Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Falling in love again

She is crying;
Oh! Is she sad?
'Nay my boy, they're tears of joy.'

They wash away
The fears in me, and
Transcends me to a place gone by.

My mind has gone there
But body's anchored here
For cares that drown me down.

A thousand sons
Would never suffice
For her beauty divine

Nor would M'Angelo
Ever paint her thus,
As mine eyes see her now.

It's the battle Will fought
And failed, he said-
Words ain't worth no more

Oh how could he win
When the one above has made
Her the abode for His creations.

My silent wish speaks-
The world today
Would never take her away.

I'm off to rest
With her lullabies
Putting me to sleep.


  1. Hip hop version:

    Why does mama cry?
    Nay boy,
    Mama ain’t coy,
    She’s happy…
    Tears wash the fears,
    In thy grace,
    For I go hither and thither,
    Where’s the place divine,
    Once there lay my mind with whine,
    I draw her in my mind,
    With my magic wand,
    Which even The great Michelangelo,
    Would go dim aglow...
    Battle will I failed,
    So did my words yield,
    But now I know,
    She the one anew,
    From the great creator of Heavens,
    And so I wish nigh she remains,
    Aaahh…. I’m yawning,
    Coz finally she’s singing,
    And her lullabies bringing,
    The angels of sleep…..

    Hehe...destruction needn't be bodily, can be done virtually too...Now i know...Huh!! sadistic pleasure is a great feeling....

    Good poem dude!!
    but candidly i didn't understand it fully ..