Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Finally forward

Read the title first. It is not about any emails though.....

Today i went to eloor library on a friend's card. Went straight fiction. straight to asimov. straight to "forward the foundation". Ah! Finally!! After months of waiting i finally got my hands on the book.

Some 4-5 people in my class have read the prelude. inquisitivo was so much in love with the book that he wrote this blog about it. all of us have been waiting for the second book.

the quest was made all the more intresting by the fact that we had the 3rd 4th and 5th book amongst us. if only we could get the forward...........

we searched for the book in second hand book stalls throughout the city. messages flew to the nooks and corner of CET in search of the book. inquisitivo even went to a book store to actually buy a copy. but alas! there was none left.

I am holding THE book. Why hadn't i thought about it before??? So simple.... YET!!!

finally. finally .. I left the library with some other book.

Speed 3: Chase on Rails

Is that a bird?
Is that a plane?
Is it superman?
No it's John's Indica car

Ten mins before:
Ring..ring..ring.. He didn't move. The mobile phone lying alongside him had 4 miss calls written on it. But he didn't know - It was in silent mode. His mother woke up and answered the land-phone which was ringing. They shouted at their son.. "Nithin, wake up it's Mahesh.. something urgent". He opened his sleepy hero-eyes and walked up to the phone.
"Da this is Mahesh. I've to catch a train at 7:10. Could you please get me to the station.."
"Yeah..I'll come now"
"Please hurry" Clik. Mahesh put the phone down.
That's when John looked at the clock... 6:45 am.

'Oh my god.. It's gonna be too late. It takes atleast 45 minutes to get to the station with no traffic. But he's my friend, and the ticket is booked to Hyderabad. I should give him a chance..' John's mind started to work at a higher pace. He could drive Mahesh to a taxi stand. Maybe a mad taxi driver could save him. The idea was dropped, for one there wasn't any taxi stand nearby and the other reason being it would take much time to swap cars. So he took the responsibility upon himself to take the risk.

6:55 am:
Indica cars haven't been known to race in NASCAR. Neither does it have a history in F1. But John was behind the wheels of the fastest car in town [at least for that day]. He had his father alongside him, who had insisted on coming along. That gave the young driver both confidence and fear that his father may prevent him from speeding. Everyone who's been to his house knows that the car cannot be put into first gear before reversing it for 100 metres, a problem that also involved two sharp turns in reverse gear.

First gear.. accelerate..second..accelerate..third..accelerate... slow..bump ahead.. accelerate.. slow.. Mahesh ahead. He got in the car. Dad asked him.. "What happened"
"I woke up late..."
John tried to turn the car 360 around, but it didn't work - no power steering. Reverse gear, pull back a li'l and forward again. The mission had begun. John had always been a bad driver in NFS. But his real life driving was much better. Had this been a computer game, he would have crashed into something within seconds. He drove on.. 40 km/hr..60 km/hr.. above that, he dared not look at his speedometer.. Thankfully his dad wasn't objecting for once.

Ulloor, the bottleneck of NH-47. Governments have changed, party policies enforced encroachment drives all over the state. But national highway near Ulloor never widened more than the width of two cars. The place has history of having worst traffic jams, maybe even the first one in the state might have happened there. Even early in the morning the Indica was caught up behind a bus. Three minutes wasted. John looked at the clock in front of the car.. 7:10 am. Knowing that it was about 5 minutes ahead didn't bring any cheer. Major part of the journey was yet to come.

The next 10 minutes passed like a blur. Overtaking fast passengers, speeding vans.. the slower vehicles moved out of sight as soon as the came. The traffic lights were not in operation so early in the day, so that wasn't an obstruction. The final hurdle was to go around island in front of railway station and park in front of the entrance. Mahesh jumped out as soon as the car slowed down. John stopped the car and tossed the keys to his dad- the cars couldn't be parked in front of entrance for long. He glanced at the clock again.. 7:20.. 5 minutes late. Every hero has his day of failure. He ran inside dejectedly...

"John.. I'm here inside the train" Mahesh shouted.
John couldn't believe his eyes. Mahesh had got the train. It was on the second platform. He had crossed the rails on foot and jumped on the train. Emotions flowed..delight and relief. John walked back out of main entrance. After all this he didn't want to get caught for not having a platform ticket. That's when he noticed something on the notice-board. ' Trivandrum - Hyderabad. Train rescheduled from 5:20 to 7:30 am.' Mahesh had gotten into this wrong train? John rushed back into the station and checked the number of that train. It didn't match. He had got the right train after all. The train left at 7:20, ten minutes late... Those ten minutes felt like an eternity to them.. it was all John needed to get him there... 20 minutes for a 45 minute drive.

If it were any bollywood film, I would've been driving in F1 by now. Instead I'd to return back home, on the slow track.. It took about an hour.

Tuesday, 26 June 2007


(Disclaimer:The names and dialogues are fictitious, any resemblance with anybody dead or alive is purely a coincidence.)

The land is famous, rather infamous, for its notorious custodians. Many a criminal were born and have flourished in these cursed lands. Not a man to question….

