Sunday, 24 June 2007

The Art of Catching Criminal II


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By now the time was around 10.15 am. I have been watching the cops, for more than half an hour now. Many people have passed though the road in front, some by two wheelers, some by car and some walking. As each one passed, I expected something to happen. But nothing happened. Isn’t this getting bored? Yes it was getting bored. So I decided to stop cop watching and got inside the house.

As I was going through the notes, I was having a look at the cop standing opposite my house every now and then. On one such occasion, I saw him getting excited by looking to his left along the road. I was also excited by seeing this. I opened the door and got out of the house. The cop standing outside was making a phone call. I went to the right side my house where the other cop was standing. To my surprise he was not there. ”Where is he?” I searched around. I heard noise from my neighbor’s house. At the same time the cop who was standing opposite my house rushed to the same house. I positioned myself to get a good view of what is happening there. I saw the missing cop there talking to somebody. I don’t know how he reached there. I can’t see properly to whom he is talking to. By now the other cop reached there. I was not able to hear properly what they were talking. The cops asked him something ‘about driving’. I guessed it might be the driver there.

Now I would like to give a brief description about my neighborhood there lived an old couple- Eby uncle and Sise aunty. They have two sons, all abroad. Uncle now works as a project engineer in some govt. institution. The point worth mentioning here is that he had a Maruthi Zen car and he had appointed a driver for it. The driver, with whom I haven’t got any opportunity to talk, has been there since more than one year.

The cops talked to him for fine minutes. There was no sign of anybody trying to escape or anything like that. So I was not sure whether the cops have got the man they been awaiting. Is this the person for whom they were waiting like commandos hidden in barracks? I guessed that they might be asking him something about the criminal they are looking. But my guess proved wrong as I saw one cop going out of the house and coming back in a police Jeep within a minute. Two or three policemen in uniform jumped out of the Jeep and came running towards the house. They caught hold of the man. Now I can see him well. Yes, it is the driver. Now uncle came out of the house. He talked to the sub inspector. By this time the ‘driver’ was in the Jeep. The sub inspector walked towards the Jeep. I heard Eby uncle saying “Avane upadravikkaruthu…Enthokkeyayulum ivide avan oru nalla manushyanayirunnu” (“Don’t hurt him….he was a good man here’).

Uncle was dressed to go to office. One policeman himself got an Auto Rickshaw for him. He got on to the Auto Rickshaw and left. I got back to the house and informed my Mom about the incident. There was long talk between Mom and Sise aunty about the incident. From which I got to know some shocking things. He was arrested for being involved in a murder case. The case was that he took part in a murder that took place on the National Highway 47 on 21 February 2007. Aunty said that he was on leave on that particular day. He was one among the eight accused of which six of them were already caught by the police.

It was around 11.00 am when I finished postmortem of the story. I haven’t had my breakfast yet. So I had my breakfast. I had steam cake (Puttu)for breakfast, not very inviting for me. But I had it as it has got some advantages. They are

1. Easy to make( I assume so as I get it frequently)

2. Not even a single drop of oil is used.

3. Vitamin C is not lost as it cooked in steam not in fire.

4. Suitable with various compliments such as Banana, Sugar, Papad etc.

5. Traditional food.

6. Tourist attraction.

7. Available in various shapes.

8. Can be made according to quantity required by filling the Puttukkutti(Steam mould) as required.

9. Energy efficient(I assume so as it need not get fried and takes only the energy required to boil half litre of water to make 400gm Puttu)

10. Fat free.



  1. And once again the day is saved.....
    Phew... i didn't know puttu had these many characteristics to be honest i never gave a thought to it..

  2. no wonder my mom makes putty most of the days.....

  3. the end was an anticlimax.. i liked it though.. any idea wht became of him?

  4. while reading through the blog i got a very good feeling just at the end of para 2."Now I would like to give a brief description......been there since more than one year."

    mabbe its bcoz i was watching "on the lot" just 2 hours before. the placing of the para was good.

    all hail the puttu!!
    all hail the puttu!!