Sunday, 24 June 2007


I thought Heisenberg had proposed the uncertainty principle for the microscopic particles the very fundamental ones. But it appears to me that he might have left out the exceptions in the macro world esp. KU. The exams(KUE) are over(in a way) and on the bed I lay, bed-sheet from head to toe.
Err..that has nothing to do with my blog..hehe.. this is about the "how to waste time process" I discovered during times of the writer's block ( being an apprentice doesn't stop me from getting a writer's block).

Ever since I confiscated my mom's mobile phone it has served me at times of solitude and depression, so this time also I turned to it for some solacing for my numb-not-dumb brain cells. I remember times when people(lucky some)with free message would fill my inbox with all crap(exceptions exempted) including some quotes, by great men and also not-so-great men.

That idea really struck the cord with me and in next a few minutes quotes would flow like a swarm of locusts from my cell phone, of course in the name of the greats..(note: for me a message costs only 2ps...).

Hehe...that was real fun..Who cares about some damn quote anyways, other than plagiarize it. So if you want to convey any idea and want that to remain in people's head then artificial synthesis might be a good idea..
Err...apologies to all the people who were at the receiving end of my discovery.. sorry mates.. I believe none have taken it too seriously....... (No offense intended). Damn......

Samples ©: Exuberance of youth is the fuel to the revolutionary machine-Martin LutherKing.

Promise is what we have and that's what we fail to deliver-Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam.

Sure I wish they said these... Alas I had to forge them and the devil...ah... the ghost of insanity is really taking over me..

*For the kind information of the regular readers of my posts i would like to emphasize on the fact that exaggeration is my style and that's my niche in this blog.

© copyright by Inquisitivo....hehe.....


  1. Hmm.. hmm and more hmm..
    pretty gud quotes anyway..

  2. and quotes being plagiarized? you wud earn a billion if quotes are copyrighted.. gr8 idea in a way..

  3. plagiarized may be not for money..perhaps for adding to the creative value of something ....
    aaaaah...something like that...
    hehe...and abt copyright i said exaggeration is my specialty whether something exists or not i don't care...I'm a story-teller man.... apprentice of course..

  4. When a medium of communication get cheaper and easier,the it may loose its value as happened with email as it may be used with out proper reason and it might get ignored..
    Usually that doesn't happen with sms.
    Anyway i liked the quotes...