Ever since the discovery of these lands it has been occupied by the nomads; very wretched, very ugly and very very savage. No compassion;no mercy. They have remained the badly-behaved all there lives. None of the elite cared about them and never gave a f**k about these barbaric nutcases. But the land with lantern-lit streets ,wide open spaces and highly rich vegetation has always eluded the notorious from lands across the great river. Great struggles for power and the iniquities of its heirs left scars on the land never to be healed .Warriors slain grossly and the survivors left to lead a tyrannical life .

During the early decades, The Triftinserian dynasty had ruled these dreaded lands, but in a bloody coup Mridaanians, from across the great river, took over. For years now the old lords, subdued and cast-off, with great vengeance in their hearts, have been plotting conspiracies against the Mridaanian Lords. There was scent of rebellion in the air. And soon it happened.....(From the books of the ancients,at the time of the great rebellion good ole Lord Tigent Alexandrious was in charge of the Mrindaanians' army and his counterpart in the Triftinserian side was young Sergeant Micrem Julios.)

The rebellion….

Lord Tigent Alexandriuos (eyes burning with fire): How dare you enter my territory???

Sergeant Micrem Julios (determination in his shining eyes): Its time for you and your people to leave this place, you black-nosed numskull. Its time for ‘the revival’.

Tigent: Oh! You wanna be the king don't cha?? You nose-licking weirdo….

Micrem: Show me your might you saggy-eared scumbag….

Tigent: Enough is enough….Now get your ass outta here you bloody “I-don’t-respect-age” rascal…

(Alas… the cry had no ear to go into…)


Tigent (screaming): Slay these morons into pieces……

Micrem (screaming back):Don’t leave any son of a b***h with their heads , even their mammas shouldn't recognize them...........

Tigent: Mrindaanians chargeeeeeeeeeeeeee……….

Micrem: Triftinserians chargeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………..

( I donno how they managed to shout those tongue twisters... ;-) )

Soldiers lashed and slashed and gashed at each other. With great power and vigor they fought and ripped each other apart. In the end the weaker Triftinserians were defeated and its army men left dead and buried. The revolt has been suppressed and the rebel leader made to flee with a leg and the tongue separated from the main body.

Phew….This almost describes what happened in front of ma house today. The stray dogs in my area had formed a community of sorts and wouldn't tolerate any intrusion .The great river mentioned is the canal near ma house. Damn those nitwits....some bark they have, atleast a 100db loud..Huh!! my siesta and precious cyber space, both ruined.

Yawp from a sonorous cavern

I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately …

I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrows of life!

To put to rout all that was not life;

And not when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.....


The powerful play goes on and you may contribute your verse.....

Sunday, 24 June 2007

The Art of Catching Criminal II


Clik here for Part I

By now the time was around 10.15 am. I have been watching the cops, for more than half an hour now. Many people have passed though the road in front, some by two wheelers, some by car and some walking. As each one passed, I expected something to happen. But nothing happened. Isn’t this getting bored? Yes it was getting bored. So I decided to stop cop watching and got inside the house.

As I was going through the notes, I was having a look at the cop standing opposite my house every now and then. On one such occasion, I saw him getting excited by looking to his left along the road. I was also excited by seeing this. I opened the door and got out of the house. The cop standing outside was making a phone call. I went to the right side my house where the other cop was standing. To my surprise he was not there. ”Where is he?” I searched around. I heard noise from my neighbor’s house. At the same time the cop who was standing opposite my house rushed to the same house. I positioned myself to get a good view of what is happening there. I saw the missing cop there talking to somebody. I don’t know how he reached there. I can’t see properly to whom he is talking to. By now the other cop reached there. I was not able to hear properly what they were talking. The cops asked him something ‘about driving’. I guessed it might be the driver there.

Now I would like to give a brief description about my neighborhood there lived an old couple- Eby uncle and Sise aunty. They have two sons, all abroad. Uncle now works as a project engineer in some govt. institution. The point worth mentioning here is that he had a Maruthi Zen car and he had appointed a driver for it. The driver, with whom I haven’t got any opportunity to talk, has been there since more than one year.

The cops talked to him for fine minutes. There was no sign of anybody trying to escape or anything like that. So I was not sure whether the cops have got the man they been awaiting. Is this the person for whom they were waiting like commandos hidden in barracks? I guessed that they might be asking him something about the criminal they are looking. But my guess proved wrong as I saw one cop going out of the house and coming back in a police Jeep within a minute. Two or three policemen in uniform jumped out of the Jeep and came running towards the house. They caught hold of the man. Now I can see him well. Yes, it is the driver. Now uncle came out of the house. He talked to the sub inspector. By this time the ‘driver’ was in the Jeep. The sub inspector walked towards the Jeep. I heard Eby uncle saying “Avane upadravikkaruthu…Enthokkeyayulum ivide avan oru nalla manushyanayirunnu” (“Don’t hurt him….he was a good man here’).

