Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Zara hatke!!

Now that the opening frenzy is over and i believe its time for "precious" posts.Till now we have been posting what we individually felt, our experiences and our feelings.
The point i wanna make here is that we must do something as a group.
Huh!!! Com on man.....This is a common blog....
I was thinking of something like the chain story where one of us will start a story and others will continue from where he has left.There can be alternate endings or twists depending on the different perspectives of the authors.
I believe this is going to be quiet a cool affair.. err...don't you think so too??
Do comment and lets start this off if everyone's ready.....


  1. well i remember something like this that we did in our gmail group in first year but the story never ended and only as,johnny,baachi n myself were there to write in it

  2. @ surennan..

    oh!!!i didn't know that...
    that won't happen here...
    I assure you....
    Err....Anyways.... I'll be there,if someone's there or not..for sure....

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  4. well johnny meant that he was all for it

  5. yup i'm ever ready.. it's a gud idea.. the major storytellers aren't active.. Varun and AS.. a pity upon them..

  6. when is it starting? i cant wait.