Saturday, 23 February 2008

An email i sent to google.

i sent this mail to google today... there was a bit more in the original version. this is shorter one. just removed a few lines.

What I’m about to say is an idea that occurred in my head when I thought about the contact photos in my mobile phone. I own a mobile phone in which its possible to assign photos to the stored contact numbers. Its often a tedious task to assign the photos properly to the correct persons. But beyond doubt, it’s a very useful feature to see the image of the person calling or sending a message.
When I thought of possible ways to automatically assign the photos, the website orkut suddenly came into my mind. Wouldn’t it be really cool if there’s a phone feature that allows the phone to access the web site via GPRS etc; then automatically search and compare all the stored contacts in the mobile with that of a user’s friends on (based on the mobile numbers of course); and assign the corresponding profile photos on orkut as the contact pictures.
Of course its not a universal solution to assign photos, but the rest can very well be managed manually through other sources. Now with extremely advanced phones hitting the market and mobile internet access being far too common, wouldn’t this idea be a really smart feature on a phone?


  1. recently there was a discussion somewhere about a common profile for all google product users.. the idea was opposed by many coz they felt it was a violation to their privacy in many ways..
    the problem with this is that orkut is a social networking site where the profile people put up is orkutised- ie. they might not want it to appear in someone else's phone..

  2. Yea dats rite......ppl might not want their pics to appear elsewhere.......
    lets see whether they respond/....hehe

  3. i tnk it is a good idea. with google planning to buy specrum for mobile-service-provider-independent internet access and various features, it is perfectly plausible solution.

    convergence is always the key.

    as for privacy, people can be allowed to opt to make their details available.

    don't give out your ideas to google!! give it to fox (myspace)

  4. Great idea!!!!
    Google will select you if they come to cet!!!
    what is the email Id of google?(Let me try my head).
    What are people with phones like Nokia 6030 supposed to do?

  5. thanx Aj... if only Google would select people based on silly ideas like these... had i taken comp scie i might have done something like this as my min project or a more advanced form as my main pro...
    the idea i proposed is meant only for high end phones... i should have mailed it to apples iphone makers perhaps..