Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Randomness in a bottle

This a testimonial to the fact that I can write random things which is utter crap.
I woke up the other morning.
Found out i couldn't remember my name.
The exams had eaten part of my brain.
It couldn't have been any worse.. but it did
Sivaji is 75% rajini, 20% Stunts, 5% Shreya and 100% stupidity.
Obviously the value for money is just the opposite.
Airtel users suffering huge monetary losses.
Increasing number of suicide cases reported due to bankruptcy.
A bottle of cyanide could kill thousands if mixed with municipal water.
Anything inside a bottle cannot be random.
The above classical thought was disproved in quantum theory and probability distribution was found.
And did I say probability sucks..


  1. well is that what we call RANDOM PROCESS????

  2. Is there a probability that i get to drink all those particles of water which aren't contaminated with cyanide and still i die but get accounted among those who died due to poisoning?? What will be the probability distribution???

    Augh!! probability sucks....
    Phbbbt... >:P

    And is value for money subjective?? :-/
    please pardon my ignorance if yes!!! ;-)