Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Future leading to the Past I

This one dates back to one of those days when our creative mind got to work during some boring lecture in S3.

Iceman looked down at the blank paper. He looked around, he saw our blank faces and decided to write some sense into it.
" Johnny is trapped in a dream..."

JFx continued:

How many times in my life have I thought- Am I living or is this just a long dream? How would you know whether you are dreaming or not? Dreams are meant to be seen, not understood. Similarly, life's just for living. Not to be cut down, analyzed, debugged and reloaded.

I'm having just questions and more questions in my head. The path to finding an answer leads to another question. This makes me think - who really has the answer - God? The human mind is more powerful than the most powerful supercomputers. Maybe that's why, now I'm thinking about something, listening to someone and watching a third person at the same time. Our ability to think is not what make us different from animals. It's our ability to feel emotions at a higher level. Someday the cat in your house may murder you for all the bad things you've done.

This line of thought takes me back to the question that has been nagging me - shouldn't the human race be just another highly developed animal? This is getting worse. That part doesn't make much and stands out of this write up like a rotten nail in an old hinge. So you may or may not wish to read on.

Could you ever be trapped in a dream? Perhaps, when you are in a coma and don't wish to wake up. The more important question would be do I want to be trapped in a dream. And I have the answer, yes I would. And what be in the dream? "My whole life."
(page over)

g3Mo flipped the paper. He saw the other side was still blank...

(to be continued)


  1. i dont wanna comment... i really dont...

  2. i would like to oppose every sentence.

    abt life being a dream called life, it leads from ur theory of def which i very much oppose.

    our ability to think is what makes us better. animals are all abt emotions, atleast their version of it. humans are about reasons affected by emotions. about cat in the house, instinctive murder is emotion. an animals lacks the ability coz it cant kill that easily. it does if it can. also it cant plan murder, evidently nothing to do with emotion