Wednesday, 19 December 2007


According to, BI stands for...

BASIC source code include file (Visual Basic) Computing->File Extensions
BEACHCOMBERS International Business->Firms
Bac International Business->Firms
Background Investigation Governmental->US Government
Backup Interface Computing->Networking
Bad Influence Community->Law
Bank Of Italy Business->Firms
Bar Induction Community->Law
Baroclinic Instability Medical->Physiology
Basic Instructions Computing->General
Battlefield Interdiction Governmental->Military
Bavarian Inn, Frankenmuth, Michigan Business->Firms
Beatson Institute Academic & Science->Universities
Beckman Instruments Governmental->Suppliers
Bell Industries, Inc. Business->NYSE Symbols
Best Individual Business->Positions
Beth Israel Community->Religion
Beyond Incredible Internet->Chat
Biella (Provence) International->Italian
Binary And Includes Computing->Assembly
Binary Input Computing->Assembly
Bintang Indonesia Regional
Bislama Regional->Language Codes (2 Letters)
Bismuth Academic & Science->Electronics
Blessings International Community->Non-Profit Organizations
Block Island Governmental->State & Local
Bodily Injury Community->Law
Bomb Island Governmental->Military
Brain Injury Medical->Physiology
Brand Identity Business->Firms
Brigada de Interior International->Spanish
Buffered Image Computing->Software
Bullet Icon Computing->General
Bureau Of Investigation Governmental->US Government
Burn in Academic & Science->Electronics
Burundi Regional->Countries
Bus In Academic & Science->Electronics
Business Improvement Business->General
Business Intelligence Business->General
Business Invigoration Business->General

(pls note the highlighted ones... )

Anyone still wondering why i posted this ???


  1. no. well i slept for the 10th time today over the BI book before waking up to this blog

  2. i'm not surprised either...hmm....

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