoid of terrorism, hatred, prejudices and any negative nuances.

Thats the kind of life that the ‘modern world’ can only dream of. Its not pessimism, but truth is always sour. We have reached too far ahead, we are too advanced to revert back anything. The ‘social human life’ that was mentioned earlier will carry on as it is, taking giant strides in the direction which they think is forward. But an important question- when we go about minding our business, trying most eagerly to bring in as many luxuries as possible, or getting our heads into other’s matters-be it individuals or nations-should we not show atleast a tiny bit of consideration for “earth”? As engineering students under a very “able”(ahem) syllabus, we’ve got plenty of other things to worry about. Global warming, climate change, ozone layer holes, brown clouds, melting ice caps, rising sea levels, endangered species, extinct animals- no, these are not the things that an engineering student should worry about- these are things that every one of us have read about or heard. But what’s the use? Is anyone doing anything to help the cause? Is anyone bothering to spread the word amongst others? Such a dead and boring topic for discussion right, so why bother!

Despite the urgency in the tone of environmentalists and the most sincere climatologists and scientists the world over, little importance is given to take steps to tackle climate change. Changes are inevitable. This might really be a berserk comparison, but just think over the changes that have occurred to you since you first stepped foot on the college premises. Looks, attitude, relationships, fashion…everything. The single burning flame of life within you got changed so much within just a couple of years. The evident reason- plenty of other such burning flames nearby. There’s no escape from the collective inferno. So imagine the extent to which the world’s climate has been withstanding changes since the advent of humanity. It has a life of its own – a life so closely related with that of others. The Creator hasn’t given loads of intellect to all creatures. And the only ones who possess it, take it for granted. The nature’s rhythm had begun to be recklessly encroached upon long back. Climate changes had begun since then, but now its consequences are blanketing on us without a needle’s gap.

The rate at which the climate is being affected by our lifestyles can definitely be controlled, provided the major countries realize and implement stringent measures, and the citizens are prudently educated to follow them. In this regard, the recent ban on plastics was a bold and much-needed enforcement on the part of the government here.

A sad fact is that, despite true-life reports based on long term research and surveys, very little awareness is being propagated by the media. Take for example, the leading dailies in our state dedicate just a small part of a page for such reports and articles. They are doing only what it takes to earn their efforts worth. Large chunks of the literate populace are concerned only with updating themselves on the latest current affairs, exam postponements, sports, gadgets, gossip and so on. Who would want to read a small grayscale report on the planet’s deplorable environmental condition , India’s melting glaciers, the most innocent and beautiful animals being starved to death and so on, when political propagandas, ‘Big Brother’ celebrities, fresh world cups etc fill tons of coloured pages.

So what can we do? I am no great scientist or a political leader to answer that question. This is not a school essay writing competition or an exam question to propose steps to avert global warming. I could very well talk about the media’s role in spreading awareness, people being more sensible and far-sighted in their lifestyles to help save energy etc. But this article was not meant to be published in a primary school environmental textbook either. Its more of an open talk with the person who would be reading this. We have a nature club in the college (no one would have even heard of it) with very few members. Why only few members? That’s the problem. No one’s interested. If they decide on conducting any programme, no one offers any support. Just simply laugh way. Talk about encouraging the use of cycles amongst the modern generation –“Are you nuts?” Tell them to switch off the electronic items not in use- “Who cares! Just a single person following it wont make a difference.”

Good gracious! If only people would understand… if only terms like ‘climate change’ and ‘global warming’ would become common words spoken by the layman…if only school children be bright enough to question the question the present-day validity of their geography text books…if only everyone realizes that the unpredictable rains here are a small part of an impending global upheaval …

The sky is not falling down, and I am not being Chicken Little. I’m only asking you to lend a hand if at all any opportunity springs up to fight for the cause. The words used by the French President Jacques Chirac a few months back formed the title of this article. I’m not being rhetoric, but the coming generations would perhaps understand the true meaning of the title. Pray! Lest it should happen. Back in the school days, my environment club badge had a small caption to it

“We belong to the earth

The earth does not belong to us”

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AEI Oh! You: Stars are just a speck in the sky, What are you?