Uncle was dressed to go to office. One policeman himself got an Auto Rickshaw for him. He got on to the Auto Rickshaw and left. I got back to the house and informed my Mom about the incident. There was long talk between Mom and Sise aunty about the incident. From which I got to know some shocking things. He was arrested for being involved in a murder case. The case was that he took part in a murder that took place on the National Highway 47 on 21 February 2007. Aunty said that he was on leave on that particular day. He was one among the eight accused of which six of them were already caught by the police.

It was around 11.00 am when I finished postmortem of the story. I haven’t had my breakfast yet. So I had my breakfast. I had steam cake (Puttu)for breakfast, not very inviting for me. But I had it as it has got some advantages. They are

1. Easy to make( I assume so as I get it frequently)

2. Not even a single drop of oil is used.

3. Vitamin C is not lost as it cooked in steam not in fire.

4. Suitable with various compliments such as Banana, Sugar, Papad etc.

5. Traditional food.

6. Tourist attraction.

7. Available in various shapes.

8. Can be made according to quantity required by filling the Puttukkutti(Steam mould) as required.

9. Energy efficient(I assume so as it need not get fried and takes only the energy required to boil half litre of water to make 400gm Puttu)

10. Fat free.



It so happened during the yesteryears, to be precise after my 9th, that constant exposure to harmful radiations and varying intensities of light from point blank range had removed the juice out of my eyes. So the ophthalmologist suggested I wear specs. Hmmm…I had poor eyesight.

Through the sands of time I have learned to live with it and however ironical it may sound, now people think I look weird without my specs. At home however I don’t wear my vision support system (VSS) (just a lil tired of saying specs) 24×7.Mostly I use them only when I have to read something i.e. if it ‘s absolutely necessary .

This has resulted in what I call Myopia induced short-term amnesia (MISTA). Over the years my lens’ power has steadied and so most often I tend to mug up quite successfully, you can say sort of acclimatization with my house environment. The above mentioned situation occurs whenever I have to change environments i.e. from VSS- enabled to VSS-disabled.

I have this habit of lying down and reading, and in no time taken over by the angels of dream. So I take extreme care not to hurt my eyes even if I fall asleep in a semi-conscious state. I remove then before I have the book in my hand. When I wake up the acclimatization property of my eyes aids me in the regular duties. Now at the time of reversal of environments a necessary condition to be satisfied is that I must first find my VSS. Oh! my gosh…that is one hell of a job and the MISTA syndrome sets in. Its main symptoms are yelling at your dear dearest, scrambling across to every corner of your apartment, disturbing neatly laid beds, flying pillows, and what not..Man damn….First time the symptoms showed up I didn’t give much attention but slowly the realization set in, agah... I can never be a normal person. Sob sob…Damn…..I’m MYOPIC.

Oh, my lord! Don’t do this to me...I was happy, but now every night the fear of MISTA haunts me and every morning I’m loosing precious time and energy.

Anyways… I believe there are a lot of people out there who are victims of MISTA. If any of you reading this know of a doc who can cure this please do inform me (sigh).

Path to redemption

This is a suggestion to all authors (and readers).. You are encouraged to point out grammatical mistakes or suggest better English usage in the posts. The authors can then edit their posts accordingly. Sometimes the author may have written it intentionally. So direct correction of mistakes by other authors wouldn't do the job. We can also take this as an opportunity to improve our English.

The suggestions can be conveyed through comments which can be deleted after the appropriate correction is made.


I thought Heisenberg had proposed the uncertainty principle for the microscopic particles the very fundamental ones. But it appears to me that he might have left out the exceptions in the macro world esp. KU. The exams(KUE) are over(in a way) and on the bed I lay, bed-sheet from head to toe.
Err..that has nothing to do with my blog..hehe.. this is about the "how to waste time process" I discovered during times of the writer's block ( being an apprentice doesn't stop me from getting a writer's block).

Ever since I confiscated my mom's mobile phone it has served me at times of solitude and depression, so this time also I turned to it for some solacing for my numb-not-dumb brain cells. I remember times when people(lucky some)with free message would fill my inbox with all crap(exceptions exempted) including some quotes, by great men and also not-so-great men.

That idea really struck the cord with me and in next a few minutes quotes would flow like a swarm of locusts from my cell phone, of course in the name of the greats..(note: for me a message costs only 2ps...).

Hehe...that was real fun..Who cares about some damn quote anyways, other than plagiarize it. So if you want to convey any idea and want that to remain in people's head then artificial synthesis might be a good idea..
Err...apologies to all the people who were at the receiving end of my discovery.. sorry mates.. I believe none have taken it too seriously....... (No offense intended). Damn......

Samples ©: Exuberance of youth is the fuel to the revolutionary machine-Martin LutherKing.

Promise is what we have and that's what we fail to deliver-Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam.

Sure I wish they said these... Alas I had to forge them and the devil...ah... the ghost of insanity is really taking over me..

*For the kind information of the regular readers of my posts i would like to emphasize on the fact that exaggeration is my style and that's my niche in this blog.

