Saturday, 29 September 2007

Friday, 28 September 2007

Enikkoru panim illa... Desp!

Hey... tis is wat ll happen if life starts gettin boring n empty n o course aimless, as in ma case....

The followin '
poem' was written prior 2 our DSD exam, oh!! btw i being a very 'studious n meticulous' student had finished the reqd portion by tat tym.(poor LS guys, they were crakin ther head lyk nythin.... hehe.. ROFL!)

Tis abt hmmm.... read n c,wil ya?...havn namd it yet... call wateva u lyk...

(*twas first published in ma mob, Nokia 3120, an awesum fone, not mny r lucky 2 hav tat model, boooo, sum unluky don even hav a Nokia....)

Oh!I'm gettin carried away... so here goes ma creation, born frm a moment o emotional stagnation n psychological degeneration (wateva.... don bother...)

ok ok... tis is it..

the sun is scorchin....
and the land is burning...
but i'm yearnin...
for you i'm fallin....

am i goin crazy??
or am i just hazy??
i hear no whisper,
and blinded by thy love's shimmer, ^
i lie in slumber,
for you are a delightful dream..

^(the original line was "not a sight do i see", its been changd for aaah.. jus thot this 1 fits in bettar...)

OH YEAH!! I'm gud....

I first showed my creation to AS and Ajeesh, but only drew a vague expression, kinda like "oh!! evanetu verae pani onum ille??"

Then i showd it to Goks(didn say twas mine...), n his 1st reaction was lyk, "Aliyaa vann...".

He had misunderstud it 2 b some1 else's, but on gettin enlightened he added sum "healthy" criticism to his 'vann'... The last person to see the original copy was Mr.Iceman and thank god he doesnt use explicits tat often. Cool as ever he too added a critique, i don remember wat though, sigh!

Now its the chance to show off ma 2nd creation..

Tey say current flow can cause magnetic field. In the BI-period(also read by-period) sir's perpetual chattering at a constant rate is analogous to current and the counterpart of magnetic field is the sleep-field conjured up by his non-stop chatter,darn!! Inorder to protect maself frm the harmful effects of such radiation i wound up into a nutshell of my own, to conjure up a field of my own, hey! i didn sleep ok...

So, finally i came up wit the foll:


i'm sittin on the second bench of my class,
leaning against the wall, on the bench is my ass,

is he speaking french?
or did i hav brunch??

tthe prof is teaching,
but his notes are flyin..

the breeze is blowin,
and so i'm sleepin,

i feel captive,
captivated by melancholy,

my brain's inactive,
coz he's mumbling without any mercy...

The name o te
'poem' coms frm te topic tat wa being tot durin tat hr...

Huh! Actually i didn mean to write such a lengthy article but it happend so spontaneously i couldn hold bac...if u were bored, i jus wanna add "i don give a damn"!!

* Chumma irikkatte, oru vazhikku pokuvalle.... ini star illannu paranju arum parati parayanda....

Hasta la vista, baby!

Monday, 24 September 2007

Chak de India!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Three cheers for the fearless men in blue............ HIP HIP...HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 20 September 2007

@half senses

Insomnia is a damned thing... you cant have enough sleep to keep your senses awake. Slowly your senses dull to the extent that you can’t even tell whether you are awake or in a dream. Hallucinations become a part of daily life. You live a sort of half life. Never fully asleep, never fully awake. It has been stated scientifically that a human mind requires a bare minimum amount of sleep to keep it sane… yet so many people including big stars in the film industry suffer from insomnia and yet lead a satisfactorily normal life. So does it indicate that for different people the bare minimum sleep required is different? Then let us consider the possibility of a person suffering from the reverse of insomnia… he sleeps say 6 to 7 hours everyday and yet that is below his required minimum amount of sleep. Continuing along the same line of thought, he will also suffer from the same effects as an insomniac but in my opinion his condition is actually even worse because he gets even lesser “awake time” than the insomniac and yet suffers as he does.

