Tuesday, 12 February 2008


Chapter 4


Hell! If I don’t do this now I may never do it…

So.. we stopped at the part where I got dumped by the girl I loved and I found some reasons where I silently justified ma failure.. aaah,whatever….

It was 14th Feb, 2007 the valentines day… Those were times when the robotics spirits were on a high,everyone were on their toes trying to make things happen.. trying to do something different…trying to be unique.. That day we chose ma house for doing our business.. Its funny how heaven scripts life.

I was wearing a red t-shirt an expression of my commitment towards ma love.Well, may be not love but a fantasy which I liked to call love. As we were heading for ma house there she comes wearing a red top. Hell, there ma wild fantasies took a devastating turn,

The devil inside me yelled,”Go get her boy, this is your chance, see she’s wearing the red colour, make her yours”. What shit, I couldn’t hear what ma other side had to say.. Heeding to yell I suggested to my friends,”walk along guys,I’ve got an appointment”

But one Mr.”A” decided to tag along for my adventure and I thought what harm could he possibly be and more over he can be a moral support in my endeavor.

The rest of the company walked along and decided to regroup in front of my house…

Here comes the story,

She was heading for a nearby shop to get some household thingy. She was not alone, a girl who looked like her friend was alongside her. This discouraged me a little, but I wouldn’t let that come in the way of ma “destiny”. I followed her to the shop accompanied by A.I couldn’t find enough courage to talk to her then and there…

As she left the shop we resumed our pursuit and as she was about reach her house I called out ,”XYZ,wait”

She turned around, her eyes filled with surprise.

It would be better if I do this in my mother tongue.

“Eh.. kurae nalayi parayanam ennu karutunnu”

“Enikku kuttiye ishtamanu, kuttikko???”

She was standing still, stunned as though hit by an 11 KV line. She looked confused and even more tensed.

Was that tear drops? I didn’t have time to look; I had set on a sprint, perhaps the sprint of ma life. Mr.A who had been standing there watching the drama unfold had least expected such a situation. Stuck in an unknown place, in front of a weeping lady, a victim of attempted act of bravery by his dear friend he stood there thunderstruck. But his survival instincts didn’t let him down, he went straight ahead and asked her,

”Eh… Pengale, Avan engotta poyennariyumo??”

Suddenly realizing how bad an idea it was, he too set off on a sprint following my lead. Some how he got to me scrambling out of the catch 22 situation just on time.

Phew! Me and A got back home and the news of my proposal spread out like a wild fire.

Huh! Sounds like a well-scripted movie, doesn’t it?? Love, action, drama..

Well, this is the version of the story known to all, but I must confess the real story is a little different.

It’s the same until the start of the pursuit, but from then own the script changes… It’s true we followed her but I never had the courage to talk to her let alone proposing my love. She actually walked along and got into her house. I and A thought why not tell you all a different story, just for the fun sake of it. But the plan got out of hand firstly because I didn’t feel like correcting you people, I relished the thought of being recognized as a brave guy. F**k!

The thought of making a fool out of everyone has been eating me for a while now. I thoroughly regret the shameless act of cowardice. I’m sorry you guys… I really am...

Well,after all, the title "SUPER KNAE" does suit me,sigh!


I think this has gotta be the end of the series.. I had started the series because i had nothing better to write when i started blogging.... I've lost the creative vigor and the will to continue with the series, so i guess it would be better i stop what i started... hmmm... I hereby bid adieu to the forsaken soul..

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  1. da potta supa knae.. you shud be proud of pulling off a prank of such magnitude for a complete year!
    avasanam kondu desp adichekkunnu.. hmm

  2. @ jfx

    hee.. proud huh?

    Well, the sense of guilt is too terrifying a thing...

    You have no idea how relieved I'm now! I feel ridiculously great now.. I'm so happy i pulled off the curtain ..

  3. ini njan enthu paranju ee 'super kane'ye black mail cheyyum??

  4. with all relations from our class almost fixed or never happening, it has and will be a nice story to discuss. unless ajimon decides otherwise...

  5. I would say the best in the series.
    "sense of guilt"? for you???

  6. what on earth was the story all about
    seems to me to be the biggest chalu of the blog!

  7. i am hurt deep. i trusted you man. dont know if that word means anything to you, but it did to me, before i heard of this... this... betrayal. AS, i dont care, i wouldnt trust him with the care of my toothpick. but you of all people... dont know if i'll ever be able to trust a word of watever u say frm now on. and i dont think u can blame me 4 that. [:(]

  8. totally agree with jfx..this was like the best prank we've had. None matches this. The true stories may all be forgotten, but this one will be remembered with absolute clarity.

    Chill inquisitivo!!
    If you don't play a prank on us, then who else?

  9. gee... only now i read the whole story properly after reading iceman's comments...
    hmmm... no comments...