Friday, 15 February 2008

ground-breaking discoveries needed for a mini-project ?

I can see that many of you guys wanted to post on this particular subject, but I am first. So, here goes !
"#@*%@3" was the first word that came to my mouth, when I first heard Mr.Suresh Babu was the man in charge of the mini-project.But the events of the past few days have left me wondering if my dictionary of trash words is equipped enough to deal with the frustration that this guy induces in me, and almost all others.

When I first considered the prospect of doing a mini-project, I thought "Well, thats some thing good the University has done". I thought I was going to have a good chance to do some neat stuff and learn during the process.

Oh, how wrong I was....
My group approached Mr.SB with an idea for a cheap PC-based Oscilloscope and the moment we uttered the words "PC Oscilloscope" he told us somebody else had done it, it was an old idea and he had seen it many times. Well then we asked if we could do a
"Remote Controller for Home Appliances" and his blurted out "What is the novelty in it ?". Then we mentioned a "PC Based Temperature Monitoring and Controlling" and he said it is too easy a project.
I know some of the guys who read this might feel that Mr.SB has a point, but I got a point to make too. I would have accepted his verdict on our ideas had he told us that our ideas involved very little Hardware and more Software. But he didn't mention it.

The whole episode was very discouraging and I who had felt at the beginning that mini-project was a good idea found myself trying to figure outhow the @##@@ did such guys came to be in charge of our mini-project.

There is only one thing I wish I could tell Mr.SB - If the point you are trying to make is that in the forty-odd years you have spent on this planet, you have seen far too many electronic circuitry and gadgets and projects, then I got nothing to tell you. But for the sake of the good old OP AMP, leave us alone ,let us do stuff we think we can do and we think is good enough !