Tuesday, 26 June 2007


(Disclaimer:The names and dialogues are fictitious, any resemblance with anybody dead or alive is purely a coincidence.)

The land is famous, rather infamous, for its notorious custodians. Many a criminal were born and have flourished in these cursed lands. Not a man to question….

Ever since the discovery of these lands it has been occupied by the nomads; very wretched, very ugly and very very savage. No compassion;no mercy. They have remained the badly-behaved all there lives. None of the elite cared about them and never gave a f**k about these barbaric nutcases. But the land with lantern-lit streets ,wide open spaces and highly rich vegetation has always eluded the notorious from lands across the great river. Great struggles for power and the iniquities of its heirs left scars on the land never to be healed .Warriors slain grossly and the survivors left to lead a tyrannical life .

During the early decades, The Triftinserian dynasty had ruled these dreaded lands, but in a bloody coup Mridaanians, from across the great river, took over. For years now the old lords, subdued and cast-off, with great vengeance in their hearts, have been plotting conspiracies against the Mridaanian Lords. There was scent of rebellion in the air. And soon it happened.....(From the books of the ancients,at the time of the great rebellion good ole Lord Tigent Alexandrious was in charge of the Mrindaanians' army and his counterpart in the Triftinserian side was young Sergeant Micrem Julios.)

The rebellion….

Lord Tigent Alexandriuos (eyes burning with fire): How dare you enter my territory???

Sergeant Micrem Julios (determination in his shining eyes): Its time for you and your people to leave this place, you black-nosed numskull. Its time for ‘the revival’.

Tigent: Oh! You wanna be the king don't cha?? You nose-licking weirdo….

Micrem: Show me your might you saggy-eared scumbag….

Tigent: Enough is enough….Now get your ass outta here you bloody “I-don’t-respect-age” rascal…

(Alas… the cry had no ear to go into…)


Tigent (screaming): Slay these morons into pieces……

Micrem (screaming back):Don’t leave any son of a b***h with their heads , even their mammas shouldn't recognize them...........

Tigent: Mrindaanians chargeeeeeeeeeeeeee……….

Micrem: Triftinserians chargeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………..

( I donno how they managed to shout those tongue twisters... ;-) )

Soldiers lashed and slashed and gashed at each other. With great power and vigor they fought and ripped each other apart. In the end the weaker Triftinserians were defeated and its army men left dead and buried. The revolt has been suppressed and the rebel leader made to flee with a leg and the tongue separated from the main body.

Phew….This almost describes what happened in front of ma house today. The stray dogs in my area had formed a community of sorts and wouldn't tolerate any intrusion .The great river mentioned is the canal near ma house. Damn those nitwits....some bark they have, atleast a 100db loud..Huh!! my siesta and precious cyber space, both ruined.


  1. the story went pretty well. and the ending was good.u know what blogging is about!!
    u could have brought some more effect if u had cut out on the humour in the first part."badly-behaved" had me laughing. some other phrases too. u could have cut on that.
    overall it was good. loooking forward to similar blogs from you
    i really sound like a judge in the series " on the lot"

  2. i agree wid divertido..
    the dialogue had me laughing.. well that might have been wht he'd intended..

  3. i thought so too. but if he was a little bit more serious he could have left a better impression with the anti climax.

  4. hmmm....gud...
    'll take care of it next time....

  5. pretty good...
    Observation and storyline was good...