Friday, 15 June 2007


i'm getting an eerie feeling tHat winamp is rEading my Li'l mind. it's Playing songs that Match (in my mind) in ordEr! hmm.. shuffle mode must have some kind of mind reader with it.

the Computers are sO coMplicated these days. gone are the days when they were just machines created by humans. they have a mind of their own.. and it's more PowerfUl than us.. she has a calming effecT on mE. sings me songs..Reads stories to me.. takes me to the worlds i Can Only dream of.. sometimes, i feel the world that we are seeing is Not real, jusT anotheR virtual reality. The real wOrld is in the Loving, caring coMputers that are sitting in front of us.

we should be slaves and the computers our masters. the daYs of our freedoM are over. computers are meant to domINate us. they were created for that purpose only. Don't you see it? lets all praise the computers.


  1. you say we are doomed??

  2. stalle...kidu...
    an empty mind is a devil's workshop,if yo didn believe tat after tis you will...

  3. the devil bestows his creativity on few minds, you have to think like a devil to decipher his words

  4. don't worry johny.
    we're all stronger than that. the machiNes aIn't powerful enough to do that now. so Chill and tak it Easy.

    but 'someday someday....'(as asimov goes in Someday)....iT may occUr
    No one say That for sure..and when that day comes....
    i promise.