Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Why too many movies are bad for you

director(to himself): all my money is running out. ill have to direct another movie.

director(wandering through streets of Hollywood): script vikkanundo script.

passerby: orannam undu

director:action undo?

passerby: undu

director:thundu undo?

passerby: undu

director:vattu ideas undo?

passerby: undu

director:indiakkaareyo germankkaareyo russiakkaareyo kaliyakkundo?

passerby: undu

director: price?

passerby:2 dollars

director: ill take it fo 1.5 dollars

passserby: deal

director(to himself): now i have to find the richest man around for a producer.

director(to rich man): this is my dream movie. it will get minimum 5 oscars and a 100 million in revenue. you should have the honour of producing it.

the richest man turned producer (RMTP):but wont it cost much?

director:50 million dollars

RMTP: Atreye ullo? inna pidicho

director(to himself): now i have to find some actors

director(to agent): thunyillathe abhinayikkan samadamulla 2 nadanmaarum 4 nadimaarum

agent:adutha aazhcha ready aakum.

Adutha aazhcha

director(to passerby): aliya onnu help cheyyumo? ee camera onnu pidichu tharaamo?

passerby: k

After 4 weeks:

editor(to director): ithu enthoonu kaanichu vachirikkuvaa. onnum manasilaakunillallo

director: enne aaro vilikkunnu. vaykittu varaam.(leaves)


after half an hour

editor: eethaayaalum njaan vataayi!!! ini kaanunavareeyum koodi vataakki kalayaam.

ethu frontil pookate........

ithu backil varate. .....(goes on for some time)

(Atlast relieved)theernnu(but fate wasn't kind enough)

ayyo ethevidunnu vannu...(seeing a clip that he missed)

athu idakkevideyenkillum kidakkate.

editor(to director):cinema ready.

after a few weeks:

director to interviewer:when i was a child i had an unfortunate accident. i was in hospital for nearly a month. during that time i used to think a lot. i thought about a sufferings the sick people have to face. On that day i swore that ill make a movie about it. I had it in my mind for all these years.

interviewer: there is no hospital in the movie......

director: Are you retarded. i am not talking literal, yaar. it is all figurative. there is a patient inside all of us who longs for love and care. the movie brings out that aspect of human psyche.

interviewer:oh.THE greatest movie of the year.

viewer1:awesome movie

viewer2: cool man!!

viewer1: the story line was superb

viewer2:ya. Passerby is the greatest scriptwriter

viewer1:i want to see all the movies he wrote

viewer2: did u notice the editing?

viewer1:of course. who could miss it? the swing between past and present. is he a human??

viewer2:director and producer was

i am tired. hope you don't want me to continue.


  1. Good...I like it..Very spontaneous coz i believe you wrote this after you saw hell a lot of movies..

  2. indians ineyum russiansineyum germans ineyum thechu..kollaam.. cinema kandu kandu madutha look undu

  3. and did i say excessive usage of labels can mislead potential readers (if there will be any) in the future..
    but the present ones are apt for ur post..hehe gore!

  4. i want all my labels. in a few years they will be the most used. Btw i got it from the ratings of movies in imdb. like..
    rated r for.....

  5. er..did you happen to watch 'Memento' these days?
    I believe you used the same guy who edited that...johny and I 'worked' on the movie like a math problem.