© copyright by Inquisitivo....hehe.....

Saturday, 23 June 2007

The Art of Catching Criminals-Kerala Police Way


This is not a comedy story making fun of the Kerala police that I intend to tell. It is an incident that took place; in fact this may be a golden feather on the cap of the cops.

Exactly on 20 June 2007 I woke up earlier than most of the days around 6.00 am. It was raining outside. I felt nice and cold in the bed. But not for too long. I felt guilty of wasting precious time yesterday night studying nothing as the mad timetable gave me one day time to prepare for the all important electronic circuits exam.(….its getting postponed to such an extent that we take vacations in between exams …). Also the remembrance of a spoiled signals & systems exam made me take the texts as soon as woke up. I have made plans of finishing one module before noon. Started studying the fattest guy of the season,the Sedra & Smith. Finding it too heavy to carry while walking (a method of learning when there is too much to...) I slipped onto a Photostat note. By this time my father had left to his office. Mom had finished the morning buzz and was resting in the bed as I had decided to take the breakfast later. It was around 8.30 am by now. The rain had stopped. And it was the turn of the trees(“Maram peyyumbol”).

The ambience around was such that, it was difficult to differentiate between footsteps and the tree drops. Some cats were making noise around the area. I guess it is mating time for them. There are around five or six cats around my house fed by many neighborhoods. The number of cats has increased recently hmmm…naughty cats. No surprise, they have even dared to mate in with me watching. Coming back to real time, I haven’t seen anything like that morning. But some were running around the bushes may be in quest of…..hmmm my mind…thinking too much. Realizing that cat watching may do no good for the circuits exam I turned back to the Photostats.

As I was reading, sitting near the closed window heard somebody talking from outside. The voice was rough. Are there any trespassers in my compound? Or is it somebody in the neighborhood? I sharpened my ears. There was only one voice. It was a male voice. I guessed it as a mobile conversation. I was not able to hear exactly what he was saying. The only snippet I understood was “veettokarodu parayano??” (Means “should the households be informed??”). I felt the voice too close to be from the neighborhood. Who dared to trespass my house??? The inquisitive in me woke up. I dared to go to that side of the house and find out. I opened the door silently. With slow steps a advanced to that side of the house. I folded my Lunky and stiffened in case of an attack. I extended my head around the corner. THERE….. There he stands…THE TRESPASSER…he was at least 6 feet high and looked heavy .He was well dressed. He had an umbrella in his hand. He spotted me and looked at me and I moved towards him. He grinned, I didn’t…. He advanced towards me. His left hand went into the left pocket of his trouser. As he held some thing towards me said “I am from Police….. no need to panic….”.I looked at the thing he showed me. It read “KERALA SANNAD POLICE”. It was his identity card. The rough was voice fell on my ears as I was reading," I am awaiting a person”. My heart beat rapidly…He looked at my face. I closed my mouth realizing that it had been open for sometime. Tried to smile. Don’t know whether I succeeded or not. However he succeeded as he took his previous position. I turned back and got inside the house. I thought who he could be waiting for….I noticed a man standing opposite my house on the other side of the road. He has been there for quite some time. Is he making some actions toward me?? No. He is communicating with policeman. I concluded that he was also a cop. I started watching him. He is making some phone calls.

‘Who is the man they are waiting for??’ Many answers came up in my mind.'May be waiting for somebody passing through this way’. Now I can’t study. I was expecting a chase by the police, more cops hidden in the streets. So I fixed my eyes on the cop who was standing opposite my house. Time passed...I thought of informing my mother about the cops but dropped the idea soon as she might compel me to stop cop watching and study………..

to be continued…………………………………….. Aj

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Return of the KUE


I've reached the point where I'm starting to hate exams. I love to study to gain knowledge and i agree that if there weren't any exams, i wont open a single text. Yet i feel this could somehow be made better. I've seen many hoping during the examination period that they wish they could study it properly (just not from an examination point of view). That means somewhere our whole examination scheme has gone wrong. Everyone's forced to score marks, not learn the subject. For an outsider, both may seem to be the same. But any engineering student in this university can easily feel the difference.

It's a tough job to set the clock working straight in the field of education. The history of Keralites being successful abroad is a testimony to our good education, or is it? Our success is our perseverance, the will to do work. Is that the real path to success? I don't know the answer yet. If making money is success, then yes, our system is not flawed. I'd happily die poor if I can contribute something invaluable to humanity in the future.. At least I think so now, when my mind is not plagued by the human greed towards money.

2 days later:


The galactic empire is suffering from civil wars, catastrophic environments and continual brain damage. Just when you thought nothing can prevent the onslaught of exams, the superhuman Gunya comes to our rescue.

KUE: Nothing can stop me from killing innocent students...HAHAHA
Gunya: You think so?
KUE: Yeah. Last weekend is just a blip on my radar now. Looks like a feast ahead now. I'm almost finished killing all except the first years. Hehe..look at S4 applied, the self proclaimed kidus, suffering under my wrath.
Gunya: How dare you kill S4 applied! *Dishum dishum..* you shall not wake up until next month.

