Saturday, 26 May 2007

Stars are just a speck in the sky, What are you?

Another day wasted [1]. Thought I'd make use of this free hour trying to blog. This one's related to the Futuro in some ways, but is from a completely different view point. The idea of the blog arised when my fellow blogger, aj sms-ed [2] me this question. It was about what will happen in the future. Too bad i dint save the sms, but one of the options was human's will evolve into something superhuman. Anyways, the point i want to make doesnt lie as much in the question as in the answer i gave to it.

"Have you ever thought.. Humans occupy a very very small area in the timeline of evolution. Many other living beings have been around before humans evolved and are still here. Darwin's theory says about survival of the fittest. Is human race the most equipped to survive a catastrophe on earth? I think not... Until we start colonising other planets and discover interstellar travel, we are just too many eggs in the same basket."

'An Inconvinient Truth' is a good place to start from, if any of the readers plan to continue on this line of thought. The documentary says about the effects of global warming, and our role in it. We just might be scripting our own end, an end that would lead to the rise of another living being superior to us (hopefully)... There was a time when Dinosaurs ruled the earth. Nature always has a way of doing it's own balancing act. Every ice age was preceded by some of the warmest years. This just might be humanity's end, and we might be the last surviving generation. There's no use getting anxious about the unknown. So other than doing our bit to save mother earth, all we can do is pray for the best.

Keepin the religious aspects apart, I'm someone who believes in extraterrestrial life. So dont worry if the human race dies out, or even if life is wiped off the earth. There i can see another John playing in the fields of Ciam [3].

[1] just that I didnt study anything doesnt mean the day was wasted. But just for exaggerations sake..
[2] sms-ed: short messages send from one mobile to another. SYN: time-wasting.
[3] a fictitious planet in the Andromeda galaxy


  1. You seem to underestimate the power of human instincts, i certainly feel we are the fittest species in this whole world.So even if we had any relative in some far off planet in some unknown galaxy. i strongly feel we humans are the one to script the future of this planet, and may be the universe someday,whatever or whoever or neighbors may be.

  2. belief is one thing, truth may point in the other direction..
    we have the power to redeem ourselves.. lets just hope we're not too late.