Thursday, 19 July 2007

Come to Naught

First love at first sight,
but she ain't my plight.
Second love at first sight,
thence tight remained my plight.

Now I wonder,
yonder lies the truth;
but where yonder?
I stand aghast,I breakth.

Love eternal on the platter;
Alas!! it lay beyond the veil,
Ignorant you, do the blather,
as The veil of deception decieves thy peer.

Will the divine knot,
or the holy oath hold affirm,
for lust shalt pout,
and thou fall with the grim.

Nay,I ain't mad,
but despair is what i have.
For the yesteryears I'm glad,
'cause forever indifferent i behave.

After wandering fathom's deep,
Now,I realize what not to seek.
For eternal love shalt remain,
a dream trapped in my heart's terrain.


  1. very gud.. but i'm a li'l confused abt the theme.. love, lust, despair?

  2. eh...
    Love becoming lust,ending in despair.

    The thing is that i realized i can't be in a true relationship until it happens, but all these years I've been trying to make myself fall in love....

    Sort of enlightenment, you can say... ;-)

    Hmmmm....first i thought i was in love with 'you-know-who', but her departure didn't hurt me much.. and now the other 'you-know-who' also doesn't mean much to me... so love is lust but when i realized the sorry fact ,what for me was, love, turned into despair....
    I feel i can never be in love, true love that is....

    Lucky are those who get their 'soul-mate'...

    And one more thing, if you keep encouraging me like this, this place is soon to turn a junk-yard...
    LOL... :-)

  3. interesting topic..cud write a whole book on it..