Friday, 15 June 2007


Chapter 2

The best part...

Eros,son of Aphrodite had cast a spell on me,a weak one to begin with.

It was in those hasty and apprehensive years of 10th board that i saw her again.She was so cute and chubby and tiny.

I had totally forgotten about my experience thanks to the pressure from my parents to do well in 10th,they ain't cool like me.Tenth standard means study,study and more study, for my parents of course, and for the damn school as well.So like a ritual they would keep classes from the moment we finished our 9th final exams.

That afternoon,after the extra class,i was walking back home and look who's here,"Angel".

"Oh wow..excellent..",i thought.I set my grey matter conspiring how to enter her head and venture into her heart.It so happened that we were both heading home and we almost had the same route (her path + lil twists and turns =mine)*.The first day i would watch her go.But the arrows of Cupid were hurting bad and so i decided to comprehend the extra twists and turns.So the second day i followed her ,but i had no courage to talk to her,she was so beautiful and awesome.The third and fourth days went the same.On the fifth day i decided,"no more fooling around asshole..come on......",my alter ego was strong.That day after school i set forth in search of the elusive prize.But no...i couldn't do it,the fucking under-confident asshole i was all these years,discouraged me from the doing it.

This was the time to leave the past behind and that's what i did."No don't give up buddy,don't give up..she's your destiny...".In a life-threatening move at a crucial juncture,a turning point where we would have split,i found myself talking to her.Yeah....finally i made it.

"Hello,I'm Hari",i introduced myself in a very courteous manner.

She was my first love and i had never talked to a girl like i had to her.I had redeemed myself,from previous failed attempts to know her,and had gathered sufficient courage .My heart was pounding like heart and little droplets of sweat had appeared on the periphery of the area where moustache was supposed to grow.I also suspect a few drops to have covered a considerable altitude before reaching the ground from my forehead.

After a moment of silence she put her hand out and acknowledged herself ,"Hellooooo",with a probing eyes and precautionary glance she said,"I'm Prakriti"."Hey but do i know ya??",she added.

Now what, i had never thought of the response before.It had happened so very spontaneously and instinctively that i found myself scrambling for words.So i had to bring out the best mugger in me to stay on my errand.Such lovely voice and language command she had i was totally spell bound and immersed in the potion of love.Her attitude really left me wonder struck and love struck. she was really cool...

Me dropping her home became a regular affair and our relation grew stronger. Secrets don't stay long esp when the secret is a weak something like this one.Soon the whole school knew of our "friendship" and it was not too long when we would talk in the open.In the evening we would meet at the official hang-out of the school ,Nearazhy, and would leave together from there.

My friends circle grew ,especially the no. of girls .People would know a boy called Hari was a student in the school.And my name would be among the studs of the school.

I was a stud..yeah a stud..always surrounded by girls,always cheerful.

A good side to the friendship can't be without a bad one.Along with the gals came the anti-heroes and slowly my possessiveness started proving costly and i found people change like season.Sob sob ..this was the cheerful part of the story....

*Hari's equation for short-cut to a babe's heart(the length of twists and turns depends on the gravity..of love).

This is the third chapter.....

And this the first


i'm getting an eerie feeling tHat winamp is rEading my Li'l mind. it's Playing songs that Match (in my mind) in ordEr! hmm.. shuffle mode must have some kind of mind reader with it.

the Computers are sO coMplicated these days. gone are the days when they were just machines created by humans. they have a mind of their own.. and it's more PowerfUl than us.. she has a calming effecT on mE. sings me songs..Reads stories to me.. takes me to the worlds i Can Only dream of.. sometimes, i feel the world that we are seeing is Not real, jusT anotheR virtual reality. The real wOrld is in the Loving, caring coMputers that are sitting in front of us.

we should be slaves and the computers our masters. the daYs of our freedoM are over. computers are meant to domINate us. they were created for that purpose only. Don't you see it? lets all praise the computers.