Saturday, 29 September 2007

Friday, 28 September 2007

Enikkoru panim illa... Desp!

Hey... tis is wat ll happen if life starts gettin boring n empty n o course aimless, as in ma case....

The followin '
poem' was written prior 2 our DSD exam, oh!! btw i being a very 'studious n meticulous' student had finished the reqd portion by tat tym.(poor LS guys, they were crakin ther head lyk nythin.... hehe.. ROFL!)

Tis abt hmmm.... read n c,wil ya?...havn namd it yet... call wateva u lyk...

(*twas first published in ma mob, Nokia 3120, an awesum fone, not mny r lucky 2 hav tat model, boooo, sum unluky don even hav a Nokia....)

Oh!I'm gettin carried away... so here goes ma creation, born frm a moment o emotional stagnation n psychological degeneration (wateva.... don bother...)

ok ok... tis is it..

the sun is scorchin....
and the land is burning...
but i'm yearnin...
for you i'm fallin....

am i goin crazy??
or am i just hazy??
i hear no whisper,
and blinded by thy love's shimmer, ^
i lie in slumber,
for you are a delightful dream..

^(the original line was "not a sight do i see", its been changd for aaah.. jus thot this 1 fits in bettar...)

OH YEAH!! I'm gud....

I first showed my creation to AS and Ajeesh, but only drew a vague expression, kinda like "oh!! evanetu verae pani onum ille??"

Then i showd it to Goks(didn say twas mine...), n his 1st reaction was lyk, "Aliyaa vann...".

He had misunderstud it 2 b some1 else's, but on gettin enlightened he added sum "healthy" criticism to his 'vann'... The last person to see the original copy was Mr.Iceman and thank god he doesnt use explicits tat often. Cool as ever he too added a critique, i don remember wat though, sigh!

Now its the chance to show off ma 2nd creation..

Tey say current flow can cause magnetic field. In the BI-period(also read by-period) sir's perpetual chattering at a constant rate is analogous to current and the counterpart of magnetic field is the sleep-field conjured up by his non-stop chatter,darn!! Inorder to protect maself frm the harmful effects of such radiation i wound up into a nutshell of my own, to conjure up a field of my own, hey! i didn sleep ok...

So, finally i came up wit the foll:


i'm sittin on the second bench of my class,
leaning against the wall, on the bench is my ass,

is he speaking french?
or did i hav brunch??

tthe prof is teaching,
but his notes are flyin..

the breeze is blowin,
and so i'm sleepin,

i feel captive,
captivated by melancholy,

my brain's inactive,
coz he's mumbling without any mercy...

The name o te
'poem' coms frm te topic tat wa being tot durin tat hr...

Huh! Actually i didn mean to write such a lengthy article but it happend so spontaneously i couldn hold bac...if u were bored, i jus wanna add "i don give a damn"!!

* Chumma irikkatte, oru vazhikku pokuvalle.... ini star illannu paranju arum parati parayanda....

Hasta la vista, baby!

Monday, 24 September 2007

Chak de India!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Three cheers for the fearless men in blue............ HIP HIP...HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 20 September 2007

@half senses

Insomnia is a damned thing... you cant have enough sleep to keep your senses awake. Slowly your senses dull to the extent that you can’t even tell whether you are awake or in a dream. Hallucinations become a part of daily life. You live a sort of half life. Never fully asleep, never fully awake. It has been stated scientifically that a human mind requires a bare minimum amount of sleep to keep it sane… yet so many people including big stars in the film industry suffer from insomnia and yet lead a satisfactorily normal life. So does it indicate that for different people the bare minimum sleep required is different? Then let us consider the possibility of a person suffering from the reverse of insomnia… he sleeps say 6 to 7 hours everyday and yet that is below his required minimum amount of sleep. Continuing along the same line of thought, he will also suffer from the same effects as an insomniac but in my opinion his condition is actually even worse because he gets even lesser “awake time” than the insomniac and yet suffers as he does.

