Sunday, 22 July 2007


Chapter 3


(This is going to be the penultimate chapter of a rather unimpressive and boring saga of love of a mediocre person, in the process of rediscovering himself.....)

Hmmm......Oh!! Yeah those were the unforgettable moments in my life, when i never realized how insane and nerdy i was, but enjoyed my life to its full. So up to tenth class i was quite pleased with the way things were going. On the last day of our class i dropped her home for the last time and there went the opportune moment.I feel she loved me too, perhaps that's my own conscience telling me or rather consoling me; for such sensual and merry an angel, chattering away into some unknown realm of blissful forgetfulness, i can only dream of beholding as my other half.I never told her, "I love you...", because i thought she knew it well and she would be the first to ask me of it(how foolish and naive!!!!, I regret it even now.....).

The next two years, i reckon, were living hell for me. I didn't realize that then but when i look back down the memory lane i find myself in no man's land not knowing himself but pretending to be the one and only. I was a damn sicko!!. During the long vacation that followed the 10th board i cherished the sweetest memoirs she gave me (couldn't contact her 'cause i was stuck up in my native place).I was kinda making myself fall in love, forcibly thinking i was in love with her.(I still don't know if i really loved her or not but......damn i just can't get her outta my head, i feel crying....sob sob... :(( )In those two months a lot changed.

I became very self conscious, as now i had a girl to impress. A big blunder i believe from my part, the biggest ever because i didn't know who i was and then becoming conscious of oneself can be disastrous.Also i din't know what love was at all, not that i know it now but certaily now i know what is not love .Her friends list grew and i felt out of place because there was a time when i was her only male acquaintance or may be one of the very few. I wanted her to be mine and mine alone. She was like a piece of my heart. And amidst all the overflow of emotions the last thing i wanted was to lose my friends. I didn't want to be close those who were close to her. i know what happened to me in those deciding couple of years and this has cost me a lot many friends and my dear soul. Mad in love and desperate in solitude, i punished myself for my lack of confidence and passionately wild possessiveness.No point in blaming someone for my loss or calling people anti-heroes.Only I'm to be blamed for what has happened to me, i just missed the broader perspective of life. I lost her and that's a sorry fact i may brood over perhaps to the end of my life.Had i been a little more confident and open-minded i could have been the proud owner of a lovely heart.But alas!! may be this is what we all call destiny fate etc etc.......I may still have a part to play in her life, you never know,my last ray of hope.

(i don't know if i really felt "love" for her or not, but still i find her lurking amongst the woods, beckoning me to join her to chop off the sorrows of life and be with her forever....)
i don't quite know, how to say, how i feel...'SNOW PATROL'
(to be continued.....)

This is the second chapter...

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Come to Naught

First love at first sight,
but she ain't my plight.
Second love at first sight,
thence tight remained my plight.

Now I wonder,
yonder lies the truth;
but where yonder?
I stand aghast,I breakth.

Love eternal on the platter;
Alas!! it lay beyond the veil,
Ignorant you, do the blather,
as The veil of deception decieves thy peer.

Will the divine knot,
or the holy oath hold affirm,
for lust shalt pout,
and thou fall with the grim.

Nay,I ain't mad,
but despair is what i have.
For the yesteryears I'm glad,
'cause forever indifferent i behave.

After wandering fathom's deep,
Now,I realize what not to seek.
For eternal love shalt remain,
a dream trapped in my heart's terrain.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Falling in love again

She is crying;
Oh! Is she sad?
'Nay my boy, they're tears of joy.'

They wash away
The fears in me, and
Transcends me to a place gone by.

My mind has gone there
But body's anchored here
For cares that drown me down.

A thousand sons
Would never suffice
For her beauty divine

Nor would M'Angelo
Ever paint her thus,
As mine eyes see her now.

It's the battle Will fought
And failed, he said-
Words ain't worth no more

Oh how could he win
When the one above has made
Her the abode for His creations.

My silent wish speaks-
The world today
Would never take her away.

