Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy New Year!!

May our blog grow bigger and better the coming year!

Happy New Year to one and all!!

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Long Drives

Since the time I got my hands on the driver's license one thing that has always thrilled me is long drives. I'm always excited the night before such drives. Tomorrow we're about to go on such a drive to Ekm. Driving with the music on and windows down.. The cool air breezing around in the early morning, the sweating towards the noon when windows go back up and AC's turned on..

Tomorrow's likely to have more of the second though, cuz I'm told we're going to start at 8:30 am. Anyway it's going to be fun cuz the driver's seat is always the best view on road. The road leads forward. Don't be harsh on the accelerator lest you may lose control. Don't pull back the feet either, cuz there are places to go, people to see and not much time to waste.

Merry Christmas to everyone! and a Happy New Year..
This might be my last blog in a really eventful year..

Monday, 8 December 2008

The Way Back Home

My friend and I got down at the bus stop and we part ways.. My mind was still not at ease after the main project session. I decided to call it a day and let Vienna Teng sing softly at my ears. As if by providence thence came the bus that led back home but via a long road I hadn't taken oft.

Time goes fast if you hurry. This was the verse that I played around for a while in the bus. The drizzle was starting to find in through the windows. I didn't care.. I fact I wished it would continue, like the days we spend in college. Time has it's own speed. It's our mind that goes fast or slow and it's seldom that I get moment like these when I'm able to pause everything for a moment and slow down time such a pace. A pace from which I could both admire the past, accept the present and dont give a **** about the future :-)

I don't want to remember my college days as a blur. Neither do I want to be tied down by the memories. So I try not to slip up on such chances that come by. As I was floating along in such memories something outside suddenly struck me. The walls outside seemed more than familiar. The fact that I hadn't thought that this road led afront ma school filled me with some kind of shame. I hadn't been to school for some months, even though I'm just a stone throw away. Had I been preoccupied with so much thoughts from college that i forgot my dear school? na.. After seeing school it was memories from school that took over. I'm now walking back home.. The drizzle's still there as if to say everything takes it's time; only if you don't hurry.


I was standing at the bar,
she was passing in her car,
from where did she appear,
boy was she some avatar,
a lovely frock she did wear....

the girl about whom im mad,
for her i dont mind being bad,
the only thing i fear is her dad,
her thoughts make me so glad,
just a fight with her has me sad,
she s the girl i wish i had...

next day i saw her at the bazaar,
she looked at me if i was some stranger,
she dint like me twas clear,
i jus wanted te be her dear,
and be her brave and mighty lear....

the girl about whom im mad,
for her i dont mind being bad,
the only thing i fear is her dad,
her thoughts make me so glad,
just a fight with her has me sad,
she s the girl i wish i had...

she bit me on my ear,
i lost hold of the brakes and gear,
a lorry hit us in the rear,
her eyes were full of fear,
and we died lyin near...

the girl about whom im mad,
for her i dont mind being bad,
the only thing i fear is her dad,
her thoughts make me so glad,
just a fight with her has me sad,
she s the girl i wish i had...


Wish it were a day with the wink of my eye...
but each day takes its time,smirks at me and passes by.....
its in my tears that i hide my love for you.....
am a leaf and my tears like dew....
oh it feels like u been gone for ages.....
i could go on and fill pages....
im in a trance dat i cant explain....
i feel like im shelley or twain...
oh you are ma cherie.....
only thing i ask of you is, to come to me.....


Was this the feelin for which i lived,
i now know wat it feels like to be kissed,
oh i dint know till day wat i had missed,
sweet it will taste i had been told,
a feelin u will tell is precious than gold,
i feel like not lettin u go from my hold,
wish we could stay on like this as if we were of one mould..
il go on for pages and folds....
im sure this love is ages old...

Monday, 1 December 2008

Confession 2 (Page 3)

Confession 2 (Page 1)
Confession 2 (Page 2)

She sat down on the bed beside me. Her hair slowly floated around in the cool wind of the morning. The warmth of the sun was creeping in throught the windows.

"What's you plan?", she enquired smiling.
"You", I replied.
She laid back on the bed and closed her eyes. They looked calm. The nervousness I saw in it yesterday has completely left. I heard a music ringing in my ears. It was coming from somewhere near. She jumped out of the bed.
"That's my phone.", she replied to my puzzled look.

She went to the next room and got the phone out her handbag. I felt too lazy to get out of bed. Anyway she was coming back to where she sat. I saw deep lines of worry burrowing on her face. Something wasn't right. She tried to put up a brave face as she cut the call.

"There's a problem", she started.
"The call was from Credence Hospital. My hus is admitted there. He's had a drinking problem. He went there for checkup due to stomach ache yesterday. It seems he has liver cancer."

I broke the silence that ensued "You should be going.", I said
"This is your problem, it has always been.." her words trailed away as I cut in angrily.
"Am I the one with the problem? You are the one who's had a broken marriage. You're the one who lost her son. You are the one who's run away and slept with a-" I stopped suddenly realising I'd gone too far. The silence that followed was the longest in my life.

"I'm going", she said softly. I understood.

As she walked into the adjacent room to redress I looked upon the pen that lay on the table beside my bed. I started doing what I should have done ten years ago. Five minutes later she returned. Her eyes told she'd been crying. I folded the letter I had written and held it out to her. She put it in her carrybag and walked out..