The reason why I have gone into this topic is because I feel as if I am suffering from such a condition. Yes I do get at least 6 hours of sleep everyday yet never feel fully awake. The alarm goes off at 7 in the morning… brushing, ironing and bathing are done as smoothly and mechanically as a well oiled machine would have done it. Right after the bath there is a bit of uptime but on the walk to the bus stop mind slips back into the dull mode. In the bus as a preparation for the dreadful hours in class mind becomes duller still. In class it is comfortably in sleep mode. Not a word is heard , even when something is heard it makes no sense…

On return to home it is straight to the computer to switch it on and let utorrent resume its downloading. Then a bit of browsing mainly revolving around movies and of late around books as well. Read a book, watch a movie or fool around to waste time till bedtime. Then realizes rough record needs writing and goes round to get it done. Finally off to sleep… (with the Sony walkman humming me some favorite song as lullaby until I am at the doorstep of sweet slumber wherein I relieve the walkman of its duty and drift away into that magical world where sweet dreams are abound. Some of them so well scripted and so good I have been accused of staging my dreams… some of them so frightening you sleep fitfully.

Finally I would like to note down the few occasions when I feel truly awake… First and foremost when I am in the company of friends and having a blast of a time, irrespective of the place and situation. May it be in panchaarakkaadu, or in the backbenches of the class, or in the canteen or restaurant, or in a hotel room lying awake in the middle of the night exchanging our views on the most trivial and sometimes the most important things, never giving a care for anything in the world… all these scenarios always include a dash of spiciness to it which adds to the flavor. Second: when I am watching a good movie which has managed to capture my imagination and attention and when I am on the search for good movies. Third: listening to good songs which appeal to me at that particular moment. Four: reading fascinating books. Five: when trying to work out some puzzle which has a teasing nature to it ie seems rather simple but the solution is always just beyond your grasp unless you really put some effort into it. Six: appreciation of beauty. All things of beauty demand our attention. Usually only half awake on these occasions unless of course a true work of art is spotted. These few moments at full senses are the only time I feel the true throb of life in me.That about sums it up… This has managed to keep me awake for around half an hour but now that the initial exhilaration has completely worn off I am feeling sleepy again. Time to resort to the frantic pace of a do or die Twenty20 to keep myself awake. Adios amigos… Have a good night’s sleep…

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Law of definition

Disclaimer: This was written some time before on a boring night.. I may or may not agree to everything said below.

Law of definition states that anything exists only if it is defined. Another version of the law says that the determining factor in differentiating one thing from another is its definition.This may seem a simple universal law, but in recent times it has helped me in answering two important scenarios.

The first one is the controversial topic of human mind versus AI. The power of the human mind is a combination of its logical ability and emotional versatility. If in the future we create an AI that has the same powers as a human mind, could it be called a human mind? I say yes. LOD says that the determining factor in differentiation is definition. AI satisfies the defenition of human mind. So it can be given the status of human mind.

I had a vague idea about my second scenario. But my friend's question made it clearer. Here goes the question: "What if the thing we call 'life' is just another long dream?" Again LOD came to my rescue. This is life 'coz it is defined so. The assumption that it may just be a part of some super-life, does not make any difference. Life may be that stage of super-life where the laws of physics as we see it hold true. My view maybe contradicting to 'The Matrix. The movie says that life in the Matrix is just an illusion.But I say for the people inside the Matrix, the outside life is just super-life. The only problem lies in definition. I remember my Physics teacher deftly answering my question: "Sir, why is it so?". He answered: "Because it is defined so."

Monday, 17 September 2007

"I love you..."

The drizzle was falling in sweet romantic pulses. I stood on the pavement under a shelter watching the tiny droplets fall and sprinkle off into thin air, leaving way for its successors. They seemed very similar to we human who live just to end up a pile of ash and leaving our successors to the same fate as we. Wild thoughts flashed past my brain, i was wandering into some unknown realm. Perhaps it was the anticipation of a very special person that left my mind wandering. As the clock ticked by i gathered my thoughts and set my eyes towards the far end of the neat and broad avenue. In the morning sun the rain drenched trees looked all the more beautiful and with the sun-rays beaming through the leaves like playful infants there was a blissful charm in the air which only a heart which has fallen in love can understand. Only seconds had passed by when a small figure appeared at the far-end. My pulse soared up like a rocket."Today I'm gonna tell her, tell her that 'i love you'...".