I'm off to rest
With her lullabies
Putting me to sleep.

Sunday, 15 July 2007


Today morning i woke up alive once again in my bed so i felt like peeing;
so i had to go to the toilet;
so i had to come out;

so i had to i had to brush my teeth ;

so i had to take my breakfast and tea;
so i had to spill it all over me ;
so i had to take a bath ;

so i had to change my clothes
so i had to go to college;
so i had to see my friends;
so i had to go with them to the class;
so i had to feel sleepy ;
so i had to bunk;
so i had to go to Panjarakadu;

so i had to ogle into the LH;

so i had to endorse a sandal brand(on my cheeks);

so i had to go home early;

so i had to take a transport bus;

so i had to pay for the ticket ;
so i had to look for my wallet;
so i had to find it missing;
so i had to be thrown out of the bus ;
so i had to walk home ;
so i had to feel tired;
so i had to sleep till next morning;
so i had to wake up again;
so i had to find it was a holiday;
so i had to turn on my computer ;
so i had to access the web ;
so i had to blog my day;
so you had to read it...
and so you may feel like continuing the thread..................
or most probably you may feel like trashing me on to the floor (gulp!!)..........

(Life would have become totally different had it been like the Moore machine where output depends on the present state of the machine.......but rather its like the Mealy machine where output depends on input and the state of the machine....aaaagh!!! life's so boring,it sucks..... :-( )

Saturday, 14 July 2007


“Damn….why do we keep losing to those yellow @#!$%%& (*shouldn’t be used in common speech)….”, Vikas was furious, thanks to a night out to watch India battle out a defeat against the world champions.

“No use cursing them…do they ever learn? The kangaroos are relentless……”, Paras had had enough of it.

Reghu was the third of the company, he didn’t have an opinion after all he didn’t know the game well (strange… in India do we really find such people…very few, I reckon).

They were childhood friends, but Reghu was off the company for 6 years due to workly commitments of his dad.

“Aaaaah…whatever…we may have to wait until all our teeth fall off to see the back of The Aussie… ” sighed Vikas.


Reghu: Hmmm….I’ve been sleeping whole day…I totally forgot our plans of comb. at your house Vikas…mom woke me up just in the nick of time.

Paras: The math assignment….whoosh…we have to do it first and quick.

Vikas: Yeah!! Sure…

Reghu: Then what about the test??? Have you studied??I haven’t turned a page since the last one.

Vikas: OH!!! The test…if its like the last one then I’m sure to get my pocket money cut for this month.

Paras: The same is my situation with me too, but Reghu won’t have anything to worry of…He’s the kidu of math in our class….

Vikas: The math stud…Reghu…

Reghu: (blushing) Oh!! I’m honored…..

Paras: So he’s going to teach us the math….right…

Vikas: Righto….

Reghu: Okie boss…as you wish….

Just then a 'very good looking' girl wearing a 'good' top and a skirt brushed past the company. A cold chill went past their hearts as they held their mouths wide open in admiration.

Vikas: Wow!! !@#$(explicits deleted)

Paras: Yeah!! I wish I was @#(again explicits deleted)

Reghu was still thunderstruck as he watched in amazement the...... (damn!!! i wish i didn't edit this...reckless adolescents they are....for the last time explicits deleted)

Paras: Such a 'lady' can be unfaithful, I reckon….(very diplomatic indeed....)

Vikas: HUH!! Come on man Paras, don’t be jealous…..

Reghu echoed.

Paras: I know several of them,and I’m not jealous….

Vikas and Reghu in unison: “Hahahaa…. Nana Nana Nana….. Jealous is Paras, ha-ha, Paras is jaaalous…."

Paras: Oh!! Knock it off man…Lets hurry….Reghu must be waiting for us at your place.

Reghu shrieked: “What the hell???”

Vikas: Hmmm…oh yeah…I totally forgot….lets go…

“Hey guys!! I’m here, right before you…” he cried. But none seemed to hear. ‘Twas as if he had been completely desolated from the world. What was happening, he didn’t know.

