Thursday, 7 June 2007

A Fruitful Day at the office.....

( Yesterday my friend Mr.JFx was very very pissed off about nobody being active with the blog.So i have taken it upon myself and has made an endeavour into replenishing it.Also the fact that i am unable to digest half of the stuff that i have been reading for the last few has prompted me into this killer job..So enjoy...hehe.....)

"Daaa..eniikeeda",Ehhhh.......the stripper in my dream suddenly seemed like talking to me and that too in a masculine voice.Thunderstruck, i thought i had imagined something but she kept on speaking,in fact,yelling..
Suddenly i realised,i was far from reality.Huh..Me with a stripper,not people who know me would associate me with..
"Hoosh!!!! thank god!!!".A deep sigh of relief.(Atleast i wasnt with a male stripper).
"Ravilae 8 mani ayi..ennittum kidannoranguva,koshavan...".
"Yeah...",i thought.
Everyday it was my job to drop dad at Pattom at the bus-stop.It would be a rest day if my mom would drop him but she would only do so until she's had had a bath.
" my..",the alarm from my dad went on a number of time.
At last i gave up my precious sleep and sat up on the bed,but my eye-lids were rebellious
and wouldn't stay up unlike my mind.Hmmm...forced by the feeling of indebtedness towards my father and the moral responsibility to stand beside my dad in every moment of life i got up.
One would suspect i was a born-alcoholic if they were to see the way i scrambled towards the wash-basin to wash my face.Somehow with great effort i finally washed my face and finally got back from the virtual world of perennial slumber.My balance was retained and the alcoholic in me had disappeared into thin air.
Bro was leaning on to the daily newspaper as if he would eat it full if he had an option and mama was busy mugging up for the day's fooding in the kitchen.The food is good enough to sustain life.(She can't be blamed as she's the one who has to keep the house going thanks to non-cooperation movement by the male occupants of the house ).
I quickly had a glance through the dailies and had my tea with Tiger biscuit(secret of my fitness revealed).
Dad came running downstairs ready to go,it already was getting late for is has become so very habitual that being late is nothing but normal and the usual tussle is not a matter of concern anymore.
Soon we hit the road on our blue Kinetic Honda,one hell of a machine.Dad managed to be aggressive with his driving or else he would miss the superfast to his work place.Most of the days i would leave him near the bus station,but on days of extreme hurry he would drag the vehicle into the stand which is of great embarrassment to me.Adding to my embarrassment is the time period of sound of the horn.Man i say it scares the wind out of even the very best.
Today happened to be one of those hasty days and to add to the embarrassment mentioned above the bus left without heeding to the 100db noise of the horn, one brave or deaf driver.
Furious and feeling let down by a KSRTC driver,a mere KSRTC driver, the lion in my dad rose and the events that followed reminded me of a motogp race.I was sitting behind Valentina Rossi and speeding down the NH pressing hard to catch the leader.
But the chase was in vain as we lost the bus but an option of a second bus was still open.Now a lorry overtook us adding to dad's fury.I felt like he would crush the driver to death if he had enough time.Somehow he got the bus and in the rush to get inside he took the scooter's key with him.Now,how was i supposed to get back home.Thanks to my great athleticism i ran to my dad and before he could board the bus i managed to get the keys and the day was saved.
By this time mom had gotten ready to go to her office From the moment i stepped in to the house a string of orders followed.For a moment i wished could fit in a band pass filter into my ears.
Hmm...and finally she left in the blue honda which had earlier aided my dad in his little adventure.
"Oh my god will this be another day without any life...",i thought trying to graze through the pages of my circuits book.
Bro also soon left for the pirates.
I went on to my desktop pc,my only mate at times of solitude.You know...he will do things only to please me..He wil sing and dance ,he will screen movies and what not...So today also we were together and only about a few minutes had passed when i heard my doorbell screaming.
It so happened that my neighbour had fallen off his scooter and had lost some of the epidermal tissue of his right leg and had trouble moving his rght arm.
"It is ok,said the doctors",he explained.
"Uyyo oru maraka kettundallo kalil..,valla odivochatavo undo??",my ever so inquisitive mind compelled me into a series of questions and being the dependent one he answered each and every question.I can be really annoying at times.hehe...
He called his mom's sister to get some help as he had found himself devoid of entry into his apartment after his mom had left the house along with the keys.So until help came he stayed in the refuge of my house.And i continued working with the 'invention of the millennium'.
Eventually it so happened that the promised help never came and he was left to brood over the wound.And i ended up blogging about him.Its amazing how one so intimate may suddenly become a stranger.hmmmm.....

To sum up the day..
I saw the warrior in my dad, the movie freak in my brother, the ever so same mom and the desperation of a wounded man..
Hah!!What a wonderful day and to say the least i found the kuzhi madiyan in me....

This is all rubbish ,i know, and i suspect most of you to have skipped a major portion of the essay or blog,whatever.But the point is that i really don't want to study at all and found no better way than this....


  1. This is all rubbish ,i know, and i suspect most of you to have skipped a major portion of the essay or blog,whatever.But the point is that i really don't want to study at all and found no better way than this....

    I don't think you ever wrote a paragraph so full of truth. This is the definitive...F**k you Gaveno..I lost about a minute reading your blog. I could have idled all that long. Shit!

  2. to g3mo..

    eh....thats the point spend the time you are idle into something very creative and imaginative...

    i spent about an hour or two typing it and nothing in this blog is a lie..these ain't fictional its a true story..and it happened today..

    sorry for the disappointment mate...

  3. hehe..g3mo, i guess you'll hafta rephrase your comment..
    Its amazing how one so intimate may suddenly become a stranger.hmmmm.....
    > i dint get tht part..

  4. male stripper... orientation's goin all wrong buddy.. remember my words.. never break your back.. we dont want brokebacks here..

  5. the intimacy part was for the neighbor as his cousin had failed to show up even after they knew he had an accident....

    about the male stripper,my orientation is all straight and i ain't going brokeback..i was just wishing it doesn't happen at all, ever in my life.That would be terrible......

  6. he he Gaveno..actually I used such strong language to emphasize a small point.
    Let us all just let our mind run wild in this blog. Let the responses be both instantaneous and conveniently thought out ones. Let us state both of them even if they are diagonally opposite thoughts. Let others have no choice but to bear with the instability of our mind. Well..none of you have a choice in my case at least.

    sorry for the disappointment mate...

    That line was totally unnecessary. Don't be sorry. Never even give a hint of it.
    To tell you the truth I was smiling all through the blog. I very well felt the intensity of your joblessness.

    And idling is pretty good you know. The devil inside me works hard in his workshop then. It's fun to see him so hard at work.

    Just go on writing whatever you want...whatever you want. So will I.
    Because it's not in a lot places that you get this kind of freedom.

  7. yeah..i got the point mate...
    thanks for that piece of thought.