Saturday, 13 October 2007

Forward the Foundation: A Tribute to Asimov

I could not have written this book forty- or thirty, twenty or even ten- years ago. That is because, piece by piece, over the years, I have been working back to Foundation's source: Hari Seldon. You see over time, Hari Seldon has evolved into my alter ego. In my Earlier books Hari Seldon was the stuff of legend- with Forward the Foundation I have made him real.
- Isaac Asimov.

As you might have guessed, I've completed the book just now. This might not be the best book in the Foundation Series (which is 'Prelude to Foundation' in my opinion), but it truly is the book that is closest to my heart. The book is more autobiographical than other and the effects are evident throughout the story. We see Asimov/Seldon ageing not too gracefully, always feeling that his work to the World/Empire would remain uncompleted. Ultimately he succeeds in conquering the summit. Asimov/Seldon left a void in humanity's present, but left us with a path to the future- A path of hope, of resurgence and the eventual glory.

Can't give away more of the story, but reading this final chapter of the Foundation series will confirm that this is the best Sci-Fi novel series ever written.

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  1. atrollda!! at last, you hav conquered the summit of the foundation saga... well done dude!!Forward is truely the work of an evolved and matured human being...
    Kudos to the great sci-fi writer-Issac Asimov!