He shouted and yelled but no use.What in the bloody hell was going on?? "Have i crossed time dimensions" (is there enough truth in sci-fi, hmmm....I wonder)

“Ring!! Ring!!!” Vikas’s mobile rang.

In short notice his face turned pale a great fright and pain came over his face.

“He’s gone…” unable to contain himself Vikas burst off into tears.

Paras stood stunned and shocked beside.

“No!!! I don’t believe this….How the …..” Reghu stammered as he turned pale and grey..

“Am I dead?? Am I not alive anymore…”

“Am I a gggh....ghost???”

He ran back to his house. And to his ultimate horror he found himself,a corpse, lying on a stretcher alongside his father,another corpse,….(They had gone shopping, but unfortunately….)

“Get up my son….Get up…” his mom’s voice rang on his ear-drums like alarm. He felt like… eh….a ghost, just a soul was he. Left to wander into realms unknown to mortal beings, to discover his new destiny.

“Get upppp….” Now the voice was getting a little annoying. He felt droplets of water on his face.

“Goddamn you….. Sleeps till noon stupid…..remember you had to go to Vikas’ place…its time boy…now get up” yelled his mom.

“Waaaaat….”at the first instant he was feeling himself.

A sigh of relief, a feel of triumph as if he had just defeated Mr.Death.

He got up and briskly left for Vikas’s residence.

( for the chain need better stuff than this for it....but can be considered.... ;-))
(I've cleaned up the post ....even now if ya find anything obscenic please report.....

Friday, 13 July 2007


He parted his eyelids and immediately shut them. The early morning sunshine was flooding his room. He reluctantly pulled them apart once more but shut them again quickly. This time it was not sunshine… it was a face, a face he knew very well, but…. How? Here, now? I must be hallucinating, he thought. But before he could complete the thought he heard the voice, crisp and clear…. calling his name. He opened his eyes believing there must be something really wrong. She was smiling… he looked around to make sure exactly where he was. He was in his bedroom alright but then how could she be here with him in his bedroom? But there she was standing right next to his bed, looking as beautiful as ever, with his bed coffee in her hand. Could it be that they were married? Too ambitious, he thought. She handed him his coffee and headed out still smiling. He walked out with coffee in his hand and saw her and his mom talking animatedly… whoa! This is getting more confusing by the second. How in hell did they come to know each other?

He went back to his room and tried to cast his mind around in an effort to remember something he might have forgotten. There was no way he was going to forget anything that brought her this close to him that easily. He had a very slow bath and headed to dining room for breakfast. Everyone was already seated and mom was helping them with the food. He took up his usual seat and was just about to start when she came in and took the seat next to him. His first reaction was to look at the others but they all seemed as if there was nothing out of the ordinary happening in that room that demanded their attention. The usual casual talks ensued and to his surprise she was involved in it as well. He kept on glimpsing at her as if she was a vision he was having and could vanish at any moment. Nothing of the sort happened and he retreated to his room to mull over what was happening.

Everything was normal as ever except for the fact that she was in the house and everyone else thought it was perfectly natural and it wasnt as if she was there for the first time… they knew each other. And he dint have a single clue how this had all come about. During breakfast he could not help notice that she was also stealing glances at him… and whenever she looked at him there was something special in her eyes… he could feel it.

