Monday, 31 December 2007

Bye bye '07

Thought I'd sneak in with a blog on the final day of the year.

Years go by and we move ahead to a better tomorrow. It's time to think back on how the year had been, how much we've learned, how much unlearned. How many mistakes made and discover the fun of making mistakes. It's a year that taught us above all, the joy of being together, doing things we never dreamt we'd do. It's been a year of loss and so much gain. How much I wish KU had enough sense not to spoil our New year bash. KU's KU and there's no use blaming the system now.

Looking ahead to a new year is interesting too. There are so many resolutions to prove wrong. So many days you'd be left wondering is this life? and other days thinking this is life! This blog had been one of the best things happening in '07. It gave a reason to think, imagine and give words to imagination. Thanks to all the bloggers. Hope many more will jot down brain waves and open hearts next year. Wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year!


  1. angane oru varshom koodi... sigh!

    hopefully 2008 will be less of a sigh!

    happy and prosperous new year to all fella bloggers...

    next year i wud love to see more of ya chip in with a lil of your brainographs!

    welcome all the sweeties of 2k8 and farewell the demons of 2k7!

    Godspeed chaps,in the hot pursuit of Jan 1,2009!