Friday, 15 June 2007


Ive been reading all the blogs but till now never got an oppertunity to write one...needless to say this happens to be my first blog.At one point of time i was on the verge of writing a blog but my laziness prevented me from doing so .But now that i do hav a topic at hand why should i hesitate???????
Well you might be wondering what topic it might be............WELL GUYS I HAVE LOST MY MOBILE PHONE.......snifff.The details are laid down below.
After the humanities exam i quickly went to the college bus and got a back seat(the one near the glasses at the very end)..Mosqui,kishore,ajeesh,hari were in it. So were kripa,saggar and prashu(prashant) from electrical.All the three(me kripa and prashu) were busy chatting and making fun of saagar(as we normally do).
The bus soon reached LIC.Someone sitting next to me( a lean fellow)got up and got out of the bus.Prashu(A pretty fat guy) who happened to be standing next to me some how managed to squeeze himself in the gap. At the next stop i got off little realising that my mobile had left my pocket when prashant had sqeezed to get seated.IT was while i was walking that i realized that my mobile was lost.Losing no time i made a rush for my home(how i managed to cross all the roads i never know).the only mobile number that i knew byheart was 9895948363(jayans mobile number)or was is really jayans number.well i had forgotten that jayans number had changed and that his sim was now with john.So having got john on the line i immediately asked him to send me mosquis number.having got the number i quickly dialled him up and waited for him to pick up the phone.But he never did . he had put it in silent mode . Finding no other option i called john again and asked him for kshores and saagars number.i dialled both of them .kishores phone was attended by his mother and saagars phone was attended by his father.i asked saagars father to send me prasants mobile number. but by the time i had called him he was already out of the bus.he gave me the number of some aravind(electrical) who was in the bus at that time.He too some how did not pick up his phone.finding no other option i dialled mosqui once again . this time he picked up the phone.But whats the use ,he had got off the bus only half a minute ago.on hearing that i lost the mobile mosqui immediately phoned bhagavath (mechanical) and asked him to search for the mobile in the bus.Though he looked here and there the answer was negative.mosqui then decided to send a message in my mobile.this is what he typed"TO WHOEVER HAS THE MOBILE PHONE.IT BELONGS TO VISHNU SURESH,S4 APPLIED, MARAPALAM.T BUS".
then i thought of calling up the college .it was the watchman who picked up the phone . he gave me the phone number of one of the bus drivers. i called him too.but he never took the phone(perhaps he must hav been driving the bus at that time)i called the watchman again and told him so. on hearing this he told that he would check the bus when it comes back.i some how was not satisfied.i searched for the COLLEGE INFORMATION BOOKLET that we got in the first year and searched for all the phone nos of the drivers.on finding a mobile no of one i quickly dialled happened to be sreekanthan uncle( a driver).on knowing what happened he told that he would find out and asked me to call within 10 minutes.
the next 10 minutes looked like 10 hours to me. i rang him up again .he told me to hold the line.for some 30 seconds there was no sound.then suddenly he was on the line again and informed me THAT MY MOBILE HAS BEEN FOUND. that was a huge relief . i quickly rang up mosqui and told him that my mobile had been found.i thought of collecting the mobile the day we came to write our analog exam(tomorrow).but the exams got postponed .well i couldnt think of 4 days without my i went to college.ajeesh also came along as he wanted to return the library around 4.30 we came across the driver who had my mobile.he unlocked a cupboard and took the mobile out for me.on receiving it i gave him a fountain pen as a gift for having taken pains to search for my mobile. then we immediately left before the dark clouds started showing their wrath.....
well this happens to be my first blog.hope it was good


  1. never hesitate boy.. it was wonderful..

    its amazing,the fact that mobile phones have become a part and parcel of our lives.
    After all it's just another want n not a need and wants can become "habitual"(humanities hang-over).

  2. proud to be part of the great shaanan mobile story.. i've to say that fountain pen gesture was touching..

  3. welll it was my mother who forced me to give that fountain pen as a gift .

  4. enikku thonni..allathe pinne

  5. I was wondering...
    Why didn't it cross your mind to try and give a ring to your mobile itself when you lost it?
    I mean when a mobile goes on ringing and ringing for quite a while...someone will have had the mind to pick it up and answer it!!

  6. a very good suggestion G3MO but who will answer a phone which is switched off.....u see we had exams na so i had switched off the mobile and kept it in my pockets ???