Monday, 15 October 2007

The Past

The past, is erroneously so strong

So strong that it haunts

Haunts of my lonely epochs

Epochs that taught me little

Little but for the value of solitude

Solitude so pertaining I never gave up

Gave up did I on everything but myself

Myself and Him, He who understood

Understood every tear from my weeping heart

Heart, He turned thin ice frozen

Frozen strength, over oceanic emotions

Emotions withheld, with strains so agonizing

Agonizing it was, the melancholy from others

Others from whom, my life stood apart

Apart from thoughts, it too did grow

Grow even stronger, independence and will

Will to keep fighting

Fighting among the fittest

Fittest I shall ever, strive to be

Be it worthy rationales or just blind vain

Vain so often the thoughts of my past are

Are they clouding for a reason?

A reason, perhaps too obvious to feel

Feel the change, feel the world

The world, so mammoth beyond my chrysalis

Chrysalis, I realize I was within

Within for too long, the child in me outgrew

Outgrew my age, in ways more than one

One faces life, often with second chances

Chances will I, positively take

Take on the world, with much mature eyes

Eyes that have fed my soul with mistakes

Mistakes for which, I pay forever

Forever will they remain, to me they remind

Remind that my past, shouldn’t ever repeat

Repeat never will I, the asinine faults again

Again because I’ve learnt a lot

A lot, so rhetoric, it isn’t enough

Enough and more experiences

Experiences to reach destiny

Destiny stares patiently at me with faces

Faces that might, someday spew or smile

Smile for friends, for foes, for all

For all, perchance I’m fated to stand alone

Alone shall I, if it’s the way

Way as in my past, so erroneously strong

Strong shall it be, my verve till the grave.


14/10/2007 ~7:30pm - 9pm

Began writing this after i saw a few clippings of the roads in Dubai... Reminded me of the long lost days of going around those beautiful streets in my Dad's car... God... never been so nostalgic before...


  1. woooo.....
    [sittin with jaws dropping till toe]
    awesome...dude!!nice "verve" of writing...hehe!
    though i must confess didn get much outta ur poem, beginnin was kinda like "yeah! k,lets see wat the kid's got".. then in the middle portion it was like "entammeee,whn did he turn pro?" and finally in the end i was like "boom!" completly and utterly blank,"gosh he's a psychopath"(sry if it sounds stingy... :-P).......
    i cud only comprehend tat u were feeling extremely nostalgic and wrote a wonderful poem only you can understand and perhaps you want the reader to find a meaning of his own... rt??
    hmmmm.. watever..nice work boy.. keep it up!

  2. gud innovative style of writing first of all..
    and gud use of words..
    from a critical point of view, i dint feel it as confusing as inquisitivo says, but felt that it was goin thru the same point again and again to make the poem longer.. so it fails to keep attn till end..