She was a point of interest for him to put it rather mildly and his first and only love till that point in his life to put it more truthfully. At least he remembered that. He could still remember, the day when he had first seen her and the way his heart skipped a beat when he saw her smile…that beautiful smile… every time she passed by with her friends he would lose track of what he was doing and would snap back to reality once she was out of sight. He would lay awake at night for hours thinking about her But that all seemed so long ago. He soon found out that she was the same year as he was and studying computer science. He never wasted an opportunity to pass by that class. Initially he used to take great care to make sure that she dint catch him gawking at her but as time went on he felt that he should let her know that he … well, was interested in her. She caught him, rather he allowed her to catch him looking at her one day. He caught her eyes and held the eye contact for a couple of seconds before she broke it. It was the sweetest thing. At least she would now know that such a person existed. Before long he got introduced to her by a friend of his who was her class mate. She was just as gentle and sweet as he imagined her to be, maybe even sweeter. The eye contacts which caused sparks in his heart became more common and actual hopes of getting to know her more and even striking up a relationship with her came alive. That is as far as his mind would go. No further. He hadn’t mentioned his interest in her to anyone. Maybe some of his friends may have guessed but he had never admitted to it. And he now wakes up one fine day to find her in his room with his coffee in her hand. Something must have happened. He pinched himself hard and to his relief he experienced pain. But he still couldn’t make head or tail of what was going on…..

***To the notice of fellow bloggers- This is not part of the chain story doing the rounds now. The rights to edit and complete this story remains with the author and J.R.R Tolkien only...

***If yo think the name given to this story is not apt please bear with me... It is just an effort by the author to arrive with a "Bang!" as promised...


I can't breath
Cannot speak, why not?
Shh.. the guards awake

Can't find solace
No, not anywhere, why not?
I'm all alone

Anything I do,
Turns out worse
Is it? then why?

The papers turned;
Couldn't find it,
What? The answers.

I ask, why not?
No answer, ya
Thats the answer.

Then why,
Why the exam?
Why mouse can't run?
Why I can't shoot?

Pages turned around,
It was me,
Not the question.

I never read it,
Never heard the answer
Right inside me.

I found it, what?
Never a question
Without an answer.

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Ch 3: DEEPAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i tried to scream but no words came to my mouth .deepak must have gone unconscious as he showed no sign of movement ..........the driver must have seen deepak in the road .he brought the car to a screeching halt .
i heaved a sigh of relief . the wheels were just inches away from where deepak lay.the car doors opened and from it emerged the most gorgeous girl i had ever seen .she had ruby cheeks and a freckled nose but i think that made her look cute .her hair was straight and she wore a golden spectacles.she was wearing the same dress that girls of deepaks school used to wear which made me confirm that she belonged to his school .on seeing deepak on the road she ran to his side ,anxiety in her face, trembling a bit.the commuters soon started crowding over deepak.soon he had disappeared from view.some guys helped me to get up while some others went to see if the scooter was fine and to remove it from the road as it was blocking the traffic.

i realised that there was no time to waste as i had to go to my sons side.i saw her rubbing my sons hands and giving him a bit of a shake trying to bring him back to his senses .she brought out a water bottle out of her backpack and sprinkled some on to him.he stirred a bit.i could see that there was a bruise on his head (must have happened when he hit the road).the girl asked the driver to take deepak inside the car and that she would drop him to his house.i drove home in my scooter and they followed behind in the car

deepak was soon resting in his bed with the girl by his side .i was sitting a bit far away on a rocking chair.the driver had gone outside to hav a puff.once again i found myself trying to read the girls mind.she looked like she came from a rich family.her behaviour seemed good .one thing that i couldnt understand was why she was giving such a lot of attention to deepak. i presumed that it was because they were from the same school.she looked like she must be in the 7th or 8th standard.
maybe her father was a businessman or perhaps he must be a doctor to be able to afford the esteem car .suddenly it striked me that perhaps the girl might be was true that i had heard a lot about her from my son but i had never seen fact i had never cared to have a look at her photo.the description given to me about neha matched the girl in front of i decided to ask her name.
Neetha Hari she replied. i asked her whether she knew my son."yes of course he is my classmate"she said.
ohoooo classmate eh were they just classmates or were there something else between them.......i could see something in her eyes which told me that there must be something more than a classmate relationship between them .did my son had more than one girl friend. well he has only told me about one .were he hiding some others from me??
deepak was finally stirring from his bed .i went to his side and helped him sit upright.he rubbed his eyes and asked me what happened.
but before i could say a word he said."hi neha ,how did u reach here?"
"Neha"i exclaimed ."no deepak this is not neha this is neetha hari "
daddy this is neha all right . neha is short for NEetha HAri ......
"ohhhh" i exclaimed .so this was my boys girl friend neha after all..............

