Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Ch 3: DEEPAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i tried to scream but no words came to my mouth .deepak must have gone unconscious as he showed no sign of movement ..........the driver must have seen deepak in the road .he brought the car to a screeching halt .
i heaved a sigh of relief . the wheels were just inches away from where deepak lay.the car doors opened and from it emerged the most gorgeous girl i had ever seen .she had ruby cheeks and a freckled nose but i think that made her look cute .her hair was straight and she wore a golden spectacles.she was wearing the same dress that girls of deepaks school used to wear which made me confirm that she belonged to his school .on seeing deepak on the road she ran to his side ,anxiety in her face, trembling a bit.the commuters soon started crowding over deepak.soon he had disappeared from view.some guys helped me to get up while some others went to see if the scooter was fine and to remove it from the road as it was blocking the traffic.

i realised that there was no time to waste as i had to go to my sons side.i saw her rubbing my sons hands and giving him a bit of a shake trying to bring him back to his senses .she brought out a water bottle out of her backpack and sprinkled some on to him.he stirred a bit.i could see that there was a bruise on his head (must have happened when he hit the road).the girl asked the driver to take deepak inside the car and that she would drop him to his house.i drove home in my scooter and they followed behind in the car

deepak was soon resting in his bed with the girl by his side .i was sitting a bit far away on a rocking chair.the driver had gone outside to hav a puff.once again i found myself trying to read the girls mind.she looked like she came from a rich family.her behaviour seemed good .one thing that i couldnt understand was why she was giving such a lot of attention to deepak. i presumed that it was because they were from the same school.she looked like she must be in the 7th or 8th standard.
maybe her father was a businessman or perhaps he must be a doctor to be able to afford the esteem car .suddenly it striked me that perhaps the girl might be neha.it was true that i had heard a lot about her from my son but i had never seen her.in fact i had never cared to have a look at her photo.the description given to me about neha matched the girl in front of me.so i decided to ask her name.
Neetha Hari she replied. i asked her whether she knew my son."yes of course he is my classmate"she said.
ohoooo classmate eh were they just classmates or were there something else between them.......i could see something in her eyes which told me that there must be something more than a classmate relationship between them .did my son had more than one girl friend. well he has only told me about one .were he hiding some others from me??
deepak was finally stirring from his bed .i went to his side and helped him sit upright.he rubbed his eyes and asked me what happened.
but before i could say a word he said."hi neha ,how did u reach here?"
"Neha"i exclaimed ."no deepak this is not neha this is neetha hari "
daddy this is neha all right . neha is short for NEetha HAri ......
"ohhhh" i exclaimed .so this was my boys girl friend neha after all..............

{to be completed by someone else}


  1. It seems Deepak might not be the name of choice right now dude....

    Anyways... the story goes on..tats good!!!!

    I think you could have added some supernatural element in the story like the dad using his power or something like that....
    But your story leaves a different twist to the story and i think the story is well poised to end up in a different and better mode.

    hmmmm....this is really heating up the "indian" heroes plot....


    Yuhu!!!Can't wait for the next chapter...I would have liked to continue with the next chapter but then others must chance too...

    By the way the involvement of Neha was good thinking...and your idea of the acronym did startle me a little... ;-)

  2. neetha hari.. hari neetha.. hmm
    the part abt dad seeing neha the first time had me in splits..
    this was more of indian soap.. true hindi soap type father and son falling literally and otherwise for the same gal.. i would've loved to continue wid da story too.. but i can still add the part i was thinkin abt as a prequel to this chapter

  3. and let it be deepak and akash, now tht he has strted off with it..

  4. hmmmm...ok....

    As to the matter of a second involvement i would say we better wait till the end and post our version once the story is completed...

    And oye don't try to twist the name ok... he didn't have any malicious thoughts while conjuring the "great" idea of his...

  5. lets hear it from sura... wat intention did u have in mind while naming her neetha hari? just finished watching c.i.d moosa i suppose