Ive been reading all the blogs but till now never got an oppertunity to write one...needless to say this happens to be my first blog.At one point of time i was on the verge of writing a blog but my laziness prevented me from doing so .But now that i do hav a topic at hand why should i hesitate???????
Well you might be wondering what topic it might be............WELL GUYS I HAVE LOST MY MOBILE PHONE.......snifff.The details are laid down below.
After the humanities exam i quickly went to the college bus and got a back seat(the one near the glasses at the very end)..Mosqui,kishore,ajeesh,hari were in it. So were kripa,saggar and prashu(prashant) from electrical.All the three(me kripa and prashu) were busy chatting and making fun of saagar(as we normally do).
The bus soon reached LIC.Someone sitting next to me( a lean fellow)got up and got out of the bus.Prashu(A pretty fat guy) who happened to be standing next to me some how managed to squeeze himself in the gap. At the next stop i got off little realising that my mobile had left my pocket when prashant had sqeezed to get seated.IT was while i was walking that i realized that my mobile was lost.Losing no time i made a rush for my home(how i managed to cross all the roads i never know).the only mobile number that i knew byheart was 9895948363(jayans mobile number)or was is really jayans number.well i had forgotten that jayans number had changed and that his sim was now with john.So having got john on the line i immediately asked him to send me mosquis number.having got the number i quickly dialled him up and waited for him to pick up the phone.But he never did . he had put it in silent mode . Finding no other option i called john again and asked him for kshores and saagars number.i dialled both of them .kishores phone was attended by his mother and saagars phone was attended by his father.i asked saagars father to send me prasants mobile number. but by the time i had called him he was already out of the bus.he gave me the number of some aravind(electrical) who was in the bus at that time.He too some how did not pick up his phone.finding no other option i dialled mosqui once again . this time he picked up the phone.But whats the use ,he had got off the bus only half a minute ago.on hearing that i lost the mobile mosqui immediately phoned bhagavath (mechanical) and asked him to search for the mobile in the bus.Though he looked here and there the answer was negative.mosqui then decided to send a message in my mobile.this is what he typed"TO WHOEVER HAS THE MOBILE PHONE.IT BELONGS TO VISHNU SURESH,S4 APPLIED, MARAPALAM.T BUS".
then i thought of calling up the college .it was the watchman who picked up the phone . he gave me the phone number of one of the bus drivers. i called him too.but he never took the phone(perhaps he must hav been driving the bus at that time)i called the watchman again and told him so. on hearing this he told that he would check the bus when it comes back.i some how was not satisfied.i searched for the COLLEGE INFORMATION BOOKLET that we got in the first year and searched for all the phone nos of the drivers.on finding a mobile no of one i quickly dialled happened to be sreekanthan uncle( a driver).on knowing what happened he told that he would find out and asked me to call within 10 minutes.
the next 10 minutes looked like 10 hours to me. i rang him up again .he told me to hold the line.for some 30 seconds there was no sound.then suddenly he was on the line again and informed me THAT MY MOBILE HAS BEEN FOUND. that was a huge relief . i quickly rang up mosqui and told him that my mobile had been found.i thought of collecting the mobile the day we came to write our analog exam(tomorrow).but the exams got postponed .well i couldnt think of 4 days without my i went to college.ajeesh also came along as he wanted to return the library around 4.30 we came across the driver who had my mobile.he unlocked a cupboard and took the mobile out for me.on receiving it i gave him a fountain pen as a gift for having taken pains to search for my mobile. then we immediately left before the dark clouds started showing their wrath.....
well this happens to be my first blog.hope it was good

Monday, 11 June 2007

Return of the KUE

Exam time's here, and i feel like a bride awaiting her doom in the hands of not so well to do mother-in-law (I should seriously think of cutting down on all those mallu mega-serials). Every time i reach this time, there's only one thought in my mind.. wish i had one more day. I often wonder about the futility of the whole idea called exam. Is it a measure of brain power, copying skills or still worse, our mugging up ability. Otherwise, how could i hope to pass a maths exam, i repeat maths exam by just having a look at the past question papers and examples in text (those are the ones that are repeatedly asked). I hope my outrage at this atrocity would not change kerala university's plans, coz if it does, skoo would be the only word in my dictionary for the next 14 days.
Signing off, sureshan, royson and nazarudeen.

KUE: pronounced koo-ee; acronym for Kerala University Exams

3 days later..

How would you feel when you are sitting on the electric chair and gets news that power's gone? That's exactly what KU is doing now. We are told about an exam being postponed two days before it is supposed to happen. The news is not yet confirmed, but my brain has gone into economy drive and I'm sure that not much progress would be made in the act of deciphering what Roody and Coolen wrote. Well what more to write.. The graph of creativity of mind goes up during the study holidays (study leave in nerd language), reaches a peak right before the exams and then takes a plunge. So I've reached that rock bottom and is swimming around licking up the waste like a catfish.
The song's playin' in the background..
Sail away, It's time to leave
Rainy days, I'll hoist the kiel
Fade away, Try not calling my name
You will stay, I'll sail away...

Friday, 8 June 2007


Chapter 1

Love at first sight.....

"Yeah!! this is love..I'm in love for sure..",i felt like screaming to this world for eternity.Hmm..may be not eternity at least for a couple of minutes.

Me,Harikrishnan P.V. ,student of class 9B,Arya Central School.

I used to be a very shy and secluded and isolated kinda guy*.I used to confine myself to the four walls of the class room and never show up unless otherwise i had to pee or during the lunch break.I never felt a need to socialise or go to other classes because i had been studying in that institution for 8 years now and i knew almost everybody whether they knew me or not.(When i say everybody i mean the faculty and my batch mates not the juniors or the seniors). So one afternoon like any other noon at school i was a taking stroll,after a heavy lunch,in the park(not a park really but the ground filled with sand and such a stroll was strictly prohibited 'a damn jail...').Suddenly like a bolt of lightning a face went past me.I was good at ogling and had seen many a beautiful face,but this one was different.I felt like i could watch that face for eternity and still feel the same ole passion.(This time i really do mean eternity).