{to be completed by someone else}

Ch 2: Tele - The origins

Life has always been different for me. Since I was a baby, I could hear voices in my head...voices that never seemed to exist for others. By the time I'd grown to give meaning to words, I started realising that these voices were peoples' thoughts. I discovered I could read minds. I remember the first time when I tried to control my power. I was in the first standard and the exams were coming up...

Usually when I don't concentrate at hearing someone's thoughts, there's just a faint mumbling.. There's no use trying to decipher it, 'cause it will be a mixture of so many thoughts from all the people around me. That day I was desperate. I was not at all prepared for the upcoming exams. I knew the teacher had all the questions in her mind. I had to get it out of her somehow or I would fail. All day I concentrated on her. But the friends around were making so much noise, both in their heads and otherwise. After the final period, she walked out of the class. I followed her and had my final try at concentrating hard. I started hearing clearly-"I hope the students study enough, especially...". I didn't realise i was walking with my eyes closed. I barged right into her at that moment. She turned around, furious...

No one like their minds to be read. They somehow got some hint that I was reading their mind, like you know when someone's staring at you even if you're not looking at their direction. Maybe that's what distanced me from everyone. Mom and dad were always fighting. They decided to end the relationship when I was in 10th standard. I cried all day, I did not have a single friend to share my sorrow. Dad took me in after that and I buried my sorrow in books. It helped me in getting admission in CET.

It was the second day in college that I saw the woman of my dreams. She'd the elegance of a queen, the innocence of a child and beauty of an angel. I told myself never to read her mind. As she walked past me, I smiled and her lips parted like a blooming red rose. It was beautiful.. Next week, I asked her out. She obliged, I jumped for joy.

That evening, we were at Lords. She was sipping on the last drop of lime juice, when I unintentionally started reading her mind- "I love you and I know you love me". Happiness overflowed in me. Suddenly she stood up, shaken. I realised I'd made a mistake. Was it too late?.. I tried to calm her, but that's when I had the shock of my life. She thought, "I shouldn't make him fall in love with me. It will ruin his life. How would he ever understand that I can control emotions.." I tried to keep my cool. I knew that there was only one way to prevent her from going away. I told of my powers. She is the first and the only person who knows I can read minds. We married 4 years later. Our love bore a son. He's now studying in a school 15 minutes away on our Lamby.

My son wasn't growing up alone, like me. He had many friends, even a girlfriend-Neha. She was occupying much of his thoughts those days. I should've warned him to give more impetus to studies and try to pass in that day's 'surprise' chemistry test. But the cute boy always melted my heart and I could never hurt him. There he came. By the look of it, he didn't seem to have done very well in the exam. Ya, he was thinking just that. We got on the Lamby and were on the way back. Then I thought he'd said something to me. I turned my attention to him.
He asked, or I thought he asked “Eh…… You can read my mind??”.
Unconsciously, the words blurted out of my mouth..“How did you know???”

My son seated in the back seat suddenly shifted his position in shock. I lost control of the scooter and both of us fell down. I fell towards the left, but he fell in the opposite direction, right in front of an approaching car...

[to be continued, by someone other than Inquisitivo and me]

Ch 1: Tele

(this is an endeavor to create a marvellous piece of literature [may sound gibberish to the envious.... :-) ] )

“Haaaa…..”, muscle fibers forming the conjunction between the upper and lower jaws stretched like elastic and a gush of air rushed out of the orifice that resulted. In short, a Big yawn. I sat up in my bed, another not-a-holiday day (sigh), the brain waves, with nightmare^ as its output had it been fed to a CRO, still remained in my head thanks to a prolonged delay time*.

Everyday 7:00 am this used to be the routine, thanks to some scrubbing by my parents(Its to early for me btw). But I realized the importance of the situation and so didn’t bother.

