Wednesday, 6 June 2007

An Elegy

You gave me hope,
told me i'd be fine
sitting rite here alone.

Every day I'd wait
to see if you'd come
and you did, you came everyday.

The first days
were so fine
so beautiful.

You and me
together we planned
to conquer worlds.

Never did i think
I'd not see you again.
You gave up?

Why wont you come?
You're all i ever have.
Ain't I your blog anymore?


  1. yeah..i can see the desperation..
    but who do you really want ?? would rather leave me to solve the riddle rt??

  2. Yeah the song is simple!!
    but i must confess tht u-
    last line kondu tholachuu
    u cud have used something other than blog der!!
    der than tht itz beautiful!!

  3. u got me reading right through the blog thiinking what it was all about.

    and when i saw the end it all made sense. planning to go on gemo's line and make the blog your girlfriend?

    good work. 10/10 for the comic effect. whether u meant it or not

  4. Blog is not g3Mo's girlfriend.
    g3Mo wish g3Mo had one for real. sniff sniff :-(

    and Johny...

    Let's have enough happiness so that we'll live long..
    And let's have enough know, stuff that can make you write these.

    A little sadistic....I know...can't help.

  5. I disagree with stylan.
    It couldn't have been better.

    No one cared to spare a thought for the blog. We were busy releasing our emotions in her..never thought how lonely she might feel without us in the emotionless cyberspace. Let that be a motive for all of us to always come back and make each one of us happy...after all...her desperation is in reality our desperation.

    No. I am not. I am perfectly alright. Fine. Thank you for sparing 'that' thought-g3Mo

  6. i can see the desperation/happiness in these hard days.. nice tht you liked it..