Friday, 15 June 2007


Chapter 2

The best part...

Eros,son of Aphrodite had cast a spell on me,a weak one to begin with.

It was in those hasty and apprehensive years of 10th board that i saw her again.She was so cute and chubby and tiny.

I had totally forgotten about my experience thanks to the pressure from my parents to do well in 10th,they ain't cool like me.Tenth standard means study,study and more study, for my parents of course, and for the damn school as well.So like a ritual they would keep classes from the moment we finished our 9th final exams.

That afternoon,after the extra class,i was walking back home and look who's here,"Angel".

"Oh wow..excellent..",i thought.I set my grey matter conspiring how to enter her head and venture into her heart.It so happened that we were both heading home and we almost had the same route (her path + lil twists and turns =mine)*.The first day i would watch her go.But the arrows of Cupid were hurting bad and so i decided to comprehend the extra twists and turns.So the second day i followed her ,but i had no courage to talk to her,she was so beautiful and awesome.The third and fourth days went the same.On the fifth day i decided,"no more fooling around asshole..come on......",my alter ego was strong.That day after school i set forth in search of the elusive prize.But no...i couldn't do it,the fucking under-confident asshole i was all these years,discouraged me from the doing it.

This was the time to leave the past behind and that's what i did."No don't give up buddy,don't give up..she's your destiny...".In a life-threatening move at a crucial juncture,a turning point where we would have split,i found myself talking to her.Yeah....finally i made it.

"Hello,I'm Hari",i introduced myself in a very courteous manner.

She was my first love and i had never talked to a girl like i had to her.I had redeemed myself,from previous failed attempts to know her,and had gathered sufficient courage .My heart was pounding like heart and little droplets of sweat had appeared on the periphery of the area where moustache was supposed to grow.I also suspect a few drops to have covered a considerable altitude before reaching the ground from my forehead.

After a moment of silence she put her hand out and acknowledged herself ,"Hellooooo",with a probing eyes and precautionary glance she said,"I'm Prakriti"."Hey but do i know ya??",she added.

Now what, i had never thought of the response before.It had happened so very spontaneously and instinctively that i found myself scrambling for words.So i had to bring out the best mugger in me to stay on my errand.Such lovely voice and language command she had i was totally spell bound and immersed in the potion of love.Her attitude really left me wonder struck and love struck. she was really cool...

Me dropping her home became a regular affair and our relation grew stronger. Secrets don't stay long esp when the secret is a weak something like this one.Soon the whole school knew of our "friendship" and it was not too long when we would talk in the open.In the evening we would meet at the official hang-out of the school ,Nearazhy, and would leave together from there.

My friends circle grew ,especially the no. of girls .People would know a boy called Hari was a student in the school.And my name would be among the studs of the school.

I was a stud..yeah a stud..always surrounded by girls,always cheerful.

A good side to the friendship can't be without a bad one.Along with the gals came the anti-heroes and slowly my possessiveness started proving costly and i found people change like season.Sob sob ..this was the cheerful part of the story....

*Hari's equation for short-cut to a babe's heart(the length of twists and turns depends on the gravity..of love).

This is the third chapter.....

And this the first


  1. "I was a stud..yeah a stud..always surrounded by girls"...........its a bit hard to believe but till the full story is out i think i will hav to believe it.

  2. thekkappetta stud..
    i can feel the gravity of situation..
    sob.. the end is near..
    neerazhiyil veenu poya swapnangal

  3. oye...don't believe ok...
    miracles do happen....