Saturday, 14 July 2007


“Damn….why do we keep losing to those yellow @#!$%%& (*shouldn’t be used in common speech)….”, Vikas was furious, thanks to a night out to watch India battle out a defeat against the world champions.

“No use cursing them…do they ever learn? The kangaroos are relentless……”, Paras had had enough of it.

Reghu was the third of the company, he didn’t have an opinion after all he didn’t know the game well (strange… in India do we really find such people…very few, I reckon).

They were childhood friends, but Reghu was off the company for 6 years due to workly commitments of his dad.

“Aaaaah…whatever…we may have to wait until all our teeth fall off to see the back of The Aussie… ” sighed Vikas.


Reghu: Hmmm….I’ve been sleeping whole day…I totally forgot our plans of comb. at your house Vikas…mom woke me up just in the nick of time.

Paras: The math assignment….whoosh…we have to do it first and quick.

Vikas: Yeah!! Sure…

Reghu: Then what about the test??? Have you studied??I haven’t turned a page since the last one.

Vikas: OH!!! The test…if its like the last one then I’m sure to get my pocket money cut for this month.

Paras: The same is my situation with me too, but Reghu won’t have anything to worry of…He’s the kidu of math in our class….

Vikas: The math stud…Reghu…

Reghu: (blushing) Oh!! I’m honored…..

Paras: So he’s going to teach us the math….right…

Vikas: Righto….

Reghu: Okie boss…as you wish….

Just then a 'very good looking' girl wearing a 'good' top and a skirt brushed past the company. A cold chill went past their hearts as they held their mouths wide open in admiration.

Vikas: Wow!! !@#$(explicits deleted)

Paras: Yeah!! I wish I was @#(again explicits deleted)

Reghu was still thunderstruck as he watched in amazement the...... (damn!!! i wish i didn't edit this...reckless adolescents they are....for the last time explicits deleted)

Paras: Such a 'lady' can be unfaithful, I reckon….(very diplomatic indeed....)

Vikas: HUH!! Come on man Paras, don’t be jealous…..

Reghu echoed.

Paras: I know several of them,and I’m not jealous….

Vikas and Reghu in unison: “Hahahaa…. Nana Nana Nana….. Jealous is Paras, ha-ha, Paras is jaaalous…."

Paras: Oh!! Knock it off man…Lets hurry….Reghu must be waiting for us at your place.

Reghu shrieked: “What the hell???”

Vikas: Hmmm…oh yeah…I totally forgot….lets go…

“Hey guys!! I’m here, right before you…” he cried. But none seemed to hear. ‘Twas as if he had been completely desolated from the world. What was happening, he didn’t know.

He shouted and yelled but no use.What in the bloody hell was going on?? "Have i crossed time dimensions" (is there enough truth in sci-fi, hmmm....I wonder)

“Ring!! Ring!!!” Vikas’s mobile rang.

In short notice his face turned pale a great fright and pain came over his face.

“He’s gone…” unable to contain himself Vikas burst off into tears.

Paras stood stunned and shocked beside.

“No!!! I don’t believe this….How the …..” Reghu stammered as he turned pale and grey..

“Am I dead?? Am I not alive anymore…”

“Am I a gggh....ghost???”

He ran back to his house. And to his ultimate horror he found himself,a corpse, lying on a stretcher alongside his father,another corpse,….(They had gone shopping, but unfortunately….)

“Get up my son….Get up…” his mom’s voice rang on his ear-drums like alarm. He felt like… eh….a ghost, just a soul was he. Left to wander into realms unknown to mortal beings, to discover his new destiny.

“Get upppp….” Now the voice was getting a little annoying. He felt droplets of water on his face.

“Goddamn you….. Sleeps till noon stupid…..remember you had to go to Vikas’ place…its time boy…now get up” yelled his mom.

“Waaaaat….”at the first instant he was feeling himself.

A sigh of relief, a feel of triumph as if he had just defeated Mr.Death.

He got up and briskly left for Vikas’s residence.

( for the chain need better stuff than this for it....but can be considered.... ;-))
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  1. good one... fancy you thought of this one as continuation for the chain story before sura jumped in with his story... anyway id like to remind you of the audience and to be aware of the rating... pendulum swung a bit too much in my opinion

  2. audience???who?? just the nine(hmmm...i see a new entry.) of us i believe and may be some others from our class....who reads blogs these days....hmmm....after all this is our hang-out in the virtual world, so why not be free....if yo hav a problem then i may consider reducing the swing,but what's the point man....

    and i didn't get the first part of your
    this was not supposed to be the part of the chain story...if you meant that....

  3. hafta say i am postively surprised..
    i dont know if it is cuz all's silent around me now at midnight, but i dint expect it to go in dat path at all.. creepy