Friday, 22 February 2008

My mother works at Agriculture College, Vellayani. The main building of the college used to be the summer palace of the kings of Travancore. The kings always get the best. The same in this case too.

The palace is located on the shore of vellayani lake. The place is exotic. Most rooms in the palace lets in the breeze from the lake, which is very refreshing. My mother works in the new building which was designed by a true keralite. It is along the direction of the breeze.

I lived in the staff quarters for 5 years. Reigned like a king during the first 5 years of my life.
Neone wonder why i am writing about the college now?

There was a pic in the newspaper from the college(The Hindu Feb 22.) it was of a creeper in full bloom on the college premises( the yellow in the above pic.) What you see is a Mahagony tree which has shed its leaves for the winter. The creeper called bignonia had been on the tree for some time now. Once in a year the creeper flowers, and when it flowers it flowers like hell. The duration of the flowers are just 3 days. the tree will look green day after tomorrow.

I wanted to put up some more photos here, but blogger wasn't kind enough. So i have created an album here. please visit for more pics. It is absolutely worth it. c'mon don't be lazy.

One of the photos in the album is of a plant called "yesterday today tomorrow." The flower of the plant has a peculiarity. it takes three different colours on different days of its existence, from dark violet one day to light violet next and white on another. you can see flowers in 3 different stages.

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  1. Cool cool photos man..

    Good to know that you were and are an avid admirer of 'flowers', though I am sure there has been redefinitions of the word over the period of time ;-)

  2. picturesque indeed,wonderful collection buddy..

  3. amazing building.. btw what grows on the tomanjal?

  4. the top parts are just exchanged. brinjal has a stronger root and other things. so tomato is going to have a good time.