Saturday, 8 December 2007

IFFK '07

Thought I'd post a small write up about the International Film Festival of Kerala. It is hosted by by the Chalachirtra Academy, usually in the month of December.Many a times I'd wished view it, but December's always exam time. But thanks to UoK, the exams have been postponed to Jan this time around. (They haven't given the reason, maybe someone complained they couldn't see iffk)

Year in year out, they put up a collection of films that are both critically acclaimed and emotionally challenging. We (g3Mo, iceman and me) had the opportunity to see two films yesterday. First one was Paris, je t'aime, a collection of short movies which made us fall in love in/with Paris. Second was Blind, a beautiful and very touching movie. It's brilliantly shot too. Today I could go for only one movie - After the wedding. Excellent acting and good storyline.

awaiting more films.. JFx
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