Thursday, 13 December 2007


hey ppl... since i'm a genius and has been idlin for days now i thought of workin up the rustin brain of mine...Though it may not be a very impressive one still i'm quite satisfied by the logo i designed durin my idling period... So ladies and gentlemen may i present before you the one and only... eh... it is...tan ta taan... *spotlights on*

Hmm... lemme explain.. In all the previous proposed logos the idea of AEI was absolutely an abstract concept, the viewer had to dig deep to find out the As and Es and Is. Why take such pain?? We are simple people(ain't we?) and we deal with the simpleton, so i thought its better if we keep everything straight (Mr.Pedro Almodovar may have problems with that).

The circle is like a shield, a shield formed by the power of friendship,love and trust(*and all other good things you can think of),that will protect us from the contemptuous and malicious world outside. The upward arrow was for the high spirits we hold, the never say die attitude.

The choice of colours was not based on any crazy idea of what the colour may stand for and all that crap. I chose them because i felt it suited the image,tat's it...

Oh! and the fancy design beneath the AEI is also added for the looks purpose only, needless to say, i took it from one of the images in my system(hope it doesn't have a copyright!)

I send this message to all the Applidiotrons hiding in the vast reaches of the cyberspace to come out of exile and make there presence felt....

Cheerio blokes...