"Oh my god..",i adored her jaw-dropping beauty.And then came those starting lines.She was like an angel in school uniform(for the readers' kind info our school uniform was churidar and dupatta unlike most other schools in the city,so my fascination was pure and not prompted by my basic instincts).

Yeah..coming back to the angel part...Her eyes were sweet and was like that of a was cute tats it..her lips also something like cute....and etc etc..The thing i liked the most about her was her smile,man...that killer smile.It was like it had the warmth enough to melt the ice-caps but still you would make you feel chilled from within.If i had known "I wanna go on with you.." by westlife i would have sung that all the time for her.She also had a birth mark in her..right or left arm..i don't exactly remember..

After reading this one might think i would be like love struck and be passionately hooked up with her.Yeah i was obsessed for sure but on the contrary i never thought about her(or see her) after that day(yeah.i was such a f**king jerk) not until next ear and i only knew she was a new comer.I was trying to hook up with the new kid on the block,at least for that moment of divinity i was truly in a virtual world,i was in "neverland". But I never knew this was going to be the beginning of just another heart breaking love story in god's manuscript that I would lament forever. Damn sadist he is,God.

*A little discretion i have taken to exaggerate my numb personality.

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Thursday, 7 June 2007

A Fruitful Day at the office.....

( Yesterday my friend Mr.JFx was very very pissed off about nobody being active with the blog.So i have taken it upon myself and has made an endeavour into replenishing it.Also the fact that i am unable to digest half of the stuff that i have been reading for the last few has prompted me into this killer job..So enjoy...hehe.....)

"Daaa..eniikeeda",Ehhhh.......the stripper in my dream suddenly seemed like talking to me and that too in a masculine voice.Thunderstruck, i thought i had imagined something but she kept on speaking,in fact,yelling..
Suddenly i realised,i was far from reality.Huh..Me with a stripper,not people who know me would associate me with..
"Hoosh!!!! thank god!!!".A deep sigh of relief.(Atleast i wasnt with a male stripper).
"Ravilae 8 mani ayi..ennittum kidannoranguva,koshavan...".
"Yeah...",i thought.
Everyday it was my job to drop dad at Pattom at the bus-stop.It would be a rest day if my mom would drop him but she would only do so until she's had had a bath.
" my..",the alarm from my dad went on a number of time.
At last i gave up my precious sleep and sat up on the bed,but my eye-lids were rebellious
and wouldn't stay up unlike my mind.Hmmm...forced by the feeling of indebtedness towards my father and the moral responsibility to stand beside my dad in every moment of life i got up.
One would suspect i was a born-alcoholic if they were to see the way i scrambled towards the wash-basin to wash my face.Somehow with great effort i finally washed my face and finally got back from the virtual world of perennial slumber.My balance was retained and the alcoholic in me had disappeared into thin air.
Bro was leaning on to the daily newspaper as if he would eat it full if he had an option and mama was busy mugging up for the day's fooding in the kitchen.The food is good enough to sustain life.(She can't be blamed as she's the one who has to keep the house going thanks to non-cooperation movement by the male occupants of the house ).
I quickly had a glance through the dailies and had my tea with Tiger biscuit(secret of my fitness revealed).
Dad came running downstairs ready to go,it already was getting late for is has become so very habitual that being late is nothing but normal and the usual tussle is not a matter of concern anymore.
Soon we hit the road on our blue Kinetic Honda,one hell of a machine.Dad managed to be aggressive with his driving or else he would miss the superfast to his work place.Most of the days i would leave him near the bus station,but on days of extreme hurry he would drag the vehicle into the stand which is of great embarrassment to me.Adding to my embarrassment is the time period of sound of the horn.Man i say it scares the wind out of even the very best.
Today happened to be one of those hasty days and to add to the embarrassment mentioned above the bus left without heeding to the 100db noise of the horn, one brave or deaf driver.
Furious and feeling let down by a KSRTC driver,a mere KSRTC driver, the lion in my dad rose and the events that followed reminded me of a motogp race.I was sitting behind Valentina Rossi and speeding down the NH pressing hard to catch the leader.
But the chase was in vain as we lost the bus but an option of a second bus was still open.Now a lorry overtook us adding to dad's fury.I felt like he would crush the driver to death if he had enough time.Somehow he got the bus and in the rush to get inside he took the scooter's key with him.Now,how was i supposed to get back home.Thanks to my great athleticism i ran to my dad and before he could board the bus i managed to get the keys and the day was saved.
By this time mom had gotten ready to go to her office From the moment i stepped in to the house a string of orders followed.For a moment i wished could fit in a band pass filter into my ears.
Hmm...and finally she left in the blue honda which had earlier aided my dad in his little adventure.
"Oh my god will this be another day without any life...",i thought trying to graze through the pages of my circuits book.
Bro also soon left for the pirates.
I went on to my desktop pc,my only mate at times of solitude.You know...he will do things only to please me..He wil sing and dance ,he will screen movies and what not...So today also we were together and only about a few minutes had passed when i heard my doorbell screaming.
It so happened that my neighbour had fallen off his scooter and had lost some of the epidermal tissue of his right leg and had trouble moving his rght arm.
"It is ok,said the doctors",he explained.
"Uyyo oru maraka kettundallo kalil..,valla odivochatavo undo??",my ever so inquisitive mind compelled me into a series of questions and being the dependent one he answered each and every question.I can be really annoying at times.hehe...
He called his mom's sister to get some help as he had found himself devoid of entry into his apartment after his mom had left the house along with the keys.So until help came he stayed in the refuge of my house.And i continued working with the 'invention of the millennium'.
Eventually it so happened that the promised help never came and he was left to brood over the wound.And i ended up blogging about him.Its amazing how one so intimate may suddenly become a stranger.hmmmm.....

