Sunday, 24 June 2007


It so happened during the yesteryears, to be precise after my 9th, that constant exposure to harmful radiations and varying intensities of light from point blank range had removed the juice out of my eyes. So the ophthalmologist suggested I wear specs. Hmmm…I had poor eyesight.

Through the sands of time I have learned to live with it and however ironical it may sound, now people think I look weird without my specs. At home however I don’t wear my vision support system (VSS) (just a lil tired of saying specs) 24×7.Mostly I use them only when I have to read something i.e. if it ‘s absolutely necessary .

This has resulted in what I call Myopia induced short-term amnesia (MISTA). Over the years my lens’ power has steadied and so most often I tend to mug up quite successfully, you can say sort of acclimatization with my house environment. The above mentioned situation occurs whenever I have to change environments i.e. from VSS- enabled to VSS-disabled.

I have this habit of lying down and reading, and in no time taken over by the angels of dream. So I take extreme care not to hurt my eyes even if I fall asleep in a semi-conscious state. I remove then before I have the book in my hand. When I wake up the acclimatization property of my eyes aids me in the regular duties. Now at the time of reversal of environments a necessary condition to be satisfied is that I must first find my VSS. Oh! my gosh…that is one hell of a job and the MISTA syndrome sets in. Its main symptoms are yelling at your dear dearest, scrambling across to every corner of your apartment, disturbing neatly laid beds, flying pillows, and what not..Man damn….First time the symptoms showed up I didn’t give much attention but slowly the realization set in, agah... I can never be a normal person. Sob sob…Damn…..I’m MYOPIC.

Oh, my lord! Don’t do this to me...I was happy, but now every night the fear of MISTA haunts me and every morning I’m loosing precious time and energy.

Anyways… I believe there are a lot of people out there who are victims of MISTA. If any of you reading this know of a doc who can cure this please do inform me (sigh).


  1. Try the memento way.. Before going to sleep, tattoo the position of ur VSS on the chest.. on ur right arm, tattoo: truth 1- I'm Blind.
    Left arm: truth 2- The right arm tatoo says the truth.. look down.
    Then on your right thigh you'll find the third tattoo.. Truth 3: Sorry wrong foot.
    Left Thigh: Truth 4- check the date on the calendar and find out where your specs is from the tattoo on chest.

  2. some suggestion...
    but it hurts when you say I'm blind right on my face...sob..
    eh...also i don't think I'll be able to handle too many truths in a single sip and i hate tattoos....
    any alternatives????

  3. "the future is not written on a stone slab." - heroes.

    i never move without my specs.