Monday, 11 June 2007

Return of the KUE

Exam time's here, and i feel like a bride awaiting her doom in the hands of not so well to do mother-in-law (I should seriously think of cutting down on all those mallu mega-serials). Every time i reach this time, there's only one thought in my mind.. wish i had one more day. I often wonder about the futility of the whole idea called exam. Is it a measure of brain power, copying skills or still worse, our mugging up ability. Otherwise, how could i hope to pass a maths exam, i repeat maths exam by just having a look at the past question papers and examples in text (those are the ones that are repeatedly asked). I hope my outrage at this atrocity would not change kerala university's plans, coz if it does, skoo would be the only word in my dictionary for the next 14 days.
Signing off, sureshan, royson and nazarudeen.

KUE: pronounced koo-ee; acronym for Kerala University Exams

3 days later..

How would you feel when you are sitting on the electric chair and gets news that power's gone? That's exactly what KU is doing now. We are told about an exam being postponed two days before it is supposed to happen. The news is not yet confirmed, but my brain has gone into economy drive and I'm sure that not much progress would be made in the act of deciphering what Roody and Coolen wrote. Well what more to write.. The graph of creativity of mind goes up during the study holidays (study leave in nerd language), reaches a peak right before the exams and then takes a plunge. So I've reached that rock bottom and is swimming around licking up the waste like a catfish.
The song's playin' in the background..
Sail away, It's time to leave
Rainy days, I'll hoist the kiel
Fade away, Try not calling my name
You will stay, I'll sail away...