Thursday, 6 December 2007



“Angetine Phigteror not available...may I suggest u Bilos Derthigh” asked the druggist.

“No let me check some druggists near by “ said Shawn.

“Sir if u want u can….but I would like to tell u that u wont get it” said the druggist.

“hmm!!” Shawm smiled towards the druggist without showing his enamel ,as he opened the door of his Carrera GT. “durr…rrrr…rr..r…”the car passed BLETIQUE Druggists and Chemists building...Shawn gave it a full throttle as he flew through the Havana International Airport Highway.

It has been a long time since he left Cuba at the age of twelve. Shawn’s parents shifted to Shanghai to work for Fujitsu Shipping Corporation. Both his father and mother were in FSC as port engineers. It was at FSC Havana they fell in love and got together. As FSC was forced to close its operations in Havana due to labor problems Shawn’s parents were shifted to FSC Shanghai along with many other employees. Life was difficult in Shanghai for Shawn and his brother Smith as Chinese didn’t know Spanish. But they pushed through, learned Chinese. His father resigned from FSC and started export business in Shanghai. It grew at an amazing pace. Shawn and Smith never looked back since. They spread their business from export to real estate to automobile to petrochemicals at a blistering pace. It was at such pace that the communists of china started calling them MONOPOLY. The government of China restricted them from any further investments marking them as a foreign company owned by Cubans. That was how Shawn was reminded of Cuba. He called it nostalgia and his old man asked “why waste a week in Havana? Our old little town ha..ha ..”. But Shawn wanted to go there and stay for a week. His secretary arranged for his landing in Havana. He took his Carrera GT with him, which he cant live without.

Travelling away from Havana, there are two railway level crossings at Jaguey Grande (about 13km from Havana) and approaching Ranchuelo (about 10km later). Both of these are ungated and have "stop" signs - drivers should stop, look and listen before crossing.

After crossing Jaguey Grande he stopped at another druggist and asked for Angetine Phigteror but it was the same again. Only Bilos Derthigh was available.

A new monopoly was taking form in Cuba the ultimate monopoly of the 21st century.

(may be continued) ………………Aj


  1. shud be continued..
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  2. great start.

    seems like you put some work into it. the names and the settings is great.

    what happens next??

  3. waitin... good work,shud be continued...

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  5. Terrific start man!! The timeline setting, the names, cool stuff...seems like a start to something big.
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