Oh!! By the way … I’m Master X or whatever and I study in a school affiliated to the central government’s board..Err...CBSE they say. Ok … my family was a typical middle class family with my mom and dad doing mediocre jobs earning enough to keep the house going and saving a lil bit.

“How are the zombies doing??” a voice from the other side of a levitating (when the senses are dozing hallucinations are quite frequent) daily asked. He’s always pricking.

“Eh…….ohh……aaaaahhhh”, I replied. “Dad!!!”

A cup of coffee and little visit to the toothing corner. Address nature’s call and some water through my head, (phew) I was ready for school. Dad would drop me off in his 1980’s Lamby (Yuk!!!! I hate it, but I'm obliged). The school was 15 min far on it, 2 min if ‘twas a Karizma and 30 min for a public transport vehicle. I jostled to get my things as he started his scooter.

“Oye…How’s Neha??”Dad asked.

Neha was my gal friend (kinda). But in my house she was just one of my good friends. But the way dad probed me was just annoying, as if he knew the truth.

“Fine, dad”, my trembling voice.

Today I was supposed to have a surprise test (err….in our school surprise tests are scheduled i.e. our profs used to give clues. "Huh!! Why call it surprise test then??") Last night I had chatted off for about four hours and so couldn’t find time to do the not-so-important study. It was chemistry and I hate it like hell. But the prof for the subject was sturdy and obstinate. I used to mug up most of the time but this time I was really in some trouble.

As he let me off in front of the school, dad consoled me to take the test without fear. That sort of chilled me out a lil bit.

But how the hell did he come to know of the test?? He’s spying on me?? Che…. No way... He might have anticipated a test, that's it.Anxiety,suspicion and perception at the same time.

The test went rather bad,in fact horribly terribly wrong, for me and so had to do the imposition for 5 times (they still think I’m in KG).Rest of the day went gloomy.

Again strangely enough dad seemed to realize I had an off day and was soothing me. Such instances of understanding were getting bizarre by time thanks to my sci-fi freak mind. Dad has always been very kind and passionate towards me, but it was like now sort mind-reading or some kinda telekinesis(Or may be I'm taking it too far...aaahhhh).

I thought,”He perhaps can read my mind” so I decided to test it out.”It’ll be cool if he were like Mr. Parkman# in heroes”

Next morning, on the way school. “Dad!! Do you read?? Alpha calling beta...Do you copy??”I thought.”Yesssss..did ya say something??”said dad.

“Eh…… You can read my mind??” I thought without a vocally replying in a questioning and no so questioning tone.

“How did you know???”He asked(without much thought).

Aaggghh…..I almost fell off the scooter…..

^ nightmare-consisted of zombies and vampires.( do vary from cockroaches to blood-sucking Dracula at times, hehe....very versatile dreamer)

* Delay time: like tat of transistors.

# Mr.Parkman- a character in Heroes, a hit series airing on Star World.

(To be continued by someone else....)

Flushing Life down the Drain

The following is nothing but what happened today.. As Einstein once said, everything is relative. So the narration wouldn't be completed without stating the observer - me.

I woke up around 9 am. Don't remember anything that happened before that. There are days when you can't recollect the dreams even if you try hard. So nothing happened till 10:30 am. Oh did i mention waking up at 9? Ya watched TV till then. There's lots to say about TV abuse. I hate it completely when time's spend worthlessly in front of the idiot box, but that's what i end up doing most of the days.

I walked to college with Sedra and Smith in my backpack. No they're not characters in the new Matrix movie. Anyone who's acquainted with that book will acknowledge that my journey was that of ant climbing a hill with a 5 kg stone on his back. And to think that this was the second time i was making the same journey..hoping this one wouldn't be futile.

Thankfully, the library was open this time around. The book had fine.. 10 rs for just 2 days. I smiled, the book wasn't taken in my name. [Clue: In plus Aswin minus Mo]. The smile was instantly wiped off my face. The realisation struck me that I too had to return a book. Another 15 bucks wasted on fine, that too for a book I hadn't opened. I returned to our class.

