Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Final Ch: Volver - The Return

Ch 1: Tele
Ch 2: Tele - The origins
Ch 3: DEEPAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ch4 : The Truth!!
Ch 5: Emotions

Now I'm leaving everything behind. Not just my school, my house or my town, I'm leaving this world and Neha.

Today was the last day I had on this planet, in 20th century. I cannot believe that two days ago I was living a carefree life, going to school, wooing gals and laughing. Yes I've forgotten to even smile after Dad told me the truth. The shock kept me completely silent for day. There wasn't much I could do. Dad had taken the decision to take me to future. All three of us got special permission to go Home.

"This is my real Home. This is where my heart lies." But the thought that I don't belong here brought me back. I couldn't return without saying goodbye to my Neha. Dad must've read that going through my mind. He invited Neha over to lunch with us today.

She looked more beautiful than ever in a white skirt and black top. I couldn't take my eyes off. Somehow I managed to gulp down what was on my plate. After lunch, I invited her to my room. We talked for long, but I wasn't able to bring myself to tell her that I had to go away for ever.

Time flew by and the clock struck 4. Mom called out to me "Tea's ready. Please hurry before it cools". Neha rose from the chair. I bade her to continue being seated and ran to the kitchen to get our tea. Mom must've sensed the reason for my hurry. She asked, "Did you tell her?". I replied no. I held the cups in my hand and returned to my room. While leaving, I had closed the door beind me. She was saying something to herself inside.

"Damn!! how disgusting...they changed my name from Neetha to Neha!!! One day I'll have my payback." I was dumbstruck. Was the dream coming true? Surely she cannot be carrying a gun. I was just being paranoid. I pushed open the door silently and made a snorting sound to indicate I was back. She panicked and pulled the trigger. "Hell no!" I thought.

The pain was unbearable. I fell down. Neha rushed to my side shouting my name. Then she placed her hand over the bullet wound. I want to say "Now it's no use. You've killed me, bitch" but the words never came out. I felt darkness surronding me as I closed my eyes.

I don't know how long I'd been unconsious. My mind wandered between lower levels of consiousness for what seemed like hours. When I regained consiousness, the clock next to me read 9 pm. I looked down at the chest, the place where a bullet had pierced through hours before. It had healed. Miracles ceased to surprise me, but there wasn't even a drop of blood around. What more? I can regenerate?

Dad came in. He didn't look happy. He handed me a letter. I instantly recognised Neha's handwriting as I opened it. The letters seemed shaky like she couldn't control her hand. The ink had blotted here and there by her tears.

"Dear Deepak,

I'm Hari Seldon's heir and I know the Truth. Your dad told me you are going to the future. It hurts me to leave you. You'll always be in my heart.


I turned my head to face Dad. He answered my questioning look.
"She was the one who healed you. Not just once. She was there for you before too. Nothing else could've saved you from the internal head injury when you fell off the scooter that day."


  1. it might do some good picking up the pieces with the previous chapters if you've forgotten the storyline.. the links are provided in the beginning

  2. wow! phew! sigh!

    wow! coz you have linked up the scattered pieces quite well to cook up the climax, i'm impressed, kidu... a fine ending indeed..the trademark "shocker" was a gud one...

    phew! coz finally...after days(and weeks and months) of pain and turmoil.. lol!

    sigh! coz,"darn,can't believe this is the end"..lolz!

    anyways,it was a fine experience working with ye pal...all's well that ends well..

    hmmmm.. u thinkin of a sequel? (enuf material already i suppose)


    adios amigo! good work.. congratulations..

  3. i started off to make an ending.. thought the feeling after finishing it off would be phew!.. but no i felt only the sigh!.. took the ending to my heart.. maybe 'to kill a mockingbird' is doing this to me..

  4. Good work..I appreciate your effort to bring together all pieces in the final chapter.
    One thing i didn't understand:Did he read the letter in future? I mean 'did he wake up after to future?'.

  5. i hadn't intended it to happen in future.. don't think it makes much diff.. thnx 4 da appreciation evry1..