Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Ch 1: Tele

(this is an endeavor to create a marvellous piece of literature [may sound gibberish to the envious.... :-) ] )

“Haaaa…..”, muscle fibers forming the conjunction between the upper and lower jaws stretched like elastic and a gush of air rushed out of the orifice that resulted. In short, a Big yawn. I sat up in my bed, another not-a-holiday day (sigh), the brain waves, with nightmare^ as its output had it been fed to a CRO, still remained in my head thanks to a prolonged delay time*.

Everyday 7:00 am this used to be the routine, thanks to some scrubbing by my parents(Its to early for me btw). But I realized the importance of the situation and so didn’t bother.

Oh!! By the way … I’m Master X or whatever and I study in a school affiliated to the central government’s board..Err...CBSE they say. Ok … my family was a typical middle class family with my mom and dad doing mediocre jobs earning enough to keep the house going and saving a lil bit.

“How are the zombies doing??” a voice from the other side of a levitating (when the senses are dozing hallucinations are quite frequent) daily asked. He’s always pricking.

“Eh…….ohh……aaaaahhhh”, I replied. “Dad!!!”

A cup of coffee and little visit to the toothing corner. Address nature’s call and some water through my head, (phew) I was ready for school. Dad would drop me off in his 1980’s Lamby (Yuk!!!! I hate it, but I'm obliged). The school was 15 min far on it, 2 min if ‘twas a Karizma and 30 min for a public transport vehicle. I jostled to get my things as he started his scooter.

“Oye…How’s Neha??”Dad asked.

Neha was my gal friend (kinda). But in my house she was just one of my good friends. But the way dad probed me was just annoying, as if he knew the truth.

“Fine, dad”, my trembling voice.

Today I was supposed to have a surprise test (err….in our school surprise tests are scheduled i.e. our profs used to give clues. "Huh!! Why call it surprise test then??") Last night I had chatted off for about four hours and so couldn’t find time to do the not-so-important study. It was chemistry and I hate it like hell. But the prof for the subject was sturdy and obstinate. I used to mug up most of the time but this time I was really in some trouble.

As he let me off in front of the school, dad consoled me to take the test without fear. That sort of chilled me out a lil bit.

But how the hell did he come to know of the test?? He’s spying on me?? Che…. No way... He might have anticipated a test, that's it.Anxiety,suspicion and perception at the same time.

The test went rather bad,in fact horribly terribly wrong, for me and so had to do the imposition for 5 times (they still think I’m in KG).Rest of the day went gloomy.

Again strangely enough dad seemed to realize I had an off day and was soothing me. Such instances of understanding were getting bizarre by time thanks to my sci-fi freak mind. Dad has always been very kind and passionate towards me, but it was like now sort mind-reading or some kinda telekinesis(Or may be I'm taking it too far...aaahhhh).

I thought,”He perhaps can read my mind” so I decided to test it out.”It’ll be cool if he were like Mr. Parkman# in heroes”

Next morning, on the way school. “Dad!! Do you read?? Alpha calling beta...Do you copy??”I thought.”Yesssss..did ya say something??”said dad.

“Eh…… You can read my mind??” I thought without a vocally replying in a questioning and no so questioning tone.

“How did you know???”He asked(without much thought).

Aaggghh…..I almost fell off the scooter…..

^ nightmare-consisted of zombies and vampires.( do vary from cockroaches to blood-sucking Dracula at times, hehe....very versatile dreamer)

* Delay time: like tat of transistors.

# Mr.Parkman- a character in Heroes, a hit series airing on Star World.

(To be continued by someone else....)


  1. Every chance of ending up being the indian version of heroes...

  2. but it can turn in any direction can't it???