Iceman had the remedy for my disappointment in his hands, or was it in his pocket? Anyway, soon I had in my hand what he had in his pocket, the mobile having this beautiful song... Oru Venal Puzhayil from the movie Pranayakalm. I was stuck in time-space continuum for the next hour, entrapped, enthralled and entranced. It was already getting late for the second part of my journey. Life takes us through many ways, some certain others uncertain. I wasn't sure exactly where my destination lay.

Mission: Drain at the Bakery
Map of Area: Provided
Target: Uncertain
Aim: Get a replacement drain tube for the washing machine.
Time Limit: Till evening
Armory: 700 bucks, backpack

The mission didn't get off to a good start. I'd to wait for half an hour in front of the college. Senior chechis going back after placements were my only entertainment. If I waited any longer, I would've ended up in some drain by the end of the day. So, I walked to the next junction. My first stroke of luck came in the way of a red monster. It stopped breathing fire in front of me and told me to hop on. It got me close to my destination and went off again, breathing fire as ever.

I walked up a way which I thought would lead me to the target. Little did I know then that I was going farther away from the target. Feeling something fishy, I called my lifeline... She directed me to the right path. Reached the target and acquired the required aim. I wasn't just about to go to the exit without having some fun of my own. Hunger led me to Ambrosia. Then I spend time waiting for my chicken burger ogling at the two chicks seated in the adjacent table. They weren't very pretty, but who cared!

I felt too bored to go back home. So I got down at Sreekariyam and went to my friend's house. We played a game of chess.. I won. Then another friend came along.. We downloaded some songs and videos. I'd suggested to download a song I'd heard long back. Now, back home, I'm hearing that song for the umpteenth time.. The song's Abhi Nahin Aana by Sona. Powerful emotions, don't have any other word to describe it.

Well..what was the purpose of this blog. Such an ordinary day, but revealed one thing that I'm completely crazy about. No it's not TV or gals.

Music is the wine which inspires one to new generative processes, and I am Bacchus who presses out this glorious wine for mankind and makes them spiritually drunken. ~Ludwig van Beethoven

Monday, 9 July 2007

The English flaunt, The Spanish flunk and The Swiss bang

He tottered and toiled and finally the great man in whites fell on the green turf,not of flunk but of the ecstasy of emulating greatness for a fifth consecutive time, rather elusive for the ordinary.
What a rhetorical finish to a scintillating encounter between the world's best players rather to a fortnight of rain drained grand slam.The hands of fortune and destiny plucked out the champion off misery from the clutches of a sullen climax.
Yes, for the fifth time in a row the great Roger Federer has won the coveted Wimbledon gentleman's title fending off stiff challenge from his rival, the clay prodigy Rafael Nadal.

3h 44' back : Clock in the roofless center court of the All England Club ticked 12:15 and the chair umpire cried," Play". The first serve of the match flew from the racket of Federer and went untouched past Rafa. An ace to start off the proceedings. From the start it was an absorbing affair. Federer broke Rafa's first service game but the mallorcan was upto the challenge and shedding of his early center-court-jitters he broke back and the first set went into a tie-breaker. The king of tie-breakers prevailed and Federer won the first set 7-6.
The game had just begun for the Spaniard and he went on to claim the second set 6-4. As expected Fedex fought back and took the third, again through a tie-breaker. Fed outplayed Nadal both in terms of winners and unforced errors. He got out of those self-built swamps by the Sampras way i.e. serve great, cracking 27 aces in the match as against 1 by Rafa.
The ever so adamant and dynamic Nadal cakewalked through the fourth set going 4-0 up before even Federer could start his counter in the electronic score board.nadal took the set 6-2. The fiery forehands, lightning ground strokes and deep high balls coupled with backhand cross-court winners soaked the sweat out of The world no.1.His numerous volleys were outplayed and outsmarted by brilliant backhand and forehand ,cross-court and down-the-line passing shots.
Damn!! this kid has improved. He really played AWESOME!!!!!
The game went into the final set,the decider and at this stage Rafa clearly had the upper hand.His agility and pace left Federer gapping for breath and great desperation showed in the face of the champ.
"Never seen him sweat on grass so much",commented Vijay Amritraj.I almost thought this is the end of Federer.
But like a true champion, a Phoenix,he rose to the occasion and saving four break points in the final set ,Federer kissed the golden trophy for the fifth time.
Hooosssh!! I was jumping up and down my house seeing the match and my excitement prompted me I should let you all know how I feel.. Wah!! kya baat hai!!!!!