To sum up the day..
I saw the warrior in my dad, the movie freak in my brother, the ever so same mom and the desperation of a wounded man..
Hah!!What a wonderful day and to say the least i found the kuzhi madiyan in me....

This is all rubbish ,i know, and i suspect most of you to have skipped a major portion of the essay or blog,whatever.But the point is that i really don't want to study at all and found no better way than this....

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

An Elegy

You gave me hope,
told me i'd be fine
sitting rite here alone.

Every day I'd wait
to see if you'd come
and you did, you came everyday.

The first days
were so fine
so beautiful.

You and me
together we planned
to conquer worlds.

Never did i think
I'd not see you again.
You gave up?

Why wont you come?
You're all i ever have.
Ain't I your blog anymore?

Saturday, 2 June 2007

The Walk

Once I called along Friendship for a walk through the garden of life. We talked about so many things. We were so happy together. On the way we saw Love. Friendship asked her to join us. I didn't want it, but Friendship insisted. So I agreed. Love separated our hands and caught mine. Then Love and I walked ahead into the woods, leaving Friendship behind. She killed herself in grief. I hated Love for this. I never walked again.

Another day, I called along Friendship for a walk through the garden of life. We talked about so many things. We were so happy together. On the way, we saw Love. Friendship asked her to join us. I didn't want it, but Friendship insisted. So I agreed. Love separated our hands and caught mine. I told Friendship to hold my other hand. She did. Love didn't like this. She went away. I was sad, but continued to the woods with Friendship.

I called along Friendship for a walk through the garden of life one day. We talked about so many things. We were so happy together. On the way, we saw Love. Friendship asked her to join us. I didn't want it, but Friendship insisted. So I agreed. Love and Friendship caught each hand of mine. We walked all day.

Friday, 1 June 2007

The Prelude

Oye...Superb...The prelude to the foundation by Issac Asimov had already had a chunk of my heart and a corner of my brain(the portion i use for imaginations).


From the beginning itself the gravity shafts and the magnetically levitated express ways had left me hallucinating about the hyper-complex society of Trantor and I wondered what it would be like to have the whole of the galaxy discovered,settled,unified and had a history of a million years.The concept of psychohistory is absolutely wonderful a concept all credits to the ingenuity of the author to have thought of such a powerful theory.All the arguments lead through a powerful and gorgeous thread of neatly knit plots that leaves us spell-bound.
I'm most attracted to Hari Seldon,partly because we both share our first names and the love for mathematics,and obviously because he is the man with the innovation.Chetter Hummin aka Demerzel aka Deneel simply is a fantastic creation of a remarkable writer and its even more impressive when he finally uses the idea of an immortal humanoid to perfection.The guise of Demerzel was i feel the heart of the whole story and shrewd statesman he is just adds to the tally of remarks you can make of this man.Not to mention i was also captivated by the natural grace of Dors Venabili another of the clever and charismatic creations of a decorated author.
Trantor,the head quarters of the Empire ,a complex of worlds like Mycogen,Wye,Dahl,The University is a splendor in itself thanks to the foresight and vivid imagination of the author.
The concept of a domed,certainly not doomed,city or planet rather is very convincing an idea for the writer makes its necessity obvious citing the ecological situation of the planet.
All other characters stand by their duties in fulfilling the needs of the plot and each are impressive in their own attitudes and complexities.Be it the bald Sunmaster of Mycogen, or the moustached Dahlite Jirad Tisalver or Mother Rittah or the delightful Raych or the Madam Mayor of Wye.
A part of the story that captivated my attention was the
hand-on-thigh theory of Dors. The expertise the author has shown in making such a trivial thing into a cornerstone that was to lead our hero into the beginning
And finally the whole plot from the beginning to
the beginning
is so cleverly conjured up that it the level of fascination and wonder which urges you to believe something like this can be a possibility however far it may seem.The climax of the story is amazingly a shock,rather a delightful one, for you dispense with the idea of a robot in due course of the story(atleast that was the case with me. I took the whole idea of an immortal robot indistinguishable from a normal human and with mental powers for granted ).
I'm more than sure i have done little justice to the book and the author through the preview (or rather something like that),so keep flooding in the comments,baby.