Thursday, 18 October 2007

Archived Observations

Here are some of the observations I made while passing through the alleys of life. At that time, they seemed important enough to be archived in my mob. Dunno if they are valid now or even if I agree to all of 'em now.

1. Friendship, love.. stick together if they complement each other, not if they are similar to each other or if they are opposite to each other. [12:25 am, June 1]

2. You might not love someone even if you had seen her/him before many times, but some little incident can change it all. [12:05 pm, June 9]

3. We really mean many things in life only the first few time. After that, it's just the mind making the body repeat. [8:44 pm, Aug 12]

4. It's hard to find your match when men are looking for women like their moms and women look for men like their future sons. [1:45 pm, Aug 13]

5. Most often you can't enjoy life if you are intelligent. You've got to be a fool or act foolish to get the real joy in life. [9:03 am, Aug 26]

6. This one's as a poem..
Time's going ahead very fast
But mind's slowing down lookin past.
I fear a day my mind will stop
And then will countless memories do pop!

[I was on a bus traveling through the beautiful malabar countryside; 1:06 pm, Aug 28]


  1. 7. Reflection is a very dangerous thing. You're dead, if you consider it time-pass.

    This is based on the theory that people are all idiots and most of the things they do (the ones they remember) will mostly be a series of fuck-ups.

  2. i agree to no. 2 and no. 5
    its true...