Thursday, 14 February 2008

A look back from ruins

2009 February: I see death and destruction everywhere. Those who live has lost the taste for life. I see shattered buildings all around. I am dying. I can't walk. I have nothing left in me. just the longing for the long deep sleep. Gun fire sounding at a distance. It was not like this in Trivandrum a few months before. Everything was going on smooth, until.......what started it?

It was October 2008 last year. A gossip newspaper reports unusual activity in an old abandoned godown in the out-skirts of the city. Vehicles - large and small- were moving in and out. if they suggested terrorist involvement, at least some would have half-believed their claim. But they suggested that it was a US special force assembling for some covert operation, unknown to the authorities. Police raided the building. They found signs of recent activity. But there was no trail to follow.

Then things happened one after one another. There were rumors all around. The police forces and the emergency services were in full swing. But no news came out.

There was news of gunfight erupting near Sreekaryam between factions of a highly secretive group. Police couldn't control the situation. Their weapons were no match for that of the warring factions. Though the army was asked for help, they couln't mobilize their personnel very fast. Like everyone else they hadn't expected anything to happen in this relatively peaceful city.

Obviously people were scared. but they believed that the situation would be back to normal in a few days. They were soon to realize how wrong they where.

On the morning of the new year day there was a explosion that rocked the city. The explosives used were of advanced technologies and very large destructive power. Media were soon to suggest an international link. no wonder considering the knowledge put into the design. No ordinary man could have designed the bomb.

Meanwhile the gunfire continued. Nobody was safe. The focal point of the explosion was determined as a corner of College of Engineering, Trivandrum. Half of the most prestigious institution in kerala was destroyed in the explosion.

Then came the chemical and biological weapons. Large areas of the city was cordoned off as radioactive. nobody was allowed to leave the city.

During those days you could spot people in all-white air tight suits walking around taking samples. they had "UN" marked on their suits.

In the last few days facts began to surface. It all started when students of applied electronics were asked to submit topics for their main project and an inquisitive guy requested for some suitable links. At the very instant, people drew their guns and started firing at each other. That's how the war started.

The people at the godown turned out to be United States Calamity Prediction Reaction and Neutralization group (USCPRNG, pronounced youspring). it was a team of the best people of the world the US believed could contain any situation.

What use are the facts now? everything is lost now. there is no hope.

Who is that over there? i can see two cloaked people walking on the road. Their face seems calm and determined. But what strikes me most is the lack of fear. rocks and barricades on the road float away as they approach. are they magicians or am i hallucinating? They retrieve something from their belts.

i cant see clearly. my vision is blurring. i know i don't have much time left to live.

There is a swishing sound and i see green and blue blades of light. Jedi master Jfx and Jedi master iceman.

the world still has hope. not me.....


  1. wonderful,it was real fun!

    Sad it had to be me at the helm of all the calamity,boohooo! Nice to know the world still has hope...

    May the force be with you...

    And hey,you Mr.Bach better watch out,what if there is really something called the USCPRNG,they might take you in for some kind of interrogation.. [:D]

  2. thanks

    it iwould their own fault if they put stupid names like that.

  3. i jus scanned through it once..
    still cant accept the fact that something like that happened....


  4. Sigh! The world can rest in peace and not worry about its own existence because people like (me) the great jedis put aside their life for its protection and preservation. At last some recognition... Few are the rewards and far in between, but then again if laurels is what we were interested in we would not have chosen this path.
    Sad that the sith master bach died in the crossfire and not at the hands of a jedi master.
    Brilliant... I like stories where i am the hero, the lone hope, whatever. Dunno why.

  5. swish.. swish..
    emperor babu and emperor prasad are beheaded by the jedi masters.. the balance of the universe is regained..

    May the force be with you..

  6. meanwhile in another par of the city jedi master gemo was helping a poor soul who had a fall from his black stallion. the jedi master made most use of the situation by flirting with the beautiful receptionist.....

  7. what!.. i din hear tht story.. i mean the flirting on V day