Saturday, 13 October 2007

Winamp 5.5

Thought I'd sneak in again with my second post of the day.
Well the title says it all. I downloaded the new version of Winamp- Version 5.5. This one's simply awesome. Let me jot down some of the unending list of features they've added.

1. Auto tagging- Ever wished that all the mp3s (ya that's the modern jargon for songs) you have didn't have rubbish in their ID3 tag or worse still don't have any tag at all? Here's the answer to all the woes. Every file can be auto-tagged using this new feature. I've tried it on my collection and found it very satisfactory. 95% percent of the entries were correct- that includes the one's in languages other than English, including Malayalam. Auto tagging can also be done for multiple files at a time so that you need not wait for each tagging to be completed.

2. Album art- This is a feature I'd felt winamp shud've encompassed much before than now. Better late than never. The album art is pretty powerful (I'm sure they'll improve it further, next time). Automatic updating was done for half of my albums (I was surprised to see a Mallu album in that list). I became so hooked onto that feature, that the whole day I downloaded album art manually (those which weren't done automatically) and attached 'em.

3. Notification- I'm not highlighting this as a star attraction cuz media player addicts might already be accustomed to the feature. Anyway it gives a chic appearance to Winamp.

4. Jump to file- Unlike the usual jump to file options in other players, winamp has a powerful jump to file queue manager (It was introduced in 5.35). It allows the user to enqueue songs in order. So you don't hafta create another playlist just so that you need to hear those songs in order. It also helps me to keep my fav songs in playlist and still allow me to hear songs according to my current mood.

Signing off.. I'm still discovering all the features. Btw did i say the new skin (Bento) looks cool too. Here's a peek at it:

(Clik to enlarge pic)

I almost forgot to mention why I used winamp above other more flashy players. It's because all through these years, winamp had been the least memory hungry player (with abundant features). Somehow winamp has continued with that tradition.. the new version takes maximum of 10MB when running from tray.

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  1. kidu!! finished downloadin... lemme try it out... features sound interesting..