Friday, 18 July 2008


The usual study leave day began with plans to kidnap KU Vice Chancellor. Have to check the newspaper find out if someone has done it before me. Ah! The Dark Knight's releasing today after all. Change of plans.

10:30 - I'm waiting in the veranda ruing the moment I donated my umbrella to protect our priced mini project.

Rain said "What a great morning to fall. I haven't been kind to God's own Country these days."
"Hey wait a moment. I've to reach Dhanya", said I.
Rain enquired "Who's she?"

I didn't wait to answer. Half drenched, I reached the bus stop. Along came my vehicle to pick me up. Still going strong at over 10 years of service, she led me right in to the middle of town. Time was running out, so I caught an autorickshaw to theatre. I ran out of it but felt something amiss. People around me weren't having the same enthusiasm rushing inside. It didn't take much to find out the reason from my friends waiting in line. The reel hadn't reached there yet. We waited another hour for the reel to arrive. The movie rocked - pretty much the only nice thing can remember today.

After being blown away by batman and joker, we got out of the theatre and inquisitivo bid adieu. Iceman invited me to his house. While I was pondering over it, Rain decided to say "good afternoon". I said "Not this time buddy, I've got Iceman here with an umbrella and I'm off to his house". 4 hours and 100 pages# later, I was on my way back. I climbed on the first step of my travel back home, when the fact that empty wallets get thrown out struck me. I got down from the bus and called Iceman back into action. While waiting in the bus stop for Iceman to arrive, a lorry stopped by asking directions. As usual, they went away more confused after my explanation. Then came along a stranger from palakkad. He'd come to secretariat for some work. He started off a conversation with me. He seemed a perfectly alright person (about 60), but due to the fact that no one's to be trusted in today's world, i cut the conversation short when it got to personal details. Left me feeling how much self centred we are. There must have been days when chatting with strangers was natural, and he seemed to come from such a land. He also said something about writing snippets in newspapers. Hope I don't get into Page 3 tomorrow.

Iceman lend me the cash I needed for travel and went back. That's when someone decided to say "Hi" again. He fell, no one stopped him this time. He wasn't happy that I didn't introduce him to Dhanya either. I gave up. There are some days that are yours and yours alone. This is one among them.

#of Proakis - Don't know who he is? neither do I.

And if somebody's wondering what the title is, that is the number of days I've been on this planet, assuming I wasn't brought from Krypton when I was still a baby.