She looked the prettiest in red. Oh!! how beautiful...there was no fag-end to the ecstacy that her sight
brought to my heart. She with a divine grace walked across the avenue exuding delight into the eyes of the beholder. Was she elvish?? I wish she was... She approached the pavement carefully stepping over the small bowls of water, i watched her without a blink of the eyes. She stood only a couple of yards from where i was. My heart raced like a 1000cc engine. With all courage i could find in this world i walked towards her.This was the moment of truth, the moment to open up and reveal what had laid deep inside the gorges of my heart.

"Hey..hhmmm....", a nervous creak came out, after adjusting my vocals i proceeded.

"Hello, I'm Hari...",i forgot what i had prepared the previous night. I looked straight into her eyes leaving a chill to pass through my body from top to bottom, it was hair-raising.

"Its been a long time since i wanted to tell you what was in my heart....", I took a deep breath.

"I love you...."

The naughty little breeze played with her hair which made her more sensual. To my utmost delight and surprise i didnt get disdain as i had expected, on the contrary i saw her go shy and her face as red as an apple, she was blushing. In the deepest of my heart i felt triumphant and ecstatic. I patiently waited for a reply. But before she could utter a single word her peers dragged her off into her college bus. There was a look of empathy in her eyes as she left, wanting to stay back but obliged not to.

I didn't run after the bus, but i stood in the rain, draining off all despair in my heart,looking in through the fogged rear window of the rusty bus, as it disappeared against the horizon,
exchanging looks of affection and adoration, a silent promise to keep close even when miles apart. The look in the eye had done the trick...

Friday, 14 September 2007


This is basically just a reply to all those lil buggers who think im only good at downloadin movies and never get round to seeing them.... Here is a list of movies i have seen in the last 3 and a half weeks including the tour...
1.Children of Men
4.Inside Man
8.Bourne Identity
9.Bourne Supremacy
11.Thenmaavin Kombathu
13.Maannar Mathai speaking
14.Toy Story 1
15.Toy Story 2
16.Fight club
18.Usual Suspects
And i am damn sure i have missed at least 3 or so movies... 10 to 13 were during the tour. 5 to 7 were in the theatre and the rest from my beloved ol collection. I was on quite a spree b4 the tour and i dont think anyone but inquisitivo and jfx at their very best cud have matched that spree... So everyone else take note and think b4 u run your mouth next time...
And a word of advice to serial movie watchers... Never attempt 2 conceptually heavy movies on the same day for eg: fight club and memento... this will take a lot of pleasure out of it and you will never appreciate both movies to their true potential... So happy movie watchin...
20 down 150 odd to go...

Sunday, 2 September 2007


Today is a special day, for all the great s5 applidians (exceptions excluded) of the great CET are leaving for 9 day IV aka Tour aka Bang!!. Hoo...its been a while since i scribbled down something,that drive to write is gone,perhaps i have reached "saturation";like divertido would put it.

Rising up from the bed was hard as usual, but today i put in an extra effort coz i had my baggage to sort . First and foremost i got my hook off the day's gate class(i would have liked to go but... :D). This made the work particularly easy as i got loads of time to spare. But the thought of staying away from home made me a touch anxious, so inorder to shake off the pre-tour err..pre-IV blues i decided to get my hands on my baby (ooh woh woh....chill...its my comp man...).They say firing a few gun shots can relieve stress(no pun intended!!) so i decided to do just the same(again no pun intended!!!).I started playing counterstrike!! Man.. you should have seen the way i blew the head off those bastard terrorists. Phew..I was hot...really hot maan(got hit on the head a couple of time though..sigh!!) Hmmm.... now i'm feeling a lot better,thanks to some gun shots(nooo....not at all a pun).After playing i had my breakfast,'twas dosa with chatni. Damn!! i know i'm boring you, don't worry man you have seen worse from me.I was feeling bored too and bit apprehensive about the tour,so just to while away my time i decided to blog. OH!! Mom calling....would have liked to write more but gotta pack up little more, take a bath and also have to go out. So see ya guys..

*This blog was intended to be read by readers before the students of applied electronics and instrumentation were taking there ass off to drag it around in all the different places in India, but due to dilatory posting (which happens to be the author's fault), the author has pardoned all the blog-sinners.

