Monday, 17 September 2007

"I love you..."

The drizzle was falling in sweet romantic pulses. I stood on the pavement under a shelter watching the tiny droplets fall and sprinkle off into thin air, leaving way for its successors. They seemed very similar to we human who live just to end up a pile of ash and leaving our successors to the same fate as we. Wild thoughts flashed past my brain, i was wandering into some unknown realm. Perhaps it was the anticipation of a very special person that left my mind wandering. As the clock ticked by i gathered my thoughts and set my eyes towards the far end of the neat and broad avenue. In the morning sun the rain drenched trees looked all the more beautiful and with the sun-rays beaming through the leaves like playful infants there was a blissful charm in the air which only a heart which has fallen in love can understand. Only seconds had passed by when a small figure appeared at the far-end. My pulse soared up like a rocket."Today I'm gonna tell her, tell her that 'i love you'...".

She looked the prettiest in red. Oh!! how beautiful...there was no fag-end to the ecstacy that her sight
brought to my heart. She with a divine grace walked across the avenue exuding delight into the eyes of the beholder. Was she elvish?? I wish she was... She approached the pavement carefully stepping over the small bowls of water, i watched her without a blink of the eyes. She stood only a couple of yards from where i was. My heart raced like a 1000cc engine. With all courage i could find in this world i walked towards her.This was the moment of truth, the moment to open up and reveal what had laid deep inside the gorges of my heart.

"Hey..hhmmm....", a nervous creak came out, after adjusting my vocals i proceeded.

"Hello, I'm Hari...",i forgot what i had prepared the previous night. I looked straight into her eyes leaving a chill to pass through my body from top to bottom, it was hair-raising.

"Its been a long time since i wanted to tell you what was in my heart....", I took a deep breath.

"I love you...."

The naughty little breeze played with her hair which made her more sensual. To my utmost delight and surprise i didnt get disdain as i had expected, on the contrary i saw her go shy and her face as red as an apple, she was blushing. In the deepest of my heart i felt triumphant and ecstatic. I patiently waited for a reply. But before she could utter a single word her peers dragged her off into her college bus. There was a look of empathy in her eyes as she left, wanting to stay back but obliged not to.

I didn't run after the bus, but i stood in the rain, draining off all despair in my heart,looking in through the fogged rear window of the rusty bus, as it disappeared against the horizon,
exchanging looks of affection and adoration, a silent promise to keep close even when miles apart. The look in the eye had done the trick...

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