Friday, 28 September 2007

Enikkoru panim illa... Desp!

Hey... tis is wat ll happen if life starts gettin boring n empty n o course aimless, as in ma case....

The followin '
poem' was written prior 2 our DSD exam, oh!! btw i being a very 'studious n meticulous' student had finished the reqd portion by tat tym.(poor LS guys, they were crakin ther head lyk nythin.... hehe.. ROFL!)

Tis abt hmmm.... read n c,wil ya?...havn namd it yet... call wateva u lyk...

(*twas first published in ma mob, Nokia 3120, an awesum fone, not mny r lucky 2 hav tat model, boooo, sum unluky don even hav a Nokia....)

Oh!I'm gettin carried away... so here goes ma creation, born frm a moment o emotional stagnation n psychological degeneration (wateva.... don bother...)

ok ok... tis is it..

the sun is scorchin....
and the land is burning...
but i'm yearnin...
for you i'm fallin....

am i goin crazy??
or am i just hazy??
i hear no whisper,
and blinded by thy love's shimmer, ^
i lie in slumber,
for you are a delightful dream..

^(the original line was "not a sight do i see", its been changd for aaah.. jus thot this 1 fits in bettar...)

OH YEAH!! I'm gud....

I first showed my creation to AS and Ajeesh, but only drew a vague expression, kinda like "oh!! evanetu verae pani onum ille??"

Then i showd it to Goks(didn say twas mine...), n his 1st reaction was lyk, "Aliyaa vann...".

He had misunderstud it 2 b some1 else's, but on gettin enlightened he added sum "healthy" criticism to his 'vann'... The last person to see the original copy was Mr.Iceman and thank god he doesnt use explicits tat often. Cool as ever he too added a critique, i don remember wat though, sigh!

Now its the chance to show off ma 2nd creation..

Tey say current flow can cause magnetic field. In the BI-period(also read by-period) sir's perpetual chattering at a constant rate is analogous to current and the counterpart of magnetic field is the sleep-field conjured up by his non-stop chatter,darn!! Inorder to protect maself frm the harmful effects of such radiation i wound up into a nutshell of my own, to conjure up a field of my own, hey! i didn sleep ok...

So, finally i came up wit the foll:


i'm sittin on the second bench of my class,
leaning against the wall, on the bench is my ass,

is he speaking french?
or did i hav brunch??

tthe prof is teaching,
but his notes are flyin..

the breeze is blowin,
and so i'm sleepin,

i feel captive,
captivated by melancholy,

my brain's inactive,
coz he's mumbling without any mercy...

The name o te
'poem' coms frm te topic tat wa being tot durin tat hr...

Huh! Actually i didn mean to write such a lengthy article but it happend so spontaneously i couldn hold bac...if u were bored, i jus wanna add "i don give a damn"!!

* Chumma irikkatte, oru vazhikku pokuvalle.... ini star illannu paranju arum parati parayanda....

Hasta la vista, baby!


  1. I know that u can deliver such stuff. May be it was not looking readable on Nokia 3....Keep it up....

  2. loved the second one.. felt more close to ur heart thn the flowery language in the 1st one..
    expecting more of the same