Friday, 31 August 2007

The race back to start

Time's going ahead very fast
But mind is slowing looking past,
I fear a day my mind will stop
and then will countless memories do pop.

Have a look at some pics I took during my visit to malabar
Photos taken in malabar

Thursday, 23 August 2007

It Happens

10 I didn't have much to write about in the past week. So here's a blog pretty much about nothing or something haven't thought much about or maybe anything i feel like writing now.

20 First of all, I'm in a buoyant mood now. The reasons maybe plenty, or there isn't one. If there is a reason, it might be possible that the reason is one of the following:
1. Stepper motor worked yesterday.
2. The huge feud between students of our class ended today in a happy and unexpected way. (You can write a whole story on it)
3. I'm going to kannur this weekend and will be able to refresh my batteries.(I'm not gonna joke that i left back my charger there last time around)

30 Let me start off with the stepper motor. It's the first small step for our-kind but a huge step for the motor. It is the first time it worked satisfactorily outside the printer it was designed for. The printer had been waiting to be dumped into some deep abyss from where there would be no coming back. The motor must be happy that it has been rescued and brought back to life by a group of young men who aspire to become leaders of the future. On an interview to, the motor said "I wish my new owners success in their forthcoming endeavor at Shaastra 07"

40 It's better that i keep my mouth shut about the second reason why I'm happy. It's been going on and on for two weeks now. Cold war, verbal war, etc.. thank god it didn't become physical. The best thing is now everyone's happy and raring to go. Go where? Of course for the tour!

50 After going to pala just two weeks back, I'm off to see the next set of relatives this weekend. Kannur is not only about seeing my sweet cousins, uncles, aunties, grandpa and grandma, it's an adventure in itself. The place is halfway up a hill. It's like a visit to hill station, a hill station you can call home.

60 END

P.S. Sorry about the meandering and often confusing sentence construction. Those are just a wave-guide of my mind which often goes a million times around a point before actually reaching it. In fact let me continue with the thought process which is often evident in my speech too. I think about the same point in too many ways at once. So i often end up starting a sentence rephrasing it in the middle and might even end up contradicting what i start off to say. It's not a surprise that most of my friends who have come with doubts to me go back with more serious doubts.
If you are still thinking what the numbers in front of each para means, think BASIC.

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

The Curse

I went to my third home, my native place, this weekend. It had always been my refuge in hard times, like the ones after exams. A visit to pala always helped me regain my senses, calm my nerves and begin afresh. I originally thought of dedicating a blog to it, but fought back the urge. The reason being I would waste lots of time conjuring up words to write in the blog rather than enjoying the moments. But something else has forced me to write about my journey into the heart of God's own country, something that made me wonder whether God has taken away his grace from this land.

For the past few months I'd heard about increase in fever cases in those areas. Along the way, the news that everyone in both my parents' homes had got the disease passed over my head without much notice. The sight that welcomed me not only shocked me, but saddened me a lot.

The gravity of the situation cannot be fully understood through my simple blog. I'll try to express in few words what I understood of a disease the government refuses to call chikungunya. From now on, let me call it 'the disease that should not be named'. First of all, there is no doubt that it is an endemic. More than 90% of all households in that area have already got 'the disease that should not be named'. It affects everyone, but the after-effects show a different pattern according to age. The young have fever for few days and usually don't have much after-effects. But the elders are the ones who suffer the most. By elders, I mean a whole generation of people from ages 55 and above. The suffer from after-effects from which many never recover.

The after-effects range from neeru (don't know what it's called in English) in limbs to unbearable pain in the whole body. A sharp increase in death-rate is reported, though other causes are cited as reasons for death. Everyone of the elders have been reduced to bed-rest, though the valiant still fight it out with sticks for support. The worst affected among the community are people who do menial jobs and other works that do not have regular salary. There have been cases of many not able to get even one time meal.

What is the government doing during this time? Shutting up every news article to save the face of the state so that tourism does not suffer? These are millions peoples life at stake. At a time when science has advance so much why can't we find a vaccine, or at least some medicine to suppress the after-effects. As the horrible the disease that should not be named spreads to south and north, I can just ponder about my Grandpa's words- "There's nothing to do. This is a curse."