Sunday, 16 December 2007

Self Realization of a Senseless Dream

inspiration:Future leading to the past
subject: self realization
If life is a dream called life,I am seeing a different dream from yours and I am the only one who can see that dream.Then I am the only one who can see this blog. I am actually not writing this but actually I am dreaming about writing it. Nobody else are actually part of this dream.
Damn!! nobody else could else could comment!!
Shit!!nobody else can see this!!
Then why the hell am I writing this!!??

Hang on.......Actually I am not writing it ,I am dreaming of writing it..Great..So the comments are dream t by me....If u are reading this..understand that this blog is not actually written by me but u r dreaming about it...So please realize...lets get out of this dream......This is called self realization...You are the only lucky one to come across this dream.
WAKE UP........


  1. nobody else can comment so i have to..:)

  2. you're dreaming me commenting to the post.. so i've the license to write any rubbish.. the whole point suggested by the parts i wrote in 'Future leading to past' was that it doesn't matter if everything we see around is part of some dream. Until the moment we r out of this dream, we believe this is life, and so it is... back to my LoD