The reason why I have gone into this topic is because I feel as if I am suffering from such a condition. Yes I do get at least 6 hours of sleep everyday yet never feel fully awake. The alarm goes off at 7 in the morning… brushing, ironing and bathing are done as smoothly and mechanically as a well oiled machine would have done it. Right after the bath there is a bit of uptime but on the walk to the bus stop mind slips back into the dull mode. In the bus as a preparation for the dreadful hours in class mind becomes duller still. In class it is comfortably in sleep mode. Not a word is heard , even when something is heard it makes no sense…

On return to home it is straight to the computer to switch it on and let utorrent resume its downloading. Then a bit of browsing mainly revolving around movies and of late around books as well. Read a book, watch a movie or fool around to waste time till bedtime. Then realizes rough record needs writing and goes round to get it done. Finally off to sleep… (with the Sony walkman humming me some favorite song as lullaby until I am at the doorstep of sweet slumber wherein I relieve the walkman of its duty and drift away into that magical world where sweet dreams are abound. Some of them so well scripted and so good I have been accused of staging my dreams… some of them so frightening you sleep fitfully.

Finally I would like to note down the few occasions when I feel truly awake… First and foremost when I am in the company of friends and having a blast of a time, irrespective of the place and situation. May it be in panchaarakkaadu, or in the backbenches of the class, or in the canteen or restaurant, or in a hotel room lying awake in the middle of the night exchanging our views on the most trivial and sometimes the most important things, never giving a care for anything in the world… all these scenarios always include a dash of spiciness to it which adds to the flavor. Second: when I am watching a good movie which has managed to capture my imagination and attention and when I am on the search for good movies. Third: listening to good songs which appeal to me at that particular moment. Four: reading fascinating books. Five: when trying to work out some puzzle which has a teasing nature to it ie seems rather simple but the solution is always just beyond your grasp unless you really put some effort into it. Six: appreciation of beauty. All things of beauty demand our attention. Usually only half awake on these occasions unless of course a true work of art is spotted. These few moments at full senses are the only time I feel the true throb of life in me.That about sums it up… This has managed to keep me awake for around half an hour but now that the initial exhilaration has completely worn off I am feeling sleepy again. Time to resort to the frantic pace of a do or die Twenty20 to keep myself awake. Adios amigos… Have a good night’s sleep…

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Law of definition

Disclaimer: This was written some time before on a boring night.. I may or may not agree to everything said below.

Law of definition states that anything exists only if it is defined. Another version of the law says that the determining factor in differentiating one thing from another is its definition.This may seem a simple universal law, but in recent times it has helped me in answering two important scenarios.

The first one is the controversial topic of human mind versus AI. The power of the human mind is a combination of its logical ability and emotional versatility. If in the future we create an AI that has the same powers as a human mind, could it be called a human mind? I say yes. LOD says that the determining factor in differentiation is definition. AI satisfies the defenition of human mind. So it can be given the status of human mind.

I had a vague idea about my second scenario. But my friend's question made it clearer. Here goes the question: "What if the thing we call 'life' is just another long dream?" Again LOD came to my rescue. This is life 'coz it is defined so. The assumption that it may just be a part of some super-life, does not make any difference. Life may be that stage of super-life where the laws of physics as we see it hold true. My view maybe contradicting to 'The Matrix. The movie says that life in the Matrix is just an illusion.But I say for the people inside the Matrix, the outside life is just super-life. The only problem lies in definition. I remember my Physics teacher deftly answering my question: "Sir, why is it so?". He answered: "Because it is defined so."

Monday, 17 September 2007

"I love you..."

The drizzle was falling in sweet romantic pulses. I stood on the pavement under a shelter watching the tiny droplets fall and sprinkle off into thin air, leaving way for its successors. They seemed very similar to we human who live just to end up a pile of ash and leaving our successors to the same fate as we. Wild thoughts flashed past my brain, i was wandering into some unknown realm. Perhaps it was the anticipation of a very special person that left my mind wandering. As the clock ticked by i gathered my thoughts and set my eyes towards the far end of the neat and broad avenue. In the morning sun the rain drenched trees looked all the more beautiful and with the sun-rays beaming through the leaves like playful infants there was a blissful charm in the air which only a heart which has fallen in love can understand. Only seconds had passed by when a small figure appeared at the far-end. My pulse soared up like a rocket."Today I'm gonna tell her, tell her that 'i love you'...".