Trivia* :
  • Federer has now equaled Bjorn Borg (Sweden) winning five consecutive Wimbledon.
  • The longest match ever in the history of Wimbledon finals took 4 hrs and 16 minutes and was between Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe.
  • This takes Federers tally of career grand slams to 11.
  • He and Sampras have not won the French open never ever in their illustrious careers.
Huh!!! Got lucky for the fifth time, Mr.Federer.

But this game has certainly raised questions on the dominance of Roger Federer in the open era thanks to the mallorcan with thumping biceps, perhaps........

(*Not scrutinized,info courtesy running commentary on star sports by the Indian great Vijay Amritraj )

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Randomness in a bottle

This a testimonial to the fact that I can write random things which is utter crap.
I woke up the other morning.
Found out i couldn't remember my name.
The exams had eaten part of my brain.
It couldn't have been any worse.. but it did
Sivaji is 75% rajini, 20% Stunts, 5% Shreya and 100% stupidity.
Obviously the value for money is just the opposite.
Airtel users suffering huge monetary losses.
Increasing number of suicide cases reported due to bankruptcy.
A bottle of cyanide could kill thousands if mixed with municipal water.
Anything inside a bottle cannot be random.
The above classical thought was disproved in quantum theory and probability distribution was found.
And did I say probability sucks..

Zara hatke!!

Now that the opening frenzy is over and i believe its time for "precious" posts.Till now we have been posting what we individually felt, our experiences and our feelings.
The point i wanna make here is that we must do something as a group.
Huh!!! Com on man.....This is a common blog....
I was thinking of something like the chain story where one of us will start a story and others will continue from where he has left.There can be alternate endings or twists depending on the different perspectives of the authors.
I believe this is going to be quiet a cool affair.. err...don't you think so too??
Do comment and lets start this off if everyone's ready.....

Tuesday, 3 July 2007


Its been long since someone posted in this blog...don't you think so??? I do and so this is to break the ice for a new era in blogging history.

I believe the authors of this blog has been having severe attacks of the writer's block.
g3mo had started off quite impressively but after the initial outburst his spirits seems to have died out and is to be seen no more.

Mr. Iceman has promised a lot but hasn't delivered yet.

Mr. Divertido is a another of those lazy fellas who is yet to do something serious about contributing to the blog.After his blog opener he has disappeared into the blues.

Mr. Vishnu A S is still anonymous among the bloggers of this "common blog".

Mr. Aj is a late comer with his lone contribution split into two.

Mr. Surennan also tried his hand at blogging but he remains guilty of a deadly sin, the sloth(which seems to be the irremediable sin amongst all of us).

Mr. Jfx is absolutely bombarding the blog with his share of creativity (sigh).

Mr.Inquisitivo is writing for the blog now so how can someone blame him....rt.I know, I'm right.... so..... time to catch up fellas, clock is ticking away.

Disclaimer: This post seems to have been written under a state of subconsciousness, so I apologise for the mistakes done by my alter ego and I hope no one takes it to heart.)

P.S. :Plea
se contribute your part in saving this blog from extinction.Also our ethics must be to honour each other's spirits and to stand beside them in each and every moment. ;-)

So...cheers blokes!!!!

Yippeee...I have the first post for July!!