Friday, 23 November 2007

Class Logo

This is the logo i designed for our class

If you look carefully you can see

a all the outer lines
e take just half of thte rightmost line
i the rightmost line

then by coincidence in the prefinal draft

A just ignore the small line at the bottom
E ignore I
I ignore E

THe color
there was 2 options
green for growth
blue for freedom

i just thought green was better describing us. besides growth, coolness and love for 'nature'. all the phulls in the class. phul-e-s we got for neighbours. garden at the centre of the department. pigeons in our class (pigeons aren't green i agree)...

Then there is the ladder. its obvious. just look. ladder to greater heights. u can notice that the steps are expanding as we move upwards. just shows our increasing grasp, knowledge, again growth comes here.

Applied rulZ!!!

copy left protected. feel free to steal all the idea. but don't use the exact same logo anywhere else.

P(dot)S(dot) - feel free to criticize.


  1. btw the entire logo was done using gimp in ubuntu. go free software!!!!!

  2. one bad thing i notice now is, its just lines.. something monotonous, something unapplied...

  3. looks like Chinese...
    and as for color,though green looks fine,RED would have been a better choice.. it would stand out..

  4. hmmmmmm
    :::::::: ::
    ::: ::
    ::::::::: ::
    ::: ..::
    ::::::::::: ::

  5. green looks dull..
    the logo would have more appeal if the color was blue !

  6. not easily perceptible as our class logo unless u specify it to be our class logo..