She looked the prettiest in red. Oh!! how beautiful...there was no fag-end to the ecstacy that her sight
brought to my heart. She with a divine grace walked across the avenue exuding delight into the eyes of the beholder. Was she elvish?? I wish she was... She approached the pavement carefully stepping over the small bowls of water, i watched her without a blink of the eyes. She stood only a couple of yards from where i was. My heart raced like a 1000cc engine. With all courage i could find in this world i walked towards her.This was the moment of truth, the moment to open up and reveal what had laid deep inside the gorges of my heart.

"Hey..hhmmm....", a nervous creak came out, after adjusting my vocals i proceeded.

"Hello, I'm Hari...",i forgot what i had prepared the previous night. I looked straight into her eyes leaving a chill to pass through my body from top to bottom, it was hair-raising.

"Its been a long time since i wanted to tell you what was in my heart....", I took a deep breath.

"I love you...."

The naughty little breeze played with her hair which made her more sensual. To my utmost delight and surprise i didnt get disdain as i had expected, on the contrary i saw her go shy and her face as red as an apple, she was blushing. In the deepest of my heart i felt triumphant and ecstatic. I patiently waited for a reply. But before she could utter a single word her peers dragged her off into her college bus. There was a look of empathy in her eyes as she left, wanting to stay back but obliged not to.

I didn't run after the bus, but i stood in the rain, draining off all despair in my heart,looking in through the fogged rear window of the rusty bus, as it disappeared against the horizon,
exchanging looks of affection and adoration, a silent promise to keep close even when miles apart. The look in the eye had done the trick...

Friday, 14 September 2007


This is basically just a reply to all those lil buggers who think im only good at downloadin movies and never get round to seeing them.... Here is a list of movies i have seen in the last 3 and a half weeks including the tour...
1.Children of Men
4.Inside Man
8.Bourne Identity
9.Bourne Supremacy
11.Thenmaavin Kombathu
13.Maannar Mathai speaking
14.Toy Story 1
15.Toy Story 2
16.Fight club
18.Usual Suspects
And i am damn sure i have missed at least 3 or so movies... 10 to 13 were during the tour. 5 to 7 were in the theatre and the rest from my beloved ol collection. I was on quite a spree b4 the tour and i dont think anyone but inquisitivo and jfx at their very best cud have matched that spree... So everyone else take note and think b4 u run your mouth next time...
And a word of advice to serial movie watchers... Never attempt 2 conceptually heavy movies on the same day for eg: fight club and memento... this will take a lot of pleasure out of it and you will never appreciate both movies to their true potential... So happy movie watchin...
20 down 150 odd to go...

Sunday, 2 September 2007


Today is a special day, for all the great s5 applidians (exceptions excluded) of the great CET are leaving for 9 day IV aka Tour aka Bang!!. Hoo...its been a while since i scribbled down something,that drive to write is gone,perhaps i have reached "saturation";like divertido would put it.

Rising up from the bed was hard as usual, but today i put in an extra effort coz i had my baggage to sort . First and foremost i got my hook off the day's gate class(i would have liked to go but... :D). This made the work particularly easy as i got loads of time to spare. But the thought of staying away from home made me a touch anxious, so inorder to shake off the pre-tour err..pre-IV blues i decided to get my hands on my baby (ooh woh woh....chill...its my comp man...).They say firing a few gun shots can relieve stress(no pun intended!!) so i decided to do just the same(again no pun intended!!!).I started playing counterstrike!! Man.. you should have seen the way i blew the head off those bastard terrorists. Phew..I was hot...really hot maan(got hit on the head a couple of time though..sigh!!) Hmmm.... now i'm feeling a lot better,thanks to some gun shots(nooo....not at all a pun).After playing i had my breakfast,'twas dosa with chatni. Damn!! i know i'm boring you, don't worry man you have seen worse from me.I was feeling bored too and bit apprehensive about the tour,so just to while away my time i decided to blog. OH!! Mom calling....would have liked to write more but gotta pack up little more, take a bath and also have to go out. So see ya guys..

*This blog was intended to be read by readers before the students of applied electronics and instrumentation were taking there ass off to drag it around in all the different places in India, but due to dilatory posting (which happens to be the author's fault), the author has pardoned all the blog-sinners.