Tuesday, 3 July 2007


Its been long since someone posted in this blog...don't you think so??? I do and so this is to break the ice for a new era in blogging history.

I believe the authors of this blog has been having severe attacks of the writer's block.
g3mo had started off quite impressively but after the initial outburst his spirits seems to have died out and is to be seen no more.

Mr. Iceman has promised a lot but hasn't delivered yet.

Mr. Divertido is a another of those lazy fellas who is yet to do something serious about contributing to the blog.After his blog opener he has disappeared into the blues.

Mr. Vishnu A S is still anonymous among the bloggers of this "common blog".

Mr. Aj is a late comer with his lone contribution split into two.

Mr. Surennan also tried his hand at blogging but he remains guilty of a deadly sin, the sloth(which seems to be the irremediable sin amongst all of us).

Mr. Jfx is absolutely bombarding the blog with his share of creativity (sigh).

Mr.Inquisitivo is writing for the blog now so how can someone blame him....rt.I know, I'm right.... so..... time to catch up fellas, clock is ticking away.

Disclaimer: This post seems to have been written under a state of subconsciousness, so I apologise for the mistakes done by my alter ego and I hope no one takes it to heart.)

P.S. :Plea
se contribute your part in saving this blog from extinction.Also our ethics must be to honour each other's spirits and to stand beside them in each and every moment. ;-)

So...cheers blokes!!!!

Yippeee...I have the first post for July!!

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  1. hmmm....now the starting buzz is over.
    Now its time for precious posts...