Friday, 25 April 2008

Apocalypilla (aka”Ippo Kalippila”)

Caly pilla was the owner Apocalypilla Motors. The Apocalypilla Motors is specialized in producing high tech automobiles to be used in both India and abroad. In these years of global warming and tsunami Apocalypilla has decided to open a state of art the production line for $10000000\- car to be used only in Somalia. The cars will be manufactured in India and exported to Somalia. For the state of the art production line they have decided to set up the plant in that state which offers land for free. The great state of Kerala came up with the offer first. They have offered land near the Mullaperiyar Dam claiming it to be their land. And the Engineers of Apocalypilla Motors started the work just to be stopped by Tamilnadu. The battle is now going on in the court for more than a year. Realizing this Caly Pilla decided to take over some foreign company. The Fraud Motors which struggled to make any profit but loss from the elegant, fuel crazy cars of the Land Rover and Jaguar has decided to give it to Caly Pilla. Caly Pilla paid all he can to get the Jaguar. But nothing went according to his plan. He lost everything. It was the New York State court that has declared him as “Papper”. He ended up in a Mayan community and they capture him for sacrifice to avoid the decline of their community. Caly Pilla tried to tell his story. The Mayans thought his name was Jaguar Papper. They called him Paw-“Jaguar Paw”. He escaped from the Mayans and met Mel Gibson accidently and told his story to him. He made a film on the last part of his story -Apocalypto(2006). The first part of his story will be filmed as the second part of Apocalypto- Apocalypilla (aka”Ippo Kalippilla”).