Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Return of the KUE


I've reached the point where I'm starting to hate exams. I love to study to gain knowledge and i agree that if there weren't any exams, i wont open a single text. Yet i feel this could somehow be made better. I've seen many hoping during the examination period that they wish they could study it properly (just not from an examination point of view). That means somewhere our whole examination scheme has gone wrong. Everyone's forced to score marks, not learn the subject. For an outsider, both may seem to be the same. But any engineering student in this university can easily feel the difference.

It's a tough job to set the clock working straight in the field of education. The history of Keralites being successful abroad is a testimony to our good education, or is it? Our success is our perseverance, the will to do work. Is that the real path to success? I don't know the answer yet. If making money is success, then yes, our system is not flawed. I'd happily die poor if I can contribute something invaluable to humanity in the future.. At least I think so now, when my mind is not plagued by the human greed towards money.

2 days later:


The galactic empire is suffering from civil wars, catastrophic environments and continual brain damage. Just when you thought nothing can prevent the onslaught of exams, the superhuman Gunya comes to our rescue.

KUE: Nothing can stop me from killing innocent students...HAHAHA
Gunya: You think so?
KUE: Yeah. Last weekend is just a blip on my radar now. Looks like a feast ahead now. I'm almost finished killing all except the first years. Hehe..look at S4 applied, the self proclaimed kidus, suffering under my wrath.
Gunya: How dare you kill S4 applied! *Dishum dishum..* you shall not wake up until next month.

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  1. I believe its rudimentary with the system the fact that we study without learning, and i think its mainly because of the needs of the country as we are part of a developing economy.
    So we are forced to commit to jobs and earn,thus adding to the resources of the state.
    I also think its not going to change for another decade or so,or may be even more.
    And about the green-eyed monster,i think money is a necessity rather than a luxury,to some extend at least.So i won't happy if am poor and be helpless.I also don't yearn for money but at the same time i can't despise it.