Friday, 8 June 2007


Chapter 1

Love at first sight.....

"Yeah!! this is love..I'm in love for sure..",i felt like screaming to this world for eternity.Hmm..may be not eternity at least for a couple of minutes.

Me,Harikrishnan P.V. ,student of class 9B,Arya Central School.

I used to be a very shy and secluded and isolated kinda guy*.I used to confine myself to the four walls of the class room and never show up unless otherwise i had to pee or during the lunch break.I never felt a need to socialise or go to other classes because i had been studying in that institution for 8 years now and i knew almost everybody whether they knew me or not.(When i say everybody i mean the faculty and my batch mates not the juniors or the seniors). So one afternoon like any other noon at school i was a taking stroll,after a heavy lunch,in the park(not a park really but the ground filled with sand and such a stroll was strictly prohibited 'a damn jail...').Suddenly like a bolt of lightning a face went past me.I was good at ogling and had seen many a beautiful face,but this one was different.I felt like i could watch that face for eternity and still feel the same ole passion.(This time i really do mean eternity).

"Oh my god..",i adored her jaw-dropping beauty.And then came those starting lines.She was like an angel in school uniform(for the readers' kind info our school uniform was churidar and dupatta unlike most other schools in the city,so my fascination was pure and not prompted by my basic instincts).

Yeah..coming back to the angel part...Her eyes were sweet and was like that of a was cute tats it..her lips also something like cute....and etc etc..The thing i liked the most about her was her smile,man...that killer smile.It was like it had the warmth enough to melt the ice-caps but still you would make you feel chilled from within.If i had known "I wanna go on with you.." by westlife i would have sung that all the time for her.She also had a birth mark in her..right or left arm..i don't exactly remember..

After reading this one might think i would be like love struck and be passionately hooked up with her.Yeah i was obsessed for sure but on the contrary i never thought about her(or see her) after that day(yeah.i was such a f**king jerk) not until next ear and i only knew she was a new comer.I was trying to hook up with the new kid on the block,at least for that moment of divinity i was truly in a virtual world,i was in "neverland". But I never knew this was going to be the beginning of just another heart breaking love story in god's manuscript that I would lament forever. Damn sadist he is,God.

*A little discretion i have taken to exaggerate my numb personality.

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  1. waitin for the rest of story..or tragedy rather...

  2. Damn sadist he is, God

    That was funny, really funny. hehe.

    Funny to note how in different contexts people describe God differently. I guess he is one person who has been called virtually every name under the sun.
    And the best part is that he never shows up to clear the doubts!

    Finish it..

  3. "the studs of the school."????? hey i dont get it... studs as in plural? yes maadan is a glorious exception but then again exceptions cant be examples... and i certainly am not one to think that hanging out with girls makes one a stud.anyway lets hear the rest o the interestin story wherein lies the treachery... a story of betrayal...athava "engane hari thekkapettu"...