Sunday, 2 September 2007


Today is a special day, for all the great s5 applidians (exceptions excluded) of the great CET are leaving for 9 day IV aka Tour aka Bang!!. Hoo...its been a while since i scribbled down something,that drive to write is gone,perhaps i have reached "saturation";like divertido would put it.

Rising up from the bed was hard as usual, but today i put in an extra effort coz i had my baggage to sort . First and foremost i got my hook off the day's gate class(i would have liked to go but... :D). This made the work particularly easy as i got loads of time to spare. But the thought of staying away from home made me a touch anxious, so inorder to shake off the pre-tour err..pre-IV blues i decided to get my hands on my baby (ooh woh woh....chill...its my comp man...).They say firing a few gun shots can relieve stress(no pun intended!!) so i decided to do just the same(again no pun intended!!!).I started playing counterstrike!! Man.. you should have seen the way i blew the head off those bastard terrorists. Phew..I was hot...really hot maan(got hit on the head a couple of time though..sigh!!) Hmmm.... now i'm feeling a lot better,thanks to some gun shots(nooo....not at all a pun).After playing i had my breakfast,'twas dosa with chatni. Damn!! i know i'm boring you, don't worry man you have seen worse from me.I was feeling bored too and bit apprehensive about the tour,so just to while away my time i decided to blog. OH!! Mom calling....would have liked to write more but gotta pack up little more, take a bath and also have to go out. So see ya guys..

*This blog was intended to be read by readers before the students of applied electronics and instrumentation were taking there ass off to drag it around in all the different places in India, but due to dilatory posting (which happens to be the author's fault), the author has pardoned all the blog-sinners.


  1. dint know you could shoot (of course no pun intended)

  2. do u want the proof??